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Toy Haulers That Can Fit Two Side-by-Sides (UTVs)

Published on December 8th, 2018 by Camper Report

If you plan on taking a pair of side-by-sides with you for a trip you’re planning you’re gonna need the right hauler for the job. So what works?

Toy haulers that can fit two side-by-sides (UTVs): Given the size of UTVs, you are not going to be able to fit two side-by-sides next to each other which means you are required to place them bumper to bumper. This requires a toy hauler that has 17′ of length in the garage.  

There aren’t many options that will have 17’ of length in the garage to fit those two side-by-sides. There are only a few fifth wheels that can fit that and they are so big that you’ll need a one-ton truck (Ford F350, Silverado 3500) to be able to tow one. These toy haulers are all at least 39 feet in length.

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Fifth Wheels Large Enough to Hold Two Side-by-Sides

Though few these toy haulers have a lot going for them, so here are a few options to cart those side-by-sides for you.

Genesis Supreme 40-SRSS6

The Genesis Supreme is one of the smaller options available to solve this issue. Coming in at a length of 40′ this toy hauler has a maximum garage size of 19 feet and 3 inches which should be more than fit for your two side-by-sides. The toy hauler can sleep 7 people and has a queen bed available as the largest bed option. 

The deal gets better with a large double door refrigerator capable of holding 8 cubic feet of food.  This RV will make for a great trip where you can take your off-roading vehicles with you and have the comfort of a large sleeping area as well. 

Check out Cactus RV’s promotional video on this model to see a video of all the functions that the Genesis supreme has available to you. 

Garagezilla 4620W

This toy hauler lives up to its name at a massive 46′ feet long this monstrosity dominates the road. But it gives you a large living space with a sizable garage at 20′ in length. Queen beds are still the larges bed option here but you get a fold-out sofa in the garage of the toy hauler as well that you can use for extra sleeping quarters. 

It has three side rooms for sleeping and the fold-out sofa in the garage space. You can see more of this truck by going to the RV factory’s Garagezilla video.

Alternatives to a Large Toy Hauler

The more practical way to move your two side-by-sides is to get risers for your truck bed to put one side-by-side in the truck bed and one in a trailer toy hauler. This allows you to have a smaller toy hauler and still provide you with the mobility that you desire. 

To do this you will first need a truck that can hold your UTV. Generally, this isn’t a problem but the weight of the UTV can often rest too much on your tailgate and as a result, you will need to use risers and or a rack of some kind to disperse the weight throughout the body of your truck. 

Additionally, most UTVs are wider than than the bed of a truck anyways, so a rise or rack is used to secure the UTV to the truck. When adding Risers or a rack to your truck you will want to make sure that everything is securely fashioned. Be especially careful about the back window of your truck and that you have also secured any ramps that you used to get your UTV into the truck bed. 

One of the issues that you’ll develop here is that since you are both hauling a UTV in your truck bed as well as connecting a trailer toy hauler to the hitch of your truck you can’t have the hitch obstructed by the UTV on the bed of the truck, as a result, you will likely need to use an over cabin truck rack. Or a riser that will lift your UTV high enough to not block the hitch on the truck.  

How to Get a Side-by-Side in the Bed of Your Truck

Getting the side by side in your truck is a whole other issue. To start this process you are going to first need good ramps and good means to secure the trucks into place. 

Here’s a video showing you a few ways how. He provides quite a few options but for hauling a side by side with a toy hauler behind it you are going to want some long ramps they are going to be the most effective and useful for the purpose of putting a UTV on a riser. Generally, you want to get a 10′ ramp or so to do this. 

Smaller Side-by-Side Options

Given how incredibly difficult carrying two full-sized UTVs is it may be best to look for some smaller options. So, what is out there for you to use instead of a full side by side. 

Polaris ACE

A Polaris ACE is a single seated UTV. It is only 7.5 feet in length and about 4 feet wide. So still too wide for you to put two of them next to each other but if you were to place them one in front of the other you would only need about 15 feet of garage. This provides you a little breathing room as far as selection of toy hauler goes as there are quite a few toy haulers that fall into the 16′ foot category. Which works perfect if you have a Polaris Ace. 

Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes are considerably smaller than UTV’s. Their length comes out to be about the same as a Polaris ACE but they have much much less width. SO if you want to go for something a little more open while still having that separation between parties on your trip dirt bikes may be the perfect option for you. 

Related Questions

What size toy hauler fits an RZR? Generally, you are going to want to get a 16′ garage to haul an RZR. The smallest that you can reasonably get is a 12′ garage for the toy hauler but that is the smallest option for you. 16′ is a safe bet. You can follow this website for options.

What is the largest garage you can get in a toy hauler? The Garagezilla is one of the biggest out, with a 20′ garage, there with comfortable living space as well. There are custom orders that can beat it or adaptations to other models that will increase their garage size but for a standard garage in a toy hauler the garagezilla is aptly named for that. 

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  1. There are also other units that are open without a separate garage that can house 2 razors with a 20′ open space. Like the Mckenzie 38cks


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