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9 Great Campers You Can Tow With a Car

Published on December 11th, 2018 by Jim Harmer
This post was updated on April 3rd, 2019

Campers are a great way to enjoy going out into nature and exploring the wonders of the world, the only problem is knowing which camper to choose from. Especially one you can tow with your car. I decided to do some research on 9 great campers are able to be towed with a car. 

Campers that can be towed with a car are significantly smaller than ones that are able to be towed with a truck. These smaller campers are called teardrop campers.

They can make traveling easier, and more convenient with all of its awesome features. The small living trend is on the rise and teardrop campers are seemingly the center of attention.

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9 Campers You Can Tow with a Car

I’ve listed the following models that will leave you begging to go on a road trip in them. These can all be towed by a car.

#1 Aluminum Teardrop Trailer 

This model of a teardrop camper is popular for its retro-looking style. This model was created in Portland, Oregon. It has a sleeping cabin in the very front and a smaller kitchen in the back.

Within the camper is a cooking space with drawers, you can find some kitchen essentials like a burner and cooler.

You can purchase this camper at $16,350 

#2 Luna Trailer 

This camper can be purchased at about $16,537, but can also be upgraded with more features for about $19,000.

The camper is available in three different models: the regular Luna, the Luna Lite, and the off-roading Luna Rova. They all weight around 1400-1800 lbs. This can be towed by any large sedan or small SUV.

The model had tempered glass that can let you view the outdoors and a large bed that can fit two. When the inside is not set up as a bed, it can become a futon sofa with cupholders placed on the sides. 

#3 Hutte Hut Trailer 

This is a very expensive model of a teardrop camper. It retails at about $63,900 and it was first launched in 2015.

This model has warm colors and a very yacht-like feel to it. It has double doors, expansive windows, bowed trusses, and a sun canopy to let in a ton of light during the day. You can only imagine what this looks like.

It weighs about 850 lbs and can be towed by most vehicles and the camper also allows for two to sleep inside. The only downside to this model is that unlike others it does not contain a working kitchen space.

So it is safe to assume you won’t be doing much but sleeping and relaxing in this camper. 

#4 Pika Trailer

This camper is also a bit on the expensive side. Its pricing starts at about $11,750. This model is a bit smaller as well compared to a typical teardrop camper. Its size is perfect for just one or two people to fit inside.

Its length reaches 12ft, and even though it is compact you can still get a good amount of space that helps it feel a lot larger than it is.

The sleeping space within the camper also comes with some pretty cool features! 

#5 Little Guy Max Camper

This teardrop camper has the traditional shape of a teardrop with a bit of a more modern twist to it. The camper is 6 feet and 7 inches in height on the inside.

There are two different sleeping areas within it. In the first area a total of three people can sleep within it, and in the other area, a total of three people can sleep in it.

Though this camper is not great for larger families it can be great for two adults a child they bring along.

This mode is available in a light maple or dark walnut color. There is a kitchen area with a microwave, two burner stove, a fridge, a sink, and a floor to ceiling pantry!

Some storage cubbies are also available to place some loose items you don’t want lying around. Another cool feature to this camper is that it comes with a stereo system and LED lighting.

The price of this camper starts at $33,000. 

#6 Runaway Camper

This type of camper prides itself on how much money it is valued for. These campers are not designed to be flashy or stylish like others, in fact, this camper focuses on the basics functions it can provide.

These campers do not show a distinctive teardrop shape but are similar to the traditional teardrop in weight. And because they do not have a traditional sloping roof, there is more room available on the inside.

Another surprising fact about this model is that it retails to an amazing price of $2,495. If you want this model with a navigator, A/C, cargo rack, LED tail light, and a mounted spare tire you can get it for $3,495. 

#7 Extreme Tears

The model of a teardrop camper is based mainly in Michigan and they are an off-roading camper.

The newest model is the XTR, which the best off-roading camper on sale now. It is built to last through the potentially damaging demands of off-roading, but that does not mean it is not functional or comfortable.

The XTR comes in 4 different options with the cheapest model on sale for $7,995. Most of these models come with the following:

  • EZ Lube hubs
  • Black bed liner coated frames
  • An aluminum diamond plated stone guard
  • 7-ply birch floor and sides
  • Steel tube framing
  • Torflex axles for a much smoother ride 
  • Cabin insulation
  • Aluminum sides and top

This model of a teardrop camper can be customized to whatever you’d like. You can install a fully functioning entertainment system for rainy nights, and the possibility to install a stereo system is possible as well. 

#8 Oregon Trail’R-

This camper is very popular from its contemporary look. There are three options to this Oregon Trail’R: the FronTear, the TerraDrop, and the Do-Drop.

  • The Do-Drop is the cheapest and smallest model of the three. It’s very lightweight and compact, which makes it easy for you to tow it around with a car. This type of camper is great for any hunter or fisherman that carries their gear on every trip.
  • A FronTear is a more stylish looking version of a typical teardrop camper.  It can be completely customizable to the owner’s needs. A basic model can weigh 1000 lbs, and which is still a good weight for any car to tow around. Though the more advanced models weigh 1300lbs which can be a bit harder for cars to tow.
  • Finally, the TerraDrop is a sturdier version of the previous two. It is built to withstand bumps and bruises that can come with off-roading. It is the same size as a FronTear but has much more space. 

#9 Retro Camper

Anyone who is a big fan of classic styles will love this teardrop camper! It weighs no more than 1,000 lbs and is perfect for any car to be able to tow it around on all your adventures into the wild.

It has a kitchen, queen-sized sleeping area and a ton of storage space to keep anything that couldn’t fit in your car. You can also purchase additional things to go on top of it like an awning over the hatchback and a portable water tank!

Those additional features might cost a bit more but the regular price for this retro style camper is $13,000. 

What is a Teardrop Camper?

A teardrop camper is a lighter and more compact version of a truck-sized travel trailer. The name of the camper comes from the way it is shaped. Most campers, though small on the inside, have a sleeping space for two adults and a small kitchen area. 

These types of campers were insanely popular in the 1930s after magazines had published all about their small space, ability to be so lightweight, and that it can be pulled by smaller, less powerful cars. 

The popularity of this camper model is still in motion. Its popularity comes from its ability to be resourceful on gas. These campers are perfect if you want to become more environmentally conscious. 

These campers tend to weigh less than 1000 lbs, and this thankfully means that they can be towed by a mid-sized family car! Perfect for quick trips into nature. 

And with that, it also means that you do not need to be guzzle gas with a much larger vehicle. 

Why Choose a Teardrop Camper?

There are more reasons to why these model campers are so popular today. Some of those reason are: 

  1. They’re cheaper than an RV.
  2. They’re economical.
  3. They look great.
  4. They promote a more minimalist-type lifestyle.
  5. They are convenient.
  6. They are comfortable.
  7. Some campers even have off-road capabilities.
  8. They are built to last.

1) They’re cheaper than an RV.

Some teardrop campers can be assembled by the owner, which is great for anyone who feels that they need to be more hands-on in the process. They are also much cheaper than a traditional sized recreational vehicle.

Teardrop campers start at about $3000, and that is incredibly cheap for something you can potentially live in for the rest of your life. 

2) They’re economical.

Teardrops are also known to be lightweight, and they do not require a powerful car to tow them around. These models can be towed by a car! 

They also have a small impact on fuel efficiency that makes them a much more environmentally safe choice than a recreational vehicle. 

If you are a conscious observer on the carbon footprint you leave, then this camper can ease some worries with its ability to use less gas. 

 3) They look great.

Besides their ability to be extremely practical, they are also extremely good to look at. Some teardrop models look amazing! The curve of their shape can make it seem really elegant.

Especially if your model has some nice varnished wood. It has the potential to turn some heads. 

4) They promote a more minimalist-type lifestyle.

These teardrop campers have a sleeping area in its cabin and a kitchen area located in the back. This is a very basic set-up, which can be something that helps give you the comfort of home but also does not remove you from nature.

Due to their small size, packing light and keeping it clean is a necessity, just like a minimalist lifestyle.

5) They are convenient.

There are some who enjoy the camper for its natural experience but the feature it has to keep the feeling of home. That can be beneficial to anyone who has a hard time sleeping in a tent on the hard ground. 

With this model, you can also add some of your own customization options to it, which makes it really convenient as a small camping trailer. It lets you have the ability to explore different places rather than being confined to a regular campground. 

6) They are comfortable.

This camper is also quite comfortable compared to a tent! Its size is perfect to fit in a double mattress. Which can let you sleep soundly through the night without tossing and turning. 

You can also have multiple options when purchasing a trailer. You can add a TV, solar panels, radio or whatever it is you want to add to it! 

You can create this camper to be as comfortable and close to home as you’d like. Which only improves the camping experience! 

7) Some campers have off-road capabilities.

If you are someone who enjoys off-roading, then this camper can be designed to help you with that! 

A trend with these type of campers is to add ground clearance and add on some heavy duty tires. If you have a matching car that is suited for off-roading than you can take your camper almost anywhere you want! 

8) They are built to last.

 Most teardrop campers are built by smaller businesses that have had multiple years of experience with this kind of model. 

The quality they are built in is excellent, and they can last you a lifetime of trips into nature if you are sure to care for it properly. 

  • LED reading lights 
  • multi-speed fan
  • dual USB ports
  • cargo-net storage 
  • extra sliding windows
  • dual access door

Despite this model being structured smaller than the average teardrop camper its design makes you feel less cramped! 

Related Questions 

How much would it cost to build a teardrop trailer? A basic model of a teardrop can cost you about $500 or $600. that is if your goal is to be as frugal as possible. If you want a more accurate looking teardrop it can cost you about $2,500-$3000. 

How heavy is a teardrop trailer? A teardrop camper can be pulled easily with a medium sized family car or a small SUV. These campers can weight about 850-1100 lbs. 

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