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Media Giant Launches 24-Hour RV TV Channel

Published on July 10th, 2023 by Patrick Buchanan
This post was updated on July 25th, 2023

The RVTV channel logo.

Cannella Media Is Creating A Dedicated RV TV Channel

Direct-to-consumer marketing giant Cannella Media is ready to go all-in on a dedicated TV channel geared exclusively towards RVers and the RVing lifestyle. RVTV ( will air across 68 channels in 38 major markets, reaching over 17 million potential viewers, plus streaming via Amazon Fire and Roku.

Recognizing that the RV “trend” is actually a way of life that is here to stay, Cannella will be using their expertise to create a dedicated RV TV channel, similar to what you might see with something like Speed TV or MotorTrend TV, channels devoted to car enthusiasts.

RV enthusiasts tuning into the new RVTV channel can expect to find a variety of RVing content revolving around campgrounds, RV resorts, RV hacks & tips, RV reviews, the newest models, RV tech and features, product highlights, and featured YouTube channels and guests.

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Go RVing estimates that 11.2 million households own an RV. The RV Industry Association indicates that roughly 2.5 million RVs were sold in the last five years alone (2016-2021). Similarly, KOA professes that 58 million households did some form of camping in 2022, which would seem to include RV rentals, cabins, and other forms of camping.

RVing is here to stay. Remote work and road schooling are here to stay. RVers want their own TV channel. What better way to reach, educate, and entertain them than with RVTV?

Putting an RV TV channel together

RVTV should satisfy the appetite of RVers stuck watching reruns of old Going RV episodes and those devoted fans of The RVers looking for more frequent content. Scroll through any channel guide and you’ll find dozens of channels devoted exclusively to sports, cooking, old movies, and more. What you won’t find, however, is a 24-hour RV TV channel.

Founded in 1985, Cannella Media has the resources and know-how to make a dedicated RV TV channel actually work. Using their industry connections, you can expect a variety of excellently produced content.

To engage with true RV enthusiasts, Cannella plans to include YouTube creators, social media influencers, and manufacturer content in their viewing options.

Content creators

There are countless RV content creators and YouTubers, but only a few become popular. However, there are still hundreds of great content creators with high-quality video editing and production skills that just don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Cannella will be looking to tap into that vast resource to both serve up great content and give those creators a chance to shine.

RV manufacturers

RV manufacturers often partner with content creators to get the word out about their products. Though effective in introducing RV consumers to their brand, the reach is limited. Personal relationships with content creators often fluctuate as their needs and focus shift or they grow weary of the lifestyle.

An RV TV channel is perfect for sharing videos and information created by a manufacturer specifically for RVers on a stable, long-term platform.

In ad lingo, this is long-form advertising and is normally very expensive to pay for. Why spend millions of dollars for a 30-second commercial during Monday Night Football to reach a small percentage of your audience when you can spend a fraction of that cost to reach a fully engaged, RVing audience?

When does RVTV air?

RVTV began airing on July 3rd, offering RVers a chance to explore the lifestyle. A dedicated RV TV channel should be a boon for manufacturers and vendors looking to replace print advertising that has all but disappeared, save for a few niche magazines.

RV’ers Got Talent: Season 1 Coming Soon!

One RV TV show that is in the works and sure to be an instant success is “RV’ers Got Talent”.

With an obvious nod to another popular show, but with an RVing spin, viewers will be introduced to RVers with special talentss—some easily discerned, and others not quite as obvious.

RVers of all walks of life will share talent they have taken on the road with them, or left behind along with their sticks and bricks. If you are interested in joining RV’ers Got Talent, submit your 1-2 minute video at You could win the $2,500 grand prize!

Content creators 

Content creators looking to get involved with the show and be featured should contact Dan, VP of Content and Programming, at [email protected] or 414-397-8054.


Manufacturers hoping to showcase their wares can reach out to Dan at the number above.

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11 thoughts on “Media Giant Launches 24-Hour RV TV Channel”

  1. For everyone who posted a comment saying you couldn’t find the channel on Roku (me either) or Samsung TV, go back up to the first paragraph of this article. There is a clickable link ( and there’s a little more info. Apparently it’s “coming soon”, I guess there have been snags.

    Anyway, we didn’t do anything wrong, the Channel isn’t live just yet.

  2. Hello!
    Vegas channel 2.3 is not an option. What other way can we watch? Loved watching RVunplugged on YouTube and would love to watch this show but unable to access. What are some other ways to access? No Roku either. Thank you!

  3. Just searched EVERYWHERE and I can’t find a way to subscribe to this.

    We need a link to the RVTV Network and info on how to subscribe, now! You say it launched on July 3rd but all that comes up is Roanoke Valley television or some smaller independent creator channels.

    Please take my money, THANKS.

  4. The RVTV on our Roku shows up as Roanoke Valley Television. There is an “RVingTV”, but I believe that channel has been available for a while. Maybe the author of the article can verify?


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