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RV Executive Goes the Extra Mile To Connect With Customers

Published on February 23rd, 2021 by Patrick Buchanan

Brian Clemens, a busy RV executive, has nearly 15,000 helpful posts on Forest River Forums

Forest River RV GM Leads By Example

Customer-centered RV manufacturers are learning there’s a better way to connect with customers. Via RV discussion forums, industry leaders are sharing cutting edge information and offering hands-on support as well as building brand loyalty. They are having real discussions that build trust and brand integrity. They inform rather than advertise and are seeing the great results. It’s a win for both companies and their customers.

Understanding that there is a larger endgame with big ticket items like motorhomes, Brian Clemens, Group GM of Forest River’s Motorized division, has not only added to his repertoire of customer success solutions, but to his fan base and legacy as well. Brian has found a digital home on the popular Forest River Forums, an RV owners forum dedicated to Forest River RV owners and prospective owners. It is here that Brian has connected directly with users of his products, proving that a little effort can go a long way towards building a strong and loyal customer base.

Brian Clemens - Photo Credit :
Brian Clemens – Photo Credit :

RV Forums – Real Answers, High Expectations

Well run forums are known for their authenticity. Whereas social media answers tend to fall off the map every few days, forum questions and threads can last for decades. Advice and solutions to almost any question remain a searchable archive of invaluable information. This duration can be a test of integrity for some, as shallow, snippy, or incorrect answers can haunt a forum member for years. 

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Forum members that take the time and invest in providing quality answers and assistance are the heart of any successful forum. Brian has proven that he has the fortitude to take on that responsibility when he logs into Forest River Forums to help members with their questions.

Integrity Still Exists

After growing Forest River’s Dynamax Super-C brand successfully, Brian was promoted to his current position at Forest River Motorized. Brian was compelled to mention it in a forum announcement, but not for the reasons you would expect.

Instead of announcing his promotion for the accolades that normally come with such a significant event, Brian was letting folks know he was taking on a new role and might not be able to respond to posts as quickly as they were used to. Additionally, he explained that he was mentoring others to make sure forum members had reliable resources at Forest River that would be there for them in his absence during the transition.

A Dynamax RV tows a Jeep
A Dynamax RV tows a Jeep

In speaking of Brian’s move to the motorized division, forum member “NDR” said;

“I believe this is very good news for Forest River motorized customers and reaffirms our decision that this was the best manufacturer for us long-term.”

Brian himself said of his own efforts to train more individuals and get some fresh company faces into the forum;

“The goal is to make sure that the future of this company is not dependent on the knowledge of a few individuals, but that we can just keep plugging in the right people, into a proven process.”

Forum member “Whalenss” summed it up well in their response to Brian’s promotion;

“Congratulations on the promotion to GM Motorized Divisions and the additional responsibilities! Great recognition for all the work you have done at Dynamax, listening to all the feedback from us customers, helping us when we have an issue, guiding the team in making great products, and always putting the customer first. Don’t forget about us when you become President.”

Building A Brand From The Beginning

Lest you think Brian’s participation in Forest River Forums is only recent, note that he has over 14,900 posts since he first joined in 2007. With almost 20 years in the RV industry, his participation doesn’t end there. As an RV rally participant, Brian takes his knowledge, and a company RV, on the road in to participate in popular RV rally events that occur throughout the year. Not only does this RV executive get to see the fruits of his company’s labor and critique it with a knowing eye, he also gets to connect face-to-face with many of those RVers he has shared information with online. 

Forum participation by a manufacturer is a tricky wire to walk. You must be genuine, helpful, honest, and let your answers stand on their own merit. Brian doesn’t say, Hey, be sure and buy a Forest River RV. Rather, customers see the authenticity of Brian’s participation and they choose to buy Forest River. 

Brian Clemens is a great example of how brands can build a fanbase, or a Fanocracy, as our friend David Meerman Scott calls it. Brian believes in himself and his company and is not afraid to lay it on the line for his customers, both current and prospective.

Visit an RV forum today and take your RV education to the next level. Here are just a few popular RVing forums:

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