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Peeling RV Furniture: Reasons, Remedies, And Replacements

Published on August 4th, 2023 by Chris Dow
This post was updated on August 15th, 2023

Close up of damage from peeling RV furniture.
Photo: Author

Say Goodbye To Peeling RV Furniture

Is your RV couch peeling, cracking, or flaking? If so, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, flaking and peeling RV furniture is something many RV owners have dealt with at some point or another. This can happen due to normal wear and tear or from a chemical reaction with heat and humidity.

We had our Thomas Payne RV couch for a little over three years before we ever experienced any peeling problems. But once the peeling started, it spread quickly and didn’t stop. Chunks of pleather (imitation leather made from polyurethane) material circulated everywhere throughout our RV, and it quickly became a huge nuisance.

How to repair peeling RV furniture

After researching what options I had to resolve this issue, I learned I could possibly use pleather repair patches. I could also opt to cover the couch with a sofa cover, or start over with a brand new couch (which is what we chose to do). In the case of something like peeling driver or passenger chairs with electronics and other mechanisms, getting them reupholstered is going to be your best option.

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Replacing the peeling couch

We loved the original couch that came stocked in our RV, so we started to look for a direct replacement. This led to us having to choose a couch from either Lippert or RecPro, two of the top RV furniture brands. They’re both reputable and offer an extensive line of RV sofas.

I spent countless hours researching the differences between the two companies: pricing, shipping, warranty coverage, their responses to the “peeling RV furniture” issue. I had in-depth conversations with both companies and we all ultimately decided to partake in an Ultimate Comparison project since it could greatly benefit the RV community as a whole.

Both companies shipped me a couch to rigorously test and report on, and after putting them both through the ringer—the results are in! In the video below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about peeling RV furniture problem. From why and how it happens to what your options are, how to get the best price on new furniture, and more! You’ll also see an in-depth review and comparison of both of the couches I received.

It took months for me to put this video together and I hope it helps RVers easily deal with the annoying problem of peeling RV furniture. After all, it usually helps to talk about your peelings.

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7 thoughts on “Peeling RV Furniture: Reasons, Remedies, And Replacements”

  1. I’m trying to use a vinyl spray paint from Duplicolor to help stabilize the peeling. My couch/sleeper is 8 years old and it started peeling last year. I replaced the recliner about 5 years back with a better and more comfortable one we got from Walmart. It has been excellent. We bought a cover for the couch/sleeper for this season and going to see how the paint does but will probably have it recovered during the offseason.

  2. RecPro offered no help in replacing the sorry recliners of theirs that I bought for nearly $1000 from Amazon. Just three years after installing them they failed miserably. Except when we’re camping, the camper stays inside out of the sun and they still failed. Nothing short of a complete replacement with quality furniture would cause me to change my mind about how I feel about RecPro and their poor quality.

  3. You only showed one way to fix peeling and cracking. Is there anymore ways? I thought thats what the video was suppose to show. Not a comparing two different companies.

  4. Been there, Done that! We even tried to contact Thomas Payne, and Lippert. We we were quickly told their furniture had a 1 year warranty and we were in our 4th year, so there was no options but to replace on our dime.
    So $3000.00 later we had a new sofa and love seat. The ones we bought came with a 10 year warranty on the fabric. We have our fingers crossed!!!

  5. We bought two electric recliners from Rec Pro for our RV and two more for our home. And all four of them started flaking within 6 mths. Rec Pro was good about replacing the first two but they started flaking just as soon so I told them to please not send me another one and check with their supplier and change materials or find another maker

  6. It amazes me how many companies especially in the RV industry do not take pride in their company or products and peeling furniture is one of many examples. I opted to replace my furniture and it amazes me that all who have done this experience no peeling with the replacement furniture. I for one am willing to pay the extra $100 of a $89,000 rv not to have to go through spending $1,800+ for replacements.
    I have contended for years that all executives, sales, marketing, engineers and QA employees in the RV industry take a mandatory two week trip in their products. And now I should add they do the same with one of their Rigs that is 3 – 5 years old.


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