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New RV Skylight Makes Maintenance a Breeze

Published on April 2nd, 2024 by Patrick Buchanan

A new FlexArmor RV skylight installed on an RV roof.
The new two-piece FlexArmor RV Skylight.

Maintaining and Replacing Your RV’s Skylight Just Got Easier

Most RVers enjoy the benefits of an RV skylight. They’re a great source of natural light, and can save power when boondocking or camping off-grid for long periods. They are also useful in an RV shower, providing non-powered light near those wet areas. Like any opening on your RV’s roof, skylights can be an avenue for water intrusion over time. Proper sealants can usually keep that at bay, but what happens when you want to reseal the entire RV roof?

The Problem with Existing Skylights

When your RV ages to the point of needing to reseal the roof, many RVers opt for a full spray-on solution, such as one offered by FlexArmor. Whether you choose that excellent route or your own DIY solution, things get a little tricky when you get to the skylight. The most common solution is to just run the new roof material up a few inches up the side. You lose some of your light in this method, but it ensures you will not have a water leak.

An old-style skylight with the edges covered with roof coating.
Sealing up over the edges is a practical, leak-free solution, but can make replacement difficult.

This is a fairly acceptable solution … until that RV skylight needs to be replaced. Not only will you need to dig it out of those layers of roof coating, mount the new frame and skylight, and seal it in, you also have to then recoat the RV roof around that entire area. Of course this means cleaning the surrounding area well, reacquiring the exact same roof coating, or taking it back to have the spray-on solution touched up again. 

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Some RVers have taken the more extreme approach of simply covering the RV skylight completely, trading that bit of natural light for the assurance of no leaks, and a very unlikely chance of breaking or deteriorating, due to exposure to the sun.

A completely covered RV skylight
Sealing over your RV skylight completely ensures no leaks and unlikely breakage, but no light either.

An Easy Long-term Solution For Skylight Repair

Having seen this play out in the nearly 20-plus years that FlexArmor has been applying RV roofs, the company decided to stop waiting for a better solution and build its own. The result is the FlexArmor RV Skylight. The secret is the separate, raised base, and the attachable skylight lens. Not only is the skylight easy to replace if ever needed, the roof can be kept watertight and retreated and sealed years later, without having to tear apart the entire base structure of the skylight.

The framework is done and sealed and ready for the lens on this roof.
The skylight base is built and sealed permanently. The skylight lens attaches to the top.

Benefits of the FlexArmor RV Skylight

As an RVer that has almost put his foot through the skylight when up on the roof, I’ve often contemplated what replacing it might entail, and if there were a better solution. It would seem that now, there is. There are a few benefits to the FlexArmor RV Skylight.

  • Replaceable lens/cover: In the event of some type of accident or damage, replacement skylight covers can be ordered directly from FlexArmor.
  • Owner replaceable: Nothing more than a screwdriver is needed to replace a skylight cover, and you don’t need a service appointment or special equipment.
  • Appearance: Perhaps subjective, but the upgraded look to your new RV skylight offers a more polished, custom appearance.
  • Leak proof: Once installed and sealed at any FlexArmor location, your new RV skylight is as leakproof as FlexArmor roofs are.
Exposed screws on the rv skylight frame.
A screwdriver is all you need to replace your new RV skylight cover.

Where to Buy the FlexArmor RV Skylight

There are more than 30 FlexArmor installation locations to get your RV skylight upgraded to the FlexArmor solution. Each location is staffed with knowledgeable professionals dedicated to providing high-quality service no matter where you travel. If your RV roof might be ready for a refresh, you can get an estimate from FlexArmor, and perhaps kill two birds with one stone. Looking good is great, being leak-free is better. Visit

Before and after images of a completed replacement.
Before (left) and after (right) views of a broken skylight and a new FlexArmor skylight solution.

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3 thoughts on “New RV Skylight Makes Maintenance a Breeze”

  1. WOW sure wish this option would have been available when we had our Flex Armor roof installed. We would have probably gotten it. Maybe we might get it sometime in the future. Looks great.

  2. There’s not much information on the Flexarmor skylight. Seems like only one dealer in Pa. Will they sell it to individuals. Plus if it’s made special, than it will be expensive. Plus does it come in double pane.

  3. The very first job I had to do was replace the skylight!
    The RV inspector broke it during the inspection. He ordered a new one, but there was no one to remove and replace the unit.
    So, I learned how to do the job!
    It was not hard, but my first time up there (top of an Entegra Anthem) was a tad scary, but I got used to it right away. Removing the old one was easy and installing the new unit was even easier. The hard part was getting everything up to the roof without damaging the coach.
    On first inspection, the FlexArmor product looks like it will be a nice replacement to anyone’s coach.


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