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Check Out The Pop Up Truck Campers From Four Wheel Campers

Published on October 25th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

pop up truck camper model

Check Out The Pop Up Truck Campers From Four Wheel Campers

Fifth wheels and travel trailers are all great options for travelers, but sometimes you just need something sturdy and lightweight that will work well with your truck. In this case, a pop up truck camper might be just the thing you need. Four Wheel Campers is a manufacturer that creates truck campers with a variety of styles and designs.

The truck campers from this brand come in three main formats. Whether you drive a flatbed truck or a standard pickup, their lineup of campers is bound to have a model that suits your vehicle. They come in a variety of sizes and formats, so let’s explore their best offerings below.

Slide-in campers

The first type of pop up truck camper is the slide-in design. As the name suggests, this is a camper that is designed to slide into the truck bed and distribute its weight between the bed and the side rails. This design is popular because it is fairly easy to install and remove. You won’t have to make any permanent changes to your truck when you opt for a slide-in model.

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Because these campers are designed to fit certain lengths and truck bed sizes, customers will need to ensure they are buying models that are suited to the size and weight limits of their truck.

Four Wheel Campers currently offers 5 slide-in camper designs. Each one comes with a degree of customization and several floor plan options. Customers can truly create the perfect living space in their pop up truck camper.


The Swift is the smallest slide-in option. It is designed to fit midsize trucks with 5′ beds. This is one of the most compact models, but it still serves as a nice comfortable living space for those who love truck camping. Two different floorplans/layout options are available for this model.

A satisfied customer from California said, “As a product, it is superb. Not only is the build quality excellent, but they use high-quality, durable parts and components. Ease of use is incredible.” (Source)

swift pop up truck camper


The Raven is the next size up. It is designed to fit full-size trucks with short beds. It can fit with truck beds that are between 5′-5″ to 5′-8″ (depending on the specific floorplan you choose). Once again, there are two designs to choose from when you’re shopping for a Raven.

This pop up truck camper includes a built-in sink and can store 20 gallons of fresh water. There are also multiple places to sleep or relax within the layout. Due to the pop up ceiling, there is also plenty of interior space! The overall interior height is 6′-6″.

pop up truck camper


The next biggest slide-in camper is the Fleet. These campers can fit small or midsize trucks with 6′ beds. A bigger size means that there’s more flexibility within the floor plan. Fleet campers offer 4 different designs (5 if you count the flatbed model), so customers can choose the layout and amenities that are most important to them.

Upgrades include options like a front dinette upgrade or a shell model. The standard floorplan includes all the essentials you’d need though. There is a refrigerator, stove, sink, roll-over couch, and a slide-out cabover bed. If you have 6 feet of space in your truck bed, consider getting a Fleet!


If you like the Fleet but have a bit of extra space in the truck bed, consider a Hawk! These pop up campers are designed to fit full-sized trucks with beds that are 6′-6’5″ long. This slide-out model comes with 4 optional upgrades/floorplans, but there is also a flatbed camper design that we’ll cover below.

This pop up truck camper has a similar design to the Fleet, but it offers a bit more space. There are also tons of customization options. Buyers can choose to decorate their Hawk in any way they want, and there are a wide variety of patterns and fabric selections.

pop up camper


The Grandby is the largest option by a long shot! This slide-in camper is designed to fit full-size trucks with 8′ beds. With all that extra space, the Grandby can afford to be a bit more extravagant in its offerings. With the larger size, there is more room for storage. This element is always tough to incorporate into truck campers, so the extra cabinets are a definite perk.

This trailer is also built to last. It can handle a ton of different weather and road conditions. Buyers can choose to add a furnace to the build, and many have done so. A happy customer from Utah remarked, “I just got back from another great trip where it was 30 degrees outside when we woke up. But it was nice and warm in our Grandby model.” (Source)

Grandby camper

Flatbed campers

Flatbed campers are another popular design from Four Wheel Campers. All of their models are designed to be installed on aluminum flatbed trays created by Norweld. Almost any truck can be turned into a flatbed model and this design appeals to many buyers. The only potential downside is that the modification is permanent, so you can’t change your mind later. For most people, this isn’t a problem though! Buyers have been extremely happy with their flatbed truck campers.

Four Wheel Campers offers 3 different flatbed camper models. Each one is sized for a different length of truck bed, and we covered some basic overviews of the designs above. The three designs are the Fleet, Hawk, and Grandby.


The Flatbed Fleet is designed to fit full-size trucks with beds that are 6’5″. It offers more space than the slide-in model, and comes with great upgrades like an optional shower, dinette seating, and a cassette toilet. Customers can choose between the standard Flatbed Fleet or the Limited Edition Woolrich model.


The Flatbed Hawk is similar to the Fleet in almost every way. It is designed to fit trucks with a 6′-6’6″ bed, so there is a bit more flexibility with this design. Customers can also choose between the standard design or the Woolrich model. Two happy campers who bought a flatbed Hawk said, “We are so glad we made the leap and went for it. We have had so many wonderful trips in our Hawk flatbed model.” (Source)


Once again, the Grandby is the largest option on this list. This flatbed pop up truck camper was made for full-size trucks with 8′ beds. It has the largest floor plan, and customers will love the queen-sized cabover bed. Upgrades and customizations are available, and the extra elbow room is always a nice perk! Just like all the other flatbed campers, this one also can be switched out with a limited Edition Woolrich design.

Project M Toppers

Finally, we have a new innovation from Four Wheel Campers. Project M is a new product that seeks to upgrade and update the traditional truck topper. This topper is installed on the bedrails and creates a sealed space over the bed. It isn’t a traditional truck camper, as the floor of the unit is the truck bed itself.

Check out the short video below for more details about how this works and what the finished product looks like.

Once it’s installed, the roof can be popped up, increasing the interior height. These toppers are made with durable materials and can create an enclosed space to spend the night or store your gear. It’s a very simple design, but it can be adapted in many ways! Currently, these toppers can be installed on most midsize and full-size truck models. (with more on the way).

For more information about these pop up truck camper models (as well as upgrades and customization options) visit

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