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Ideal RV Length for Fitting into National Park Campsites


Having a large RV is wonderful for having a spacious and comfortable place to stay, but many buyers of very large RVs regret their purchase when trying to find a camp site.  State and national parks are notoriously difficult to camp in if your RV is too long.

Since I’m shopping for a Class A RV right now, I decided to do some research into different campgrounds across the United States, and here are my findings.

After quite a lot of research, I consider the ideal RV length for camping in national parks to be 35′ or less.  At that length, you’ll be able to find at least a handful of spots big enough to handle your rig in almost any national park in the country.

Best RV Lengths for National Parks

All of the numbers included here are the COMBINED lengths of the tow vehicle and the trailer/fifth wheel, or the motorhome and the towed vehicle.  So you need to add the length of the RV and the vehicle together.

Also, keep in mind that RV companies often fudge the numbers on the length of their RVs.  Get out a tape measure and actually measure your RV to know–it’s probably longer than what the manufacturer advertised.

Here are the averages:

Full List of Popular National Park Campgrounds and Their RV Size Limits

Rent a Camper or RV for Your Next Trip

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