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When Do New RV Models Get Announced and Released?

Published on June 12th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on July 18th, 2019

Camping is one of my favorite activities to do for vacation. It’s even better when you go in a nice, fully functioning RV. Except when do the new models get announced and released?

Typically new RV models are released early in the year around March. However, the RV industry and its releases do not work the same as the automotive industry.

This post will tell you how and what to expect in RV announcements and releases. It may seem complicated at first, but a short explanation will help shed some light on the situation.

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RV Industry VS Automotive Industries

Some might argue that the RV industry and the automotive industry work the same. Both are vehicle providers or manufacturers that cater to audiences, have depreciation rates, etc.

However, what you may not know is that the way they run their businesses are very different. The automotive business prides itself on its ability to advertise and to make every new model the hot topic and a must buy. The releases happen by the end of the year so you don’t have to wait.

The automotive industry– for the most part–does a really great job in listing the hottest new updates and features to set itself apart from the competition. Lots of colors and different lights to install etc.

The RV industry on the other hand–while having a great advertising side as well for new models and models companies put out online, their information is a little bit more tricky in finding out those same details.

Not as many people buy RVs as cars, but not to worry! So the market isn’t as intense as it could be, but rest assured there is a way to get to the bottom of it all. Just remember the RV business is a little more relaxed. After all, RV’s are mostly for vacation right?

When Are New RV Models Announced?

RV companies– mainly dealerships– are a little bit harder to nail down with details about announcements. To be honest with you, most dealerships do not announce when they have new models. Not that this is the fault at all of the dealerships and they don’t just want to take your money, it’s just how the system is set up.

According to a former RV dealer– I had the opportunity to research his advice for RV’s– he gave really great insight on why finding announcements seemed so complicated.

He mentioned that a lot of the time you will find that the dealership doesn’t even know when the new models come in. It is a bit of guesswork and a watchful eye.

Unless someone notices (and they usually do) the changed or updated VIN numbers on the incoming shipment of RV’s as they are coming in, there really is no way or at least a really limited resource book in finding out that the new models were released.

As someone who placed orders with retail companies, you rely a lot on the representatives of the companies you are partnered with to send you catalogs and information to be able to place orders. With the RV group- if there isn’t a habit established with updated VIN numbers on the catalogs, you just do your best!

It is pretty unfortunate to have the system work in this way if you’re the type that scans the newspaper or internet for the best buy, but every system has its pros and cons.

I feel like every time I get a new phone, the next newest version was just announced! So hopefully none of you have FOMO– a Fear Of Missing Out like I sometimes do!

The RV industries are just a little more low key on how they run the business. Of course, the companies that make RVs like Jayco, Aspen Trail, and the American Coach post information about their models along with features and sometimes even prices online.

However, sometimes that information is delayed. Rest assured though that your favorite RV dealer should know more details as to when and if the new models are at their site yet. If so, you’re ready to go check things out.

When Are New RV Models Released?

The releases for RVs are a little different for everyone and it just depends on what the new models are like. For example, just generally, new RV’s hit the lot earlier in the year like March. This is so all the new models can be sold right before a big season– aka Summer vacation.

By doing it at this time it helps make sure that the older models that trickled through the last time were all sold to make room for the new stuff. That’s the idea anyway.

Sometimes if the older models didn’t sell well, companies will make a few smaller adjustments and list those as the next year’s model. As I said, a little more chill than the automotive company as the rates of updates are a little different.

Still a way these companies list their RVs can be looked at closer to make sure you are getting the best deal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a scamming thing that these companies are doing, but it does just make it a little less exciting than the newest features on an RV don’t happen as much!

The adding of new features for the RVs of the season actually don’t happen until the Fall. Typically there is a big showcasing event for all the new models and features. After the Fall– when RVs are being made after the show– is when you can consider and have the top of the line RV.

Just to recap: RVs aren’t really announced, they show up on the lot with new VIN numbers and new some features around March. The real “next year’s model” comes out during the fall season. So when do I buy?

How to Get the Best Deal at the Best Time for your New RV

Since the way to buying an RV may be really different for you timing-wise, the best time to look and buy and RV is actually at the times you may least expect.

Offseason new RVs would be cheaper, but still in the time frame of when they came off the line in the early year. Granted you wouldn’t be able to take that fresh one out as soon as you would like if you want to save a little money, you’ll be able to enjoy it next year.

Purchasing an RV during the Winter months or just offseason would definitely be a better buy. Time frame wise that would be anywhere from October to late February right before the new models come out for the next season.

Make sure to check with the dealer if you have done your research and are ready to buy that you are getting an update or new version.

Like mentioned before, sometimes there might not be a whole lot of difference between last year’s model and the newest one that you are looking into. So if you’re wanting just a fresh RV, it is important to pay attention to details!

Is a New RV Really Worth it?

That brings us to this question: is it really worth getting that RV because it is the “newest one on the block?” The answer is sometimes! Like a car, RVs depreciate. If you want to get the most value out of it, it may be better to get one that is used or even last year’s model.

A lot of the time the features for the newest year’s model will be about the same as last years, so you wouldn’t necessarily be getting a leg up on technological advancements. The sizes of the RVs wouldn’t dramatically change from year to year usually either.

If you wait though, during the end of the season, dealers are a little more eager to sell the RVs that they have to you. Not saying that you can always bargain a sale, but the RVs might be considered for a discount if you play your cards right.

Overall, saving money and having fun are always two things we appreciate in life. So, before buying a brand new RV think through your options and ask around.

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2 thoughts on “When Do New RV Models Get Announced and Released?”

  1. I ordered a 2022 Thor Vegas the end of March. Can you tell me how long it will be?
    Is there a way of finding out if it is being built?
    Thank you.

  2. There are same exact models, one is built in June 2020 sold as a 2020 the other was built in January 2020 being sold as a 2021. Any idea what’s going on here.? They are Gulf Stream TT.


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