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A First Look At The 2023 Newmar Motorhomes

Published on July 8th, 2022 by Emily Lawrence

interior of one of the new 2023 newmar motorhomes
Inside the Canyon Star, one of the latest Newmar motorhomes. Photos via Newmar

Newmar Introduces Upgraded Models For 2023

Major brands in the RV industry are constantly innovating and creating new floor plans and vehicles for customers to enjoy. Newmar is getting ahead of the curve by announcing their new 2023 motorhome models in June!

Many RV fans love to tune into their favorite brands to see what the new updates will be. Newmar has announced changes and updates to six of their product lines, with more on the horizon. If you’re a fan of luxury motorhomes, you’re certainly already familiar with Newmar and their fantastic campers.

The 2023 lineup includes update to the Diesel and Luxury product lines. Although not every floor plan or camper is being changed, we are so far aware of changes in Canyon Star, Kountry Star, Mountain Aire, London Aire, New Aire, and Ventana lineups. Read below for details about the exciting 2023 motorhome models from Newmar.

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Canyon Star

Newmar’s diesel motorhomes are quite popular due to their strength and size. Almost every product in this catalogue is getting a 2023 update. The 2023 Canyon Star is unique in the market. It’s the only Class A diesel motorhome with a front engine as well as the only Class A front engine diesel toy hauler! (source)

This is a tricky combination to get right, but every Canyon Star has superior strength and an impressive size. If you’re interested in a toy hauler with lots of power, check out this option. The 2023 motorhome lineup for Canyon Star features three unique floor plans that include a large garage space.

Canyon Star motorhomes are also beautiful! These RVs feature dark wooden furniture that maintains the natural wood grain. The walls and furniture are a calm, neutral grey that will complement any color scheme you choose to add. High-end features like kitchen backsplash, a frosted glass shower, and adaptable furniture complete the ensemble.

Kountry Star

The Kountry Star is one of the most popular products in the Newmar catalog. It’s the most affordable option they offer when it comes to diesel pushers (although it will still cost $378,000 or more). This motorhome is often tweaked and improved, so each year is better than the last. The 2023 motorhome lineup showcases a huge variety of upgrades, options, and high-quality features.

Kountry Star motorhomes are comfortable and classy. They are perfect for long hauls and full-time RVers. The setup is reminiscent of a small farm house or beach cottage, and there are lots of modern comforts that make every journey a delight.

The visual style of this diesel Class A motorhome is different from the Canyon Star above. The interiors of these RVs are bright and full of light. The furniture and bedding that comes with the vehicle is a pleasant, light beige. This complements the cabinetry, which is a weathered-looking white/tan. Silver doorknobs, cabinet handles, and appliances add a touch of modern luxury to the space.


The Ventana is the last diesel 2023 motorhome that has been announced by Newmar. Ventana is a highly adaptable brand that features a huge range of floorplans and upgrades. When you buy under this label, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from.

Customers who explore Ventana motorhomes will be able to select between 11 different floor plans and four different vehicle lengths. There’s bound to be a good fit for everyone who shops here, no matter their style or needs. There are also two different chassis that can support a Ventana: Freightliner® or Spartan®. If you have a chassis preference, you can choose between these options.

Ventana motorhomes feature classic, intriciately-designed interiors. The design has warm wooden cabinets and accents that bring a cozy, rustic vibe to the space. These are cleverly shaped into various arches, beams, and decorative patterns. The furniture is a neutral grey/tan color that blends well with any accents you would like to add.

Mountain Aire

Now we’re moving on from the diesel motorhomes to the luxury Newmar motorhomes. Again, not every brand under this heading has been updated for the upcoming year, but the ones that have been announced look great!

Mountain Aire is a classy RV that allows you to bring the luxury of a ski resort or chalet on the road. The 2023 updates are fairly small, but they will make a big difference when it comes to your comfort. The 2023 Mountain Aire lineup features six distinct floor plans. Users will be able to select the layout that best suits their needs and style.

These luxury motorhomes are absolutely gorgeous. They feature light, cream-colored furniture that is made from smooth, easy-to-clean material. The walls and countertops are also light, so the space feels more bright and open. The ceiling has a unique diamond pattern that adds interest to the upper level. Square tile backsplash and unique criss-crossing cabinet accents add extra flair to this motorhome.

London Aire

London Aire is another 2023 motorhome that Newmar is updating. This lineup of vehicles is described as “functional-yet stylish” (source). That just about sums it up! You can travel in comfort here, with access to all the amenities and appliances you need. There are six floor plans in the London Aire family, and all of them are classy and practical.

The design of these vehicles hearkens back to the simple elegance of Europe. The main color scheme in here is a warm grey. There are different hues and variations, but everything ties together nicely. The cabinets have beautiful ridged layers that contribute to the geometric style of this motorhome.

The flooring consists of smooth grey tiles, while the living room ceiling has a unique decorative pattern running down the center. Light is easily amplified in this airy, clean interior, so you can enjoy a beautiful space at all times of the day.

New Aire

Finally, we’ll wrap up the 2023 motorhome announcements from Newmar with the New Aire motorhomes. Like the previous two models, this is a luxury Class A motorhome. It’s one of the most compact designs from Newmar, making it ideal for people who want to travel to harder-to-reach places.

Although it’s smaller than the vehicles in other product lines, the quality hasn’t decreased at all! On the contrary, engineers need to be more clever than ever when they design luxury motorhomes at a smaller scale. There are four floor plans in the 2023 New Aire collection, so customers should be able to find something that suits them.

These motorhomes feature a classy, modern design. There is a stark contrast between the colors and textures, so every space has a bit of “pop” to it. The furniture, countertops, floors, and some walls in these vehicles are a light tan/cream color. In contrast, the cabinets, trim, and furniture accents are pure black. This creates a lot of visual interest and sets the interior apart from others on this list.

Stay tuned for more 2023 Newmar motorhomes

Although we’ve only received information about the products listed above, Newmar has stated that there are more updates coming in the future. This may include details about the lineups that weren’t mentioned, such as King Aire, Essex, and Dutch Star.

Either way, 2023 looks like it will be a great year for Newmar! Customers who want to learn more about these Newmar motorhomes can download brochures about each new RV, or just stay tuned for updates. Newmar plans to release more information about their RVs later this summer.

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  1. More technical information would be appreciated. Lots of fluff. Besides the gorgeous interiors…and floor plan redos … has the suspension or motor been improved?


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