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Does RV Insurance Cover Awning Damage?

RV awning - Does RV Insurance Cover Awning Damage?
Does RV insurance cover awning damage? Photo: Shutterstock

Does RV Insurance Cover Awning Damage?

An RV awning extends the square footage of an RV’s living space. It provides an adjacent covered area that is both shaded on hot days and sheltered on rainy days.

However, we never leave the RV awning out at bedtime or when we are leaving the campsite for any real length of time. Wind can sometimes come out of nowhere. It doesn’t take a lot of wind to twist, rip, and destroy an RV awning.

Even with judicious care, RV owners can easily be caught off guard in the event of sudden high winds. Fortunately, RV insurance can come to the rescue.

Types of RV insurance

As a permanent fixture on your RV, your RV awning is covered by both collision and comprehensive coverage.

Collision Coverage

Whether you are parked or driving, collision coverage covers your RV including your RV awning in the event of a multi-vehicle accident, usually when you are at fault, but in some cases, it extends to when there is another driver who is at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance coverage covers single-vehicle accidents and incidents that are considered to be out of your control. This may include driving under a branch that was a little lower than it looked, ripping the precious awning off. It also includes high winds, falling trees, or even a vandal damaging or stealing your awning.

Between collision and comprehensive RV insurance coverage, your RV awning is fully covered against many perils. However, your insurer will still expect you to take reasonable care to ensure your awning doesn’t get damaged including performing regular maintenance. It’s best to check with your insurance provider to learn more about what exactly is covered under your specific policy.

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