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12 Things To Look For In Travel Trailer Roadside Assistance

Published on May 3rd, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

Airstream in front of a red rock landscape - protected by travel trailer roadside assistance

12 Things To Look For In Travel Trailer Roadside Assistance

Travel trailers are built to last, but problems and emergencies can strike at any time. Mechanical failures, injuries, theft, and any number of issues can happen when you least expect them. Although there’s no way to fully prevent these problems from happening, you can protect yourself and your RV by purchasing a good travel trailer roadside assistance plan.

Some RV insurance plans cover roadside assistance as well, but sometimes it’s worth it to splurge on a separate plan. You’ll want to get as much coverage as possible, and there are a lot of factors to consider. We’ll break down some of the most important elements of travel trailer roadside assistance, as well as some good plan providers.

What is travel trailer roadside assistance?

Travel trailer roadside assistance is basically a protection plan for your RV. It covers accidents, mechanical failures, and other unexpected costs that pop up unexpectedly. Many different companies and organizations can provide roadside assistance, but their specific services will vary. Below are 12 of the top factors to consider when you’re looking at roadside assistance plans.

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1. Towing services

One of the most common reasons why you need roadside assistance is for towing. Travel trailers are heavy and if something breaks in your trailer or tow vehicle, you’ll need a way to get back into town. Almost every travel trailer roadside assistance plan offers towing services. They will usually tow within 100 miles of their closest location, so try to plan your trips within the radius of your plan.

2. Repair costs

If something in your trailer has broken, you’ll need to fix it. Broken appliances, frayed wiring, and malfunctioning utilities can be annoying, not to mention dangerous! If the damage occurs when you’re out on a trip, roadside assistance plans can sometimes help cover your repairs. Once your trailer has been towed into an auto shop, some plans can help mitigate the pricey cost of repairs. Sometimes, repairs can even be done right on-site, with no need for towing!

3. Jump start services

I think we all know the pain of getting into a car and finding that the battery just won’t start. Maybe someone cracked the door open or left a light on. Whatever the reason, you’ll probably find yourself in need of a jump from time to time. This can be tricky, especially if you prefer to camp in remote locations where there aren’t other cars around to help out. Luckily, almost every roadside assistance provider offers jump-start services. Just call them up and wait for an employee with jumper cables to arrive!

4. Fuel delivery

Sometimes the problem is as simple as an empty gas tank. When you have to juggle the needs of a tow vehicle and a travel trailer, the fuel level of one (or both) can slip your mind. It’s never fun to run out of gas, but most roadside assistance plans have contingencies for this situation. Some of them can even deliver other things, such as fresh water and oil. This varies depending on your provider, but you should definitely make sure that they can deliver fuel when you need it.

5. Emergency lockout services

Anything that has a lock can lock you out. This is an inherent risk for both travel trailers and cars, so roadside assistance usually covers it. It can definitely be frustrating to lose your key or lock it inside a vehicle, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. If you just give them a call, roadside assistants have the correct tools, training, and know-how to open your locked vehicle.

6. Discounts or affiliate programs

Some travel trailer roadside assistance packages come with extra benefits that go beyond the standard offerings. Many of the larger providers have deals with affiliate businesses and programs. If you sign up for their plans, you could get discounts at certain hotels, rental services, auto shops, and lots of other places. Check out the affiliate deals when you plan your next trip and see if you can add in a few discounted activities!

7. Trip interruption coverage

Sometimes a travel trailer issue is enough to derail or even cancel your trip. This can be frustrating and sad for RV owners. It’s tragic to look forward to a trip for months, only to have it cut short. Some roadside assistance providers recognize this problem and have taken steps to make it better. Depending on the provider and plan, you may be reimbursed for canceled reservations or compensated for the cost of the repairs. The specifics vary widely and not every plan covers trip interruptions.

8. Theft protection

Another risk of owning a travel trailer (or any kind of vehicle) is that things can get stolen. You could lose the valuables stored inside, or the trailer itself could disappear! It’s hard to fully protect yourself against theft, but many travel trailer insurance plans will reimburse you for stolen property. If you’re looking for extra reassurance, you could explore roadside assistance plans with theft protection as well. Some providers will pay a flat rate, while others are dependant on the value of the items that were stolen.

9. Customer service/Timeliness

Another big thing to pay attention to is the speed of their services. Many vehicular problems could get worse in the period of time it takes for a representative to arrive. Speed and timeliness is an essential factor to consider. You’ll also want to choose a provider that’s easy to get ahold of and offers 24/7 customer service. You never know when an emergency will strike, so it’s best to choose a plan that is active whenever you need it.

10. Distance limits

Some travel trailer roadside assistance providers have a larger reach than others. Small, local providers might be okay if you only stay within a certain radius, but they won’t be able to help you once you travel beyond that limit. Most large providers have distance limitations as well, although they usually have more locations and a wider radius. 100 miles is the typical distance, but there are some that go above and below that. If possible, look for a provider with a wide distance limit and a lot of outpost locations.

11. Hidden fees

One thing to watch out for is hidden fees. Most plans come with a monthly payment (similar to insurance). However, they might charge extra for premium features that you’ll never really need. Consider the things that you do when you travel and the problems you’re likely to encounter. The fact that you pay more doesn’t always mean that you’re actually going to get better service.

12. Other benefits and services

Beyond the services listed above, there are a lot of other services that roadside assistance plans can provide. These vary widely from one plan to the next, but they might cover things like injuries that occur inside the trailer, blown tires, and repairs due to road hazards. There are also plans that last several years and include separate warranties. Some providers may have a limited number of free usages, while others are unlimited. Carefully explore each plan you come across and compare the unique benefits of each one.

Who Are The Best Travel Trailer Roadside Assistance Providers?

There are a lot of providers and organizations that offer travel trailer roadside assistance. Sometimes this service is bundled with a trailer insurance plan, but other times you may need to get it separately. We’ve compiled some of the top providers of roadside assistance below. There may be other great options, but this list will give you a good place to start your search. Feel free to visit the links to view their website and compare plans.

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13 thoughts on “12 Things To Look For In Travel Trailer Roadside Assistance”

  1. Really Nice!! I found the best resource about it. Hope it will be helpful for others who search for the best resource like me. Thank you so much.

  2. You’re right when you said that having roadside assistance that can get to you fast in an emergency will be ideal. No one wants to spend half their day stranded at the side of the road while waiting for help, so hopefully, I can find a company that can provide speedy services like you mentioned. I’m hoping to start my own travel trailer rental company since there are quite a bit of people that go camping near town. Though it’ll be important that I help out any customers in distress, so having comprehensive and timely commercial roadside assistance coverage will be essential for me and my business.

  3. Thanks for the reminder that I will have to be careful about possible hidden fees when it comes to 24/7 emergency towing services. I’m interested in looking for a good company that offer such services because some friends and I would like to have a long RV road trip next month. It would be important to know who to call in case of an emergency situation.

  4. Hello Emily
    Your article was interesting and we already have AAA for our automobile. We are in the process of purchasing a RV and curious if we need Good Sam Club road side coverage or Coach-Net. What are your thoughts?

  5. The best service we’ve ever had was from Coach Net. No limit on distance. They found a warranty dealer in spite of extremely high repair demand by calling in an ever widening circle is until they found 3. Good job thanks Coach Net.

  6. There’s only one you should choose, and they’re unbelievably good. I’ve had and used this service for 7 years now and they save us 3 times. Super service, great people to work with.


  7. I had a wheel bearing go out on our 26 ft travel trailer here last month and I have Good Sam Road Side and they were great, it did take awhile to get us off the interstate. They had the right equipment dispatched to carry the trailer and had also found a repair shop for the work to be done at.
    I have used them so far 5 times in the last 15 years with no problems.

  8. My wife and I bought a camper in October of 2020, we also bought a service plan from our camper dealer.
    This plan cost us $4400.00 dollars.
    We left Minnesota in December of 2020 for Arizona. We left Arizona in
    Mid April to return home.
    The first campground we stayed at was in Gallup NM. The next morning
    As we were preparing to leave we could not get the slides to retract back in on our 5th wheel camper.
    Got out the contact information for our service plan. Called the 800 number and after about ten minutes the service provider said he couldn’t help us and would turn us over to some one who could help us. The second person said they couldn’t help us either! Said they would find someone who could help us, We never heard anything back from them! Figured out how to get the slide out system to work for myself so we could continue our journey home.
    Save your money, you can’t trust these people at all!
    Talk about a total let down!

  9. your recommendations for travel trailer trip insurance are highly inaccurate. AAA does not offer travel trailer assistance in a majority of the country and is sub par. getting travel insurance from company like progressive or Allstate is also not a good idea, making claims on policies like these could be considered claims and drive up premiums. i would look for companies that actually specialize in roadside assistance for RVs like coach-net. they have a lot better coverage than the ones you recommended, i would stay away from good Sam since they drop you when you make too many claims

  10. As is always the case, educate yourself in troubleshooting and repairing minor problems. You can save days of frustration waiting for someone to help out. Keep a basic tool box on board and read your manuals as well as doing on line research.

  11. Article failed to mention the organizations of RV owners that provide roadside assistance as an added benefit that can be purchased along side membership. FMCA offers Roadside Rescue®, (offered through SafeRide RV Motor Club) at a reduced rate. It offers more benefits than Good Sam or AAA.

    Being a member of FMCA (whether towable or motorized) offers numerous discount programs, the benefit of the largest RV association, and (included as a member benefit) FMCAssist – a medical evacuation program that will get you and your RV home in case of a medical emergency.


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