2 Excellent Options for Motorhome Toy Haulers

There are tons of RV’s and motorhomes out there. I’ve done some homework and want to point out 2 excellent choices for toy haulers. Both have a good mix of the best components for a toy hauler.

So, what are 2 excellent Toy Hauler options? We’ve chosen these two options for being excellent choices as toy haulers:

  • 2019 Newmar Canyon Star 3927 Toy Hauler Motorhome
  • 2018 Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 37GP

Below is a description of each and our most favorite features. Both companies focus most of their selling on storage and quality toy hauling space.  However, there are a lot of great features in both of these.

2019 Newmar Canyon Star 3927 Toy Hauler Motorhome

The Newmar Canyon Star is a beautifully made toy hauler. The features are simple and just exactly the combination you need for traveling. They may not have the patio that the other motorhomes have, but it’s simplicity is probably what makes it an escellent choice. 

You could say that choosing the Newmar Canyon is like choosing quality over quantity. Sometimes it’s better to get a motorhome with all of the most important components rather than the most flashy one you can find. 

I find that with the toy hauler I own, I’m glad I chose to get exactly what I needed over what looks awesome because sometimes what looks nice isn’t the best quality. 

A lot of these companies which are trying to sell these RV’s really are doing just that, they are selling them. Knowing what you want before you go will give you the optimal opportunity to discover the best one for you. 

This has a lot of inside storage space and focuses most of its selling points with that. With that, the space in the bedroom is awesome because the closet space is huge. 

I’ve highlighted some of my most favorite features that I think would be selling points for just about anyone who might want the Newmar Canyon.

Here are some key features you’d enjoy:

  • Night and day shades. 
  • Outside TV
  • Great storage space. 
  • Rear camera and Bluetooth and iPhone hook-ups.
  • There is a desk which pops out in the front which is really nice if you are wanting to get some work done while driving. (Which would mean my wife would be able to get stuff done because I drive. She would love that.)
  • Maple cabinetry
  • All the light switches are on a touchpad. 
  • Residential fridge and a 3 burner cooktop.
  • Convection and microwave oven
  • The bedroom has a queen-sized bed. 
  • You also have storage under the bed which is great. 
  • There is a TV in the bedroom and a Blu-Ray DVD player. 
  • A rear screen which can be pulled down in the back of the RV garage.
  • A TV in the garage area.  
  • The outside is equipped with your regular tank storage, gas storage, extra storage compartments, etc. 
  • It also has three steps up on both sides of the trailer for an easier entrance. 

Whatever your preferences are, this Motorhome pretty much covers all the ground you would want in a Toy Hauler. The amount of space is great and the storage is intense. 

A really cool feature about this specific toy hauler is that the back bunk doubles as the back-garage couches. It is operated by a switch and you can raise it up to be turned into a bunk while also getting it out of the way to store your toys. 

I think that feature is pretty awesome and will come in handy. There is no bunk above the garage, but the couches doubling as the bunk takes care of that. 

The cost for this motorhome ranges from $190,000 to $220,000. If you were to buy it from a private seller or used the price may not be the same, but it would probably fit within this price range. 

2018 Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 37GP

This model has a crazy amount of storage on the outside, and the storage spaces are pretty big! (To be honest, there’s also quite a bit of storage on the inside as well.) You’ll have plenty of space for all of your equipment and you’ll probably have extra space. 

Here are some signature features you might like: 

  • 2 Outdoor patios
  • Plenty of space for a lot of people
  • Comes with the Cab-Over Bunk
  • Induction cooktops
  • There is a nice latch on the fridge to keep things from spilling out while you are driving. 
  • Dual sink and residential style faucet
  • The woodwork in the Motorhome is Amish construction (I don’t know if that applies to all of the floorplans or not)
  • There is a ton of storage space in the bathroom
  • There is a skylight in the shower and plenty of head space as well for those taller people.
  • Storage in the overhead bunk.
  • Overhead bunk is large enough for two adults to sleep in

The patio deck is a great place to have friends over and enjoy some quality time in a quality space. The toy hauling space is great too. You can use that space for extra living space, or you can use it for your toys. 

There’s a TV in the bedroom, the garage, and in the storage space outside. So, whenever and wherever you want to relax and watch your shows you can do so. 

The average price for this motorhome is about $140,000-$207,000. It all depends on the dealer you go through and whether or not you buy it used. Also, if you buy it from a private seller that makes a difference as well. 

You could, for example, get one for about $100,000. It may not be in the best shape and you won’t know if everything is working, but you could get it that low. I probably wouldn’t purchase it for any lower than that unless you’ve had a look inside and have tested that everything is working properly. 

I would suggest that you do that anytime you are going to purchase an RV. Knowing what your paying for is extremely important when buying any vehicle. Don’t let the salesman talk it up! You need to be well read and understand what a good motorhome entails. 

Things to Know Before You Buy A Toy Hauler Motorhome

If you are going to purchase a Toy Hauler, you need to look at what features are most important to you. Where are you going with it? Are you going to haul big toys? Small toys? Are you going long distance or short distance? 

The 2 aforementioned Toy Haulers have a good combination of toy hauling space as well as living space. They are both great quality and provide ample storage space. However, that’s not going to matter if what you are looking for has less living space and more toy space. 

Toy Hauler Motorhomes are actually pretty rare. However, they are great because they are a combination of three great things: a vehicle, RV living space, and of course, toy hauling space. It’s an excellent choice for these very reasons. 

Where do you go the most?

Where are you going to go with your toy hauler? Are you going to go in the mountains? The beach? Driving around the country experiencing tons of new places? The kind of Toy Hauler you get will depend on where you want to go. 

Some toy haulers are better built for the mountains and that terrain. Other toy haulers will do better in the beach areas. This is not a huge deal so much with the inside of the motorhome, but it matters on the outside. 

You want a quality hauler if you are seriously going to rough it up. You don’t want something that is cheaply made and too flimsy if you plan on traveling in rougher areas.

Note: You want equipment that is going to last you a long time and a motorhome that is good quality. 

If you don’t plan on traveling all that much, I wouldn’t worry as much about your hauler being flimsy, but I would recommend you still get the best quality you can. Even an RV that isn’t used as much needs to be equipped for whatever the chosen travel destination is. 

Do you need a lot of storage?

If you aren’t going to need a lot of storage, you may want to sacrifice some storage for a feature that you are more interested in and/or you need. Storage space is awesome, but you need to have a knowledge of how much you are actually going to need and use. 

If you do need a lot of storage, you’ll want to take a good look when you are shown each toy hauler. Every toy hauler is different. Some focus more on storage than others do. Most toy hauler designs take advantage of every potential storage space ther is. 

Others don’t pay as much attention to storage as they do the quality of your living space. This all has to be considered when you are looking for a hauler. You’d be surprised everything that goes into finding the right toy hauler. 

Dealer’s may not always have in mind what is exactly right for you, that’s why you have to go in with your preferences and needs before you go to buy one. 

Do you need a lot of TV’s?

A lot of these motorhomes come with TV’s. If you are someone who doesn’t really use them, you may want a toy hauler motorhome that uses that space for something else. It’s all about what your priorities are for getting the best Toy Hauler Motorhome you can find. 

What kind of toys will you be hauling?

A toy hauler motorhome is great, but it limits the amount of space for you to be able to carry those larger toys. You’re not going to have as much space as you would otherwise have in a trailer or a fifth wheel toy hauler. That’s just the way it goes. So, you need to keep that in mind as well. 

What kind of toys you plan on hauling is going to make a huge difference in what toy hauler you are going to choose. If you need more space, that’s got to be considered, if you aren’t going to need as much space, that needs to be considered as well. 

However, most of these motorhomes have been built with that idea in mind. The creators and designers have taken into account the most common types of toys that their customers will be hauling. 

How much square footage do you need?

How many people are going to be traveling in your motorhome? How big are your toys? What space is necessary and what isn’t? You need to know how much space you are really going to use if you are going to get a toy hauler. 

These RV’s have as many options as there are people in the world because that’s who is going to use them. You need to know what you want if you are going to get the best deal out there.  The definition of a good deal is getting the quality fit for you at a great price- and a quality item that will last you a long time.

Related Questions

What’s the difference between a Toy Hauler Motorhome and a Toy Hauler trailer? A motorhome has the driving capabilities as part of a whole. The home, cab, and garage are all connected with a motorhome. A Toy Hauler trailer is hauled by a truck and there is no cab. 

How small is the smallest Toy Hauler trailer? The smallest one is probably the 12 Foot Mini Toy Hauler. It’s extremely small and really only big enough for one or two people when you haul toys. Maybe four people could stay if you were going to haul toys. The floor plan is about a 7 foot wide floor plan. All the tanks together can hold about 150 gallons of water. 

What are the benefits of getting a toy hauler motorhome? Even though toy haulers are super rare, they are extremely underrated. With a toy hauler motorhome, you can carry your dirtbikes, four-wheelers, motorbikes, and all those other cool toys. A motorhome makes it so you don’t have to worry about having the right truck for pulling your trailer. 

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