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New RV Camping Magazine Hits Digital Shelves

Digital RV Camping Magazine Aimed At RVers

It seems every time we think magazines are dead, along comes another candidate to prove us wrong. Premiering in a digital-only format for now, the new RV Camping Magazine has arrived at an email inbox near you. Realizing that more and more RVers are on the go and can no longer receive a printed magazine, successful YouTubers and bloggers Mike Scarpignato and Susan McDonald ( have launched their new digital RV Camping Magazine

Classic format, modern delivery

There is a reason print magazines all follow a similar format, it works. Susan and Mike have taken that familiar format and transformed it into a digital RV camping magazine. The beauty of this modern delivery format is of course that RVers can read it anywhere, on any device. 

From a practical standpoint, they are not limited to the handful of pages that print magazines limit themselves to in order to cut costs. Print and postage are not cheap, and the result is seen in the print offerings from major magazines. With the new digital format now so often used, interviews don’t have to be cut short and product reviews can be complete, with plenty of pictures.

Reading is fundamental

For those of us that had that phrase ingrained in us since childhood, it still holds true. Video is the dominant format on the internet, but folks still like to read. There are tons of great blog and content sites out there, including the one you are on now. Still, there is something about flipping through a digital magazine or perusing the downloadable PDF that slows life down just a little to enjoy a broader scope of content.

The good news is, you get the best of both worlds. This digital magazine allows for pertinent video to be inserted into the content as needed. Strategic video can be added to enhance or clarify any article. So far I have not seen this done in any other video magazine format.

Cover shot of new RV camping magazine featuring You, Me, & the RV.

RV Camping Magazine is free

The best part of this beautiful new digital offering is that it is completely free. Simply sign up to receive the RV Camping Magazine in your email each month. You’ll find excellent writing, great photos, and a breadth of content that’s easily as deep as three or four standard print magazines. Should the RV Camping Magazine ever grow to the point of being offered in print, it will be a site to behold. Sign up for free at

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2 thoughts on “New RV Camping Magazine Hits Digital Shelves

  1. I didn’t see a link for submissions and requirements. Are you accepting them? I have had articles published by Escapees Magazine, BoondockersWelcome blog, and Rootless Living Magazine. I have also been publishing travel and RV-lifestyle articles and podcast recordings on my own website,, for a few years now.

  2. I find this e-magazine format extremely hard to read. When enlarged it gets blurry and hard to navigate.

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