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Airstream Travel Trailers: What’s New For 2023?

Published on August 12th, 2022 by Lynne Fedorick

Airstream and vehicle in front of lighthouse and sunset - feature image for Airstream travel trailers 2023
All photos via Airstream

Airstream Announces New Updates To Their 2023 Travel Trailers

Airstream is well known for consistently producing top-quality travel trailers. Another thing Airstream does well is listen to its customers. Since 1931, they have developed amazing floorplans and designs with aid from customer feedback. This has given them a unique competitive advantage over companies that are less flexible in listening to their customers.

Airstream recently announced some of the updates they have added for their 2023 travel trailers. It’s already an amazing list of updates, but they promise there are even more surprises coming. Here’s what we know so far.

For all Airstream travel trailers

Redesigned media console

The media console cabinet has typically held the radio, USB ports, and Blu-Ray/DVD player. In an effort to make better use of space, 2023 models will no longer have a Blu-Ray/DVD player.

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Airstream is adding an HDMI port. This update will allow customers to plug in their own media or streaming device (Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.) based on their own preferences. Conveniently located next to the HDMI port, a 110v outlet and USB ports will allow users to conveniently power up devices and connect to Airstream Connected Wi-Fi.

Choose your own batteries

In 2023, Airstream buyers will be able to choose between AGM and lithium batteries. Customers who hook up to power will be better equipped with AGM batteries, while those who like to boondock will want to have the additional accessible power capacity of lithium batteries.

Solar system upgrades

Airstream is upgrading its trailers with better 100-watt Merlin rigid solar panels, which are very efficient at creating electricity in all light conditions.

New 12-volt TV

Airstream is upgrading the TV in all 2023 Airstream trailers (with the exception of the Classic) to a more energy efficient 12-volt TV. This means the TV will be able to operate on DC power, freeing up an AC circuit for other uses.

Airstream model updates

In addition to the updates to all Airstream travel trailers, each model will be getting its own upgrades in 2023. Here is what we know so far about the latest updates to Airstream’s already amazing travel trailers.


Airstream’s simply adorable Bambi trailers are getting a few upgrades. These efficiently designed single axle trailers are a cinch to tow.

  • New Clarion radio
  • New DC-powered Vitrifrigo electric refrigerator on 19CB, 20FB, and 22FB floor plans
  • 19CB, 20FB, and 22FB floor plans are getting a new shower door style
Exterior of a 2023 Airstream Bambi travel trailer in a deciduous forest
Airstream Bambi trailers are getting an upgrade in 2023.


In 2023, single axle Caravel travel trailers will get a brand new DC-powered Vitrifrigo electric refrigerator on 19CB, 20FB, and 22FB floor plans.

Caravel travel trailer kitchen including convection oven and microwave
Airstream Caravel

Airstream Classic

Designed for long trips or full-time living, the Airstream Classic travel trailer has long been a favorite with Airstream fans. Airstream isn’t giving this model as many upgrades as some of the other trailers. However, customers will appreciate the kitchen upgrades, which will include a residential-style stovetop and a new, larger convection oven.

interior of Airstream travel trailers
Classic Airstream

Flying Cloud

In 2023, we will also see the ever-popular Flying Cloud travel trailer getting some great updates. Here’s what is in store for the 2023 Flying Cloud lineup.

  • 23FB Twin option will become available
  • The queen bed configuration now includes panoramic views and nightstands on each side, with the removal of the floor-to-ceiling wardrobes
  • Cabinet finish updated to matte white
  • Airstream is going to officially retire the 23CB and 23CB bunk floor plans
Interior of a 2023 Airstream Flying Cloud Travel Trailer
Flying Cloud interior view.


Even Airstream’s already well appointed International is getting some great improvements for 2023. Here’s what’s in store:

  • 23FB Twin option will be available for 2023 Internationals
  • 2023 queen bed configurations will include panoramic views and nightstands on each side, with the removal of the floor-to-ceiling wardrobes
  • As of 2023, Airstream will retire the 23CB and 23CB bunk floor plans
A woman sits at a table working on her laptop in a 2023 Airstream International travel trailer
Airstream International


Airstream is giving the Globetrotter some fantastic new upgrades in the kitchen and beyond. Here is what’s going to be new for 2023:

  • New Furrion cooktop and oven
  • MERV 8 air filter for higher filtering efficiency and air quality
  • Airstream is going to retire the Globetrotter 23FB (front bedroom) floor plan

For even more inside scoop on the latest Airstream travel trailers, connect online with other Airstream enthusiasts on or check out the latest listings on

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8 thoughts on “Airstream Travel Trailers: What’s New For 2023?”

  1. The round sinks are the worst. Useless and awkward. Large square or double sink much better. And a counter extension is most useful. Counter space is so valuable.

    • Many of us agree with the sink…the newer models have gone back to the rectangular/square style sinks. But, minor inconvenience you learn to live with…didn’t buy for the sink, right? We use a square collapsible dishpan in ours, which works great. Agree that adding a flip up counter extension would be great; some models do offer this feature also; the 25′ for example. Counter space in our 28′ is tight, but the booth style dining table behind is there if needed. The L-couch also is great in the 28; eliminates having to sit on the bench style seating in the 25 and 27 models, and look left to see the TV!

  2. What’s with all the white interior? I hate that. And who needs a larger oven? The new HDMI ports sound good, not so sure about the 12V TV though. In my opinion what would make Airstream a lot better is to make them with less windows, especially the skylights and portholes they are just places to leak. At least give the customers the choice of what windows they want.

    • Disagree; many folks like us who have owned multiple Airstreams, are glad to see the white interior…and “less windows; remove skylights”?? Are you kidding me/us?? Thats a trademark and big feature compared to SOB travel trailers. Friend just sold his “1 year old” 28′ Lance after he and his wife traveled with us for 2 months last summer; because of the big windows in our AS, skylights, and light interior colors vs the dark wood, crowded feel in their dinning slide out, and lack of windows, they got one just like ours end of last summer….we have the 28′ FC Twin model we purchased new in 2017 and have 53K miles on it. Love everything about ours and also the new changes.

    • I grew up camping in a 30 Airstream so I understand the quality and luxury they afford. That being said, my husband and I paid $7000 for a used Trailmanor (which we tow with a Traverse). My friends with Florida condos think we are the poor relations but we have had the TM all over the country…….. good gas mileage and we will fit in some tight spaces if necessary. Just something for you to consider……

  3. Sure wish Airstream could/would design a pull out.
    The DC Tv is a welcome move. Are there any tiny microwaves that are direct 12 volt DC? Betcha it would draw a market!
    Thanks for the article,
    Steve Madely
    Ottawa, Canada


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