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Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s: An Owner’s In-Depth Review

Published on December 10th, 2018 by Jim Harmer
This post was updated on March 22nd, 2019

If you aren’t quite sure whether or not you should take the leap and purchase a Rockwood Mini Lite 2540s RV, don’t worry. I’ve done a bit of research to help you make the decision.

What is the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s RV like? Organizationally, the RV’s inside is cramped and there is little space for alone time. Some owners also dislike its lack of windows and its low-quality appliances. However, despite its downfalls, this RV is large, sturdy, and aesthetically striking.

This owners’ in-depth review should help you determine whether or not the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s RV is for you.

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What Is the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s RV?

RVs are great for traveling cross-country. I’ve been on a few RV trips across upstate New York and into the Adirondack mountains, and I can safely say that it’s crucial to get a high-quality RV if you’re going to be using it for more than a few days. 

The Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s RV is a high-grade 2018 travel trailer in which I would absolutely love to scale the Adirondacks. It is almost twenty-six feet in length, eight feet in width, and 10 total feet in height.

This model of the Rockwood Mini Lite boasts six sleeping spaces, a gross weight of 6,609 pounds (approximately 4,400 pounds when dry with no utilities), a fresh-water capacity of thirty-six gallons, a sixty-pound total propane tank capacity, and many other impressive specs to improve upon its former model.

There are few comprehensive reviews of this RV, so I’ve compiled all the pros and cons available to help you determine whether or not the RV suits your specific needs. Overall, this is a very nice RV, but it has a few drawbacks that might inhibit some buyers. 

Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s Review

The Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s has many advantages. It’s a better-equipped and higher-quality RV that many of those within its same price range, but there are still a few pitfalls to the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s that you’ll want to consider before you make the purchase. 

The Outside of the Rockwell Mini Lite 2504s

The outside of the RV was obviously crafted finely with great attention to detail. The material is high-quality, the design is sleek, and the windows are frameless to avoid cracks in their seals.

The awning is button-operated, which is a convenient facet for owners of older models, which generally require some effort and manual extension.

The Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s includes two full-sized propane tanks, which is exceptionally convenient, as most RVs come with small tanks and require gas more frequently.

The tanks are easy to switch between if you’re trying to conserve fuel in either one. When one tank is empty, the RV automatically begins drawing from the other tank.

Overall, the RV was clearly made well, and there are few downsides to the appearance of this beautiful latest version of the Rockwood Mini Lite. Of course, looks aren’t everything.

Keep reading to hear about the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s’s inside features and appliances. 

The Inside of the Rockwell Mini Lite 2504s

The buttons that should correlate with lights around the RV are somewhat misplaced, so determining which buttons and switches connect with which light fixtures can be difficult. 

Rather than a master bed, this RV has a murphy bed on which passengers can sit during the day and sleep at night. Some find this convenient; others express concern that there isn’t really anywhere for adults traveling with children to find some time alone.

The seats surrounding the dining room table are relatively comfortable, but they are straight-backed, which you might want to take into consideration if you are at all prone to back pain.

Most owners, however, agree that these seats are more comfortable than similar seats they’ve tried in other RVs.

The seats (which are made of a comfy material similar to that of a couch) can host between six and eight people, so this is a great RV if you’re planning to dine often with your family or with other guests.

The murphy bed is easy to pull out from the wall, and most owners agree that it is comfortable and perfectly suitable for two people. If you aren’t concerned that it pulls out straight into the dining and living area, there really aren’t many disadvantages to this bed.

There is a nightstand on either side of the bed with ample storage space, and one of the nightstands hosts several USB ports with which you can charge cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.

Most USB ports in the RV must be powered by a generator, but the ports on the nightstand are battery-operated. 

The RV’s windows are easy to open (there are twistable handles attached to each one that pop them several inches out of the wall). However, it’s important to note that, because these windows are frameless, they don’t open all the way.

This probably won’t be much of an issue if you prefer the heater or the air conditioner to the extremes of back road weather. 

Furthermore, these windows allow for safe ventilation even in the rain or snow. Because they only expand a few inches from the wall and they don’t expose the inside of the RV to outside elements, you can still let air in without worrying about water damage.

The RV’s kitchen is surprisingly spacious and innovative. For instance, there is an attachment for the sink that extends the limited counter space into a cutting board. Any lack in space is compensated by well-crafted features and ingenuity.

The kitchen also includes an extension table that adds several feet onto the counter, if you’re not quite satisfied with the initial space provided. Be aware, though, that this extension table cuts the kitchen off from the living area (mostly the murphy bed) so, while it might be convenient if you need extra room to prepare meals, it isn’t necessarily ideal if there are more than one or two people trying to move around in the RV while you’re cooking. 

The Appliances

The covering over the stove top is compact, it’s easy to remove, and it allows for quick cleaning. It is not an automatic stove, so you have to remember to turn it on and off manually, which can be difficult.

The flame is often put out by wind and passersby, and it can be difficult to remember whether you left the stove on or turned it off. The stove is the only appliance in the RV that requires a lighter.

The oven, the microwave, the water heater, and all of the RV’s other appliances are entirely automatic and uncomplicated. You probably won’t have any trouble using them, and they require very little power. Interestingly, the microwave seems to be very similar to a home microwave, so it doesn’t take much time to warm your food. 

The television is a decent size, and it’s very high quality. It’s easy to pull the dinette away and convert the dining area into a miniature movie theater. You can even pull down the murphy bed for more comfortable seating.

The television is not battery-operated, however, so you’ll need to run the generator before you can use it.

The television has a DVD player if you’ve brought your own movies. You can also download an app to stream and watch movies from your phone on the television, which is a nice feature.

The app seems to work without internet connection, but you probably need to have the media downloaded on your phone before use.

The Beds

The bunk beds behind the TV are very close-packed and don’t allow much room for movement. There is a ladder from the floor to the top bunk, but it’s fairly inconvenient to use, as it sticks out pretty far into the already-cramped hallway.

Each bunk has a touch-light, so whoever is on the bottom bunk can keep his or her light on without disturbing whoever is up top. 

The bunk beds are long enough for adults to sleep in, and they section off from the rest of the RV with an easily maneuverable canvas divider. The top bunk is quite a bit smaller than the bottom bunk, which might be irritating if you’re traveling with any passengers other than very small children.

The mattresses are comfortable, though, so if you don’t mind tight spaces, the bunk beds should make for a good night’s sleep. 

Storage Space

The RV is incredibly designed in terms of storage space. There seems to be a drawer, a cabinet, or a shelf wherever one can fit.

The drawers below the bunk beds lead straight out into the trailer. You don’t have to lift up the seats at the dining area table to access the storage compartments, which is a vast improvement on past RV models.

There is a laptop cart that pulls out from the wall directly below the TV. You can use it to work on the computer when you’re sitting at the table, or you can use it to store a video game console that should connect to the television without a problem.

The pantry is massive in comparison to those of other RVs. There’s plenty of space for food and water, which is ideal if you’re planning to be on the road for long periods of time.

There is also a lot of storage in the bathroom, which, again, is great if you’re traveling for broad or uncertain stretches of time. If you stock up liberally on toiletries before you leave, you probably won’t have to worry about running out of soap or toilet paper before you make it to a pit stop.

Finally, if you’re concerned about fitting in the shower (most RV showers aren’t really suited for people over six feet tall), don’t worry: The ceiling above the shower elevates just a bit to accommodate taller passengers.


The Rockwood Mini Light 2504s comes with a cord that leads from your generator (which you’ll have to buy separately) to the RV. If you’re using a regular house generator, you’ll need to find an adapter to connect it to the RV.

If you are interested in purchasing a brand-new generator, one user recommended the Champion 3800-Watt Portable Generator. It’s meant specifically for RV use, and it’s one of the most reliable generators on the market. 

Many owners expressed that they wish they had known to buy hoses to remove black water before they’d left on their trip, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind as you shop for supplemental supplies.

You don’t need a truck to tow the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s, but make sure your vehicle is stable enough to tow at least 6,500 pounds. Sedans and smaller cars probably aren’t equipped to tow this RV.

The winch (a hauling device at the front of an RV that lifts and lowers the RV to attach to a moving vehicle) is completely automatic. It moves the RV smoothly and on its own, so you won’t have to worry about any bulky manual adjustments.

The RV’s stabilizer jacks are manual, but the stabilizing process can go much faster if you use a drill rather than crank the jacks by hand.

There is a ladder on the back of the RV that allows you to climb onto its roof, which is actually sturdy enough to walk on. There isn’t much practical purpose to this feature, but some owners maintained that it was fun to climb on the roof to sunbathe, take pictures, and watch the sun come up or go down.

The RV is wired for a vehicle backup camera, which is almost a necessity, as it can be very difficult to maneuver an RV in reverse. You can find plenty of high-quality and affordable backup cameras here

The Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s comes with a spare tire attached to its rear, which is a favorable feature that most RVs in the same price range don’t seem to have. (Spare tires are especially crucial when you’re driving an RV in any area conducive to tire damage.

Trust me, I can tell you from experience: You don’t want to be caught without a spare when you’re way up in the mountains, a hundred miles away from civilization. Talk about a sticky situation.)

Should I Buy the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s?

In comparison to some other RV models, the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s is convenient and reliable. Owners of the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s were supplied almost all the necessary resources upon purchase, whereas other RV owners were forced to buy their own appliances, spare tires, etc.

The RV is equipped for appliances like a backup camera and a generator, but you’ll have to supply those appliances yourself. This isn’t surprising, though, and the RV actually provides more utilities and appliances than are generally expected of other models.

The RV requires no sway bars (bars that reduces movement in the RV when you’re moving quickly or making sharp turns) so long as you’re driving under 70 miles per hour on reasonably smooth roads. (This is great, as sway bars cost a fair amount of money—sometimes $400 to $500.)

Not everything in the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s is perfect. Some of the appliances are low-quality or difficult to use. Those that do work, however, are uncomplicated and make any trip in the RV worry-free. 

One of the biggest complaints about the RV was its lack of windows. One owner commented that he and his family felt as though they were traveling in a cave due to the minimal available sunlight.

Of course, there are plenty of electrical light fixtures around the RV, but many travelers expect to rely on natural light throughout the day, so the window deficit might be disappointing to some buyers.

The Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s isn’t flawless, but it’s certainly a high-quality RV. It’s worth considering if you don’t need excessive amounts of living space, and if you don’t mind dim lighting.

Feel free to take a look at other RVs if you want to, but I think you ought to keep the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s on your list. 

Related Questions

Where can I buy the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s? The Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s is available through online resources like RV Trader and RV USA, but you can always check your local RV dealership to see whether or not you can find one nearby.

Be aware that you’re more likely to find an affordable Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s on the Internet than you are in person, and don’t expect to find too many used RVs (this is a relatively new model).

How Much Does the Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s Cost? The Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s is usually between $20,000 and $30,000, though its exact price can vary a few hundred dollars from either end of the spectrum.

If you are unable to find a low-cost Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s in your area, you can browse through plenty of more reasonably priced RVs on the RV Trader website. 

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