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Can You Use an RV Bathroom While Driving?

Published on May 7th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on July 24th, 2019

Have you ever been cruising down the road in your motorhome or towing a travel trailer and suddenly needed to use the bathroom? I know I certainly have, but being unsure of whether or not it is legal to use your RV’s bathroom while driving may have you waiting til the closest stop.

It is completely possible to use your RV’s bathroom while driving down the road. However, while it may be possible (and legal) to use your RV’s bathroom while driving, some tasks such as using the shower may prove to be more difficult than others, such as using the toilet.

Are you literally relieved to hear you can use your RV’s bathroom as you are driving to your next destination? Want to know more about the logistics and tips for completing certain tasks along the way?

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Well, you are in luck! Today I have all the information you could ever need (and more than you would probably want) about using an RV bathroom while in motion! Continue on below to find out!

RV Bathrooms in Motion

No matter who you are or where you are traveling, at least once in your RVing experiences will you need to use the bathroom while on the road.

The best part about having an RV with you is that you no longer need to find the closest bush or find a way to hide behind the car door!

However, in certain RVs you will not be able to use the toilet while the vehicle is in motion.

Travel trailers, campers, or any kind of pull behind trailer is not legal for passengers to be inside while the vehicle is in motion. Yes, sadly this means that you are unable to use the bathroom and continue driving down the road.

However, it is completely legal for you to pull over to the side of the road and use the bathroom while the vehicle is stopped! (Don’t feel embarrassed! I have been that camper pulled over along the road! It’s all part of the adventure!)

If you are riding in a Class B, Class C, or Class A motorhome, then you are able to use not only your bathroom while driving but to use your other amenities as well!

The most important thing to remember is that just because you CAN walk around the motorhome or RV, does not always mean you should.

Always exercise caution and know that you are accepting the risk of serious injury by moving about the motorhome while it is moving.

Using the Toilet on the Road

One of the handiest parts of riding in an RV or motorhome is that you do have a bathroom traveling along with you.

However, since you are in a moving vehicle there are a few tips, tricks, and safety precautions you should know about before attempting to do so.

Using RV toilets are a little different than using a toilet in a residential home.

These toilets have different flushing mechanisms and may require a little extra maintenance along the way.

The first thing to remember when using your RV’s toilet is NOT a trash can! These systems are more susceptible to clogging than a normal residential toilet.

Not only will this cause quite the problem for you and your camping trip, but it can cause damage to the entire septic system!

Be sure to keep a trash can or trash bag in your RV’s bathroom even while traveling down the road.

To use the flushing system of your toilet, you will need to turn on your RV’s water pump.

The water pump in your RV should require only a small amount of power and will not require the generator to be on!

Remember to be safe while using your RV’s bathroom while on the road and to return to your seat as quickly as possible.

Motorhomes were designed with seatbelts for a reason so be sure you are only out of yours for a short amount of time if possible!

Using the Shower on the Road

Just got done playing in the mud? Feeling a little too dirty for your next location?

While using your RV or motorhome’s shower as you travel down the road may never have crossed your mind. While it may not be safe, I assure you it is completely possible.

However, using your RV or motorhome’s shower while in motion will require a little more preparation and safety than simply using the toilet.

Safety Tips

If you have ever been in a motorhome, you know that it is not the most balanced place to walk around.

Throw in trying to remain standing while on a slippery surface while closing your eyes (you wouldn’t want shampoo in your eyes!), you can imagine the difficulty that is bound to follow.

If you have any intention of using your RV or motorhome’s shower while driving down the road be sure to follow my tips!

1. Put Grips on the Shower Floor

Since the shower floor is going to be slippery and you may be bouncing along the way it is an extremely smart choice to add some extra grip to your shower floor.

Adding shower floor grip is not only easy but it is inexpensive as well!

Most of the floor grips can be purchased for less than ten dollars and are installed like stickers.

Here are 3 of my favorite shower floor grips that you can install in your RV or motorhome’s shower!

Compact Safe-T-Shapes ($6-$8)

SlipX Solutions ($6-$8)

Anti-Slip Bathmat ($9-$12)

2. Install Shower Bars or Handles

While having a sturdy foundation for your feet is important, it may come in handy to have some extra balance for you to hold onto while showering along the road.

Not only will this benefit you while you showering in motion, but it will allow those of older generations to safely use your RV or motorhome’s shower when stopped!

You can even find shower handles that require no installation or potential damage to your RV’s walls!

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip ($10-$12)

Super Suction Shower Handle ($13-$15)

3. Be Quick or Take a Sit

If the road is too bumpy or you are taking a little bit longer to finish your shower, consider just sitting or washing up quicker!

It is, after all, a matter of your safety! While sitting may not be the most effective or comfortable way for you to shower, you eliminate the risk of slips and falls!

If sitting just isn’t an option for you and your shower, then just be quick! Safety should always rank over cleanliness!

The Moving Shower Check List

Now that we have some safety standards set in place, there are a few steps to take before you jump into the shower while moving on the road.

First, you should ensure that your battery is charged (you will need to use the water pump) and that the fresh water tank is full enough for you to shower! If there is not enough water in the tank be sure to refill the tanks at your next stop.

The second and most important step is to check the levels on your grey water tank. If this tank is relatively full then taking a shower may not be in your best interests.

In the event it overflows, grey water may start flooding your shower (making you dirtier, not cleaner) and making a mess that will be hard to deal with while being in a moving RV.

However, if there is plenty of room in your grey water tank then shower away!

Next, you are going to need to make sure that your water heater is not only on, but has run long enough to actually heat up the water.

If you have a propane water heater you are still able to use the water heater while driving, just be sure to turn off the propane if you begin to refuel the vehicle.

For those with electric water heaters, you are going to need to run the generator to heat water. If you have a built in generator then there should be no problem!

However, if you do not have a built-in generator than using the water heater for your shower is out of the question while in motion.

Now that your shower is set up, apply the safety non-slip mats and handle bars, or simply take a seat for the safest showering option.

Happy traveling, and try not to fall!

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1 thought on “Can You Use an RV Bathroom While Driving?”

  1. As a passenger in a motorhome RV, I would never attempt a shower or anything else while it is moving! It is unsafe. I’ve never seen seat belts installed in a shower or on an rv toilet. Some of the roads in this country do not live up to the amount of taxes we pay to maintain them.
    My job as a passenger is navigator, watching for road signs and dangerous situations for the driver. Traffic is so much heavier now than it used to be. Many drivers do not know that large vehicles take more skill than passenger cars and pickup trucks and make unsafe moves that the RV driver has to account for to avoid accidents.
    I also enjoy the scenery which I cannot do in the bathroom.


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