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How to Earn Money While Living in an RV

Published on March 25th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on February 14th, 2024

Do you love traveling in your RV but have a hard time returning home to go to work? I’m here to tell you it is completely possible to earn money while living in your RV!

So, how can you earn money while living in an RV? As long as you have an internet connection, earning a living from your RV can be a piece of cake! A few examples of RV online careers include:

  • Amazon Associate
  • Free-Lance Blogger
  • Esty Business
  • Blog Owner
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Stock Photographer
  • Arbitrage
  • E-book Author
  • Logo Designer

RVing with your family is a great way to spend time together. Being able to make money while you travel can help free up more of your time to let you do just that. Get the most fun and time in your RV or travel trailer by following our tips to help you earn money while you explore the world!

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Location Independent Jobs

Before you quit your job and load the family into the RV, it is important to know that earning money in your RV is still going to be quite a lot of work.

While there is still a necessary amount of effort to make money while in an RV, the benefits of this lifestyle include more freedom (location wise), more family time, and the ability to relax in new and exciting places each day.

Now that you know what you are getting into, let’s cover some of the possible jobs you can do to earn money while still living in your RV!

1. Create an Amazon Affiliates Account

Creating an Amazon Affiliates Account is not only easy, but it’s free!

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate means that when someone uses your Affiliate link to shop on Amazon, you receive a percentage of their purchase! This percentage can range anywhere from 4%-10% depending on the item.

Being an Amazon Affiliate is little work on your part and while it may not earn you large amounts of cash quickly, it is a great way to earn a little money here and there.

Simply go to, scroll to the bottom, and in the section “Make Money with Us” you will find several ways to earn money through Amazon!Click on the “Become an Affiliate” button and Amazon will walk you through the rest. Just like that you can start earning money!

Be sure to tell all of your friends and family to use your affiliate link when shopping on Amazon.

It costs them nothing extra to do so, but it helps you to earn money!

2. Become a Free-Lance Blogger

Love to write? Willing to do the research to write about something new?

Well then becoming a free-lance blogger could be the perfect job for you!A free-lance blogger is someone who is contracted out by companies or website owners to write blog posts or articles for them to post.

Many website owners are willing to spend a large amount of money hiring a good free-lance blogger for their sites.Depending on the length and quality of the articles you write, you could earn anywhere from $20-$50 per article. Write three articles a day and you can make $60-$150!

The trick is to find a blog that relates to something you enjoy or something you have lots of knowledge on.

Use sites such as Fiverr, Scripted, or FreeLancer to get hired quickly and easily.

Be sure to check some local job boards for any websites that may be hiring free-lance writers too!

3. Invest!

While investing money may seem like you’re playing a long… slow… game, what you are actually doing is playing the sure game.

Meaning, that you are SURE to make money by investing it! You can test your luck in the stock market buying and selling shares or you put money in a savings account every month and allow it to build interest.

While earning money in a savings account doesn’t sound too exciting, after a few years of depositing and saving your money you can have several thousand dollars saved just like that!

Use this Savings Calculator to see how much you can you make simply by saving your money!

4. Sell Items on Etsy

Selling items on Etsy is a great way for any artistically talented person to make a fair amount of money.

This job is not location based because all you need is your craft supplies, some shipping material, and a post office near by! You can make and sell your products from any location while traveling in your RV!

When choosing what crafts or products to sell on Etsy, be creative and don’t be afraid to sell more than one product. Selling on Etsy is not completely free, but it comes with a small $0.20 listing fee.

This fee is charged for each of the different items you sell and will last until all of your items have sold out (or for 4 months, whichever comes first). After the listing fee there is a small commission and payment processing fee.

Overall, you will make more money selling your arts and crafts on Etsy than it will cost you!

Sign up on today!

5. Start Your Own Blog

If you love writing but don’t want to write for someone else’s website, start your own! While blogging may not seem like a successful way to earn money, with plenty of work, your blog can bring in several thousand dollars a month!

One way to earn money on your blog is by using the previously mentioned Amazon Affiliate links. If you write an article reviewing a product or reference a product within your article, adding an Amazon Affiliate link gives you a percentage of the items purchased!

Another way to earn money on your blog is to sell information! Writing a blog on how to do a skill? Sell video tutorials of you teaching that skill on your blog! You can even sell pamphlets or guide books on your site!

The best part about selling information on your blog is that the money does not just come in once and then never come again. A few years down the road you could earn money from that same video, pamphlet, or guide book that you posted!

6. Be a Virtual Assistant

The position of a virtual assistant usually only requires only a few hours a day of work!

A virtual assistant is usually hired to respond to customer service requests, handle emails for a website owner, manage the company’s social media accounts, or some light website maintenance.

Reach out through social media to find anyone would be interested in hiring you as an independent contractor. You can also ask any of the local business if they would be interested in hiring a virtual assistant.

Not finding any connections through social media or a local business? Check out some sites like PeoplePerHour or UpWork to find businesses hiring!

For more information on becoming a Virtual Assistant follow DollarSprouts guide!

7. Become a Stock Photographer

Invest in a quality camera and while you travel in your RV and take photos as you go!

You can then sell any high-quality photos you take to a stock photo website.

Some of the most popular stock photo websites include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and 123RF.

Taking and selling photos is often overlooked due to the high amounts of skilled photographers who post on stock websites. However, it doesn’t take much to learn how to take a good photo, and you never know who is looking for that exact shot.

Want to improve your photography skills to be a successful stock photographer? Follow ExpertPhotography’s guide and watch your pictures start to sell!

8. Arbitrage

Amazon will buy items from you and then resell them on their site!

You can buy a discounted item and then Amazon will buy it from you for full price!

Simply find an item that is being sold for less than the normal listing price, find the same product on amazon, and click “Have one to sell?”

You can find popular items for cheap at thrift stores, being sold locally, or on craiglist.

9. Write an E-book

While fiction books tend to be harder to sell, a non-fiction e-book will often sell quickly.

When writing an e-book on a skill you are not an expert in, don’t pretend to be an expert! Be honest and just share what you know! A good guide can be anywhere from 50-100 pages and sell for $5 or more.

Amazon, along with many other websites, will allow you to publish your books online for free!

Using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing you can publish your e-book within one day with no cost to you!

So set aside some time, write a few e-books, publish them online, and watch the sales roll in for years to come!

10. Create Logos

New companies are always looking for someone to design them an amazing logo.

Sites such as 48HourLogo host contests where anyone (expert designer or not) can submit their own logo design.

If you win you can make over $100 per logo designed!

Have lots of graphic design experience? Consider creating your own logo website! Similar to a free-lance writer you can be hired out to create logos for companies!

This is a simple (and fun) way to earn a little bit of cash from anywhere in the world!

Other Job Options

Not making enough money from the above job options? Here are a few more ideas for you to choose from to make a living in your RV.

User Test Websites

When someone is creating a new website they are often looking for people to send feedback on the look and interfacing of the website.

Sites like UserTesting and BetaTesting allow you to simply use someone’s website, send in a report of your feedback on the site, and earn money!

Each site you test can pay anywhere from $10 to $60 and takes 20 minutes or less! Register on one of these site (or both) today as a beta tester to start earning money!

Teaching English Online

If you have a passion for teaching but still want to travel in your RV, then a job teaching English online may be perfect for you!

On VIPKidTeachers, you can earn $14 to $22 an hour just by following the provided lesson plans and video chatting with students.

Another site that allows you to teach English from wherever you are is DaDaABC. On DaDaABC you can earn up to $25 an hour and you can pick your hours!

Some other online English teaching sites are QKids, GoGoKid, and TeachAway.

Many sites will require that you have at least a bachelor’s degree in order to work for them.

Donating your plasma is a little bit more taxing than just donating blood.

When you donate plasma, the blood is taken out of you, the plasma filtered out, and then the blood is sent back to you. Because donating your plasma is a little harder, you receive compensation for each time you come in!

In fact you can make $20 to $50 each trip you take to donate plasma. Depending on the organization you use, there may be additional benefits and bonuses for donating regularly.

So find a plasma donation center near you such as BioLife, CSLPlasma, or Grifols!

Use TaskRabbit

A quick, fun way to make money is by doing odd jobs! Don’t have the time to find odd jobs near you? TaskRabbit will do it for you!

Just become a member, list your interests and skills, and TaskRabbit will match you with an errand to do!

Tasks may include helping someone move, cleaning, building furniture, or even being a personal assistant.

Join Uber

Uber is an online taxi service that allows you to be a driver wherever you are!

When you have some down time while in your RV or travel trailer, mark yourself available for rides.

Uber makes it easy to register and allows you to drive whenever you want!

At the end of each week you will receive all your fares for driving. The best part? You can charge whatever you want! (But remember that if your ride is too expensive, people will probably choose a different one than yours).

Become a Personal Shopper

For many people, driving to the store to get their own groceries may be too time-consuming or impossible for them to do by themselves.

Using a site like InstaCart, you can get paid for delivering their groceries directly to them! On InstaCart there are two positions available, In-Store Shopper and Full Service Shopper.

An In-Store Shopper collects all the groceries in the store, purchases them, and delivers them to the buyer in the parking lot. Meanwhile, a full service shopper collects all the groceries, purchases them, and delivers them to the buyer’s home.

If you have a few minutes each week to buy someone’s groceries for them you can make a little bit of money each week!

Does living in an RV save money? While the initial purchase of an RV can be a little pricey, the more time spent inside of it, the more “value” is given to your RV. In the long run, you will save money by living in an RV.

Can you sell RVs from home for a living? Like real estate investments, you can renovate and sell RVs all on your own. While start up costs will be expensive, if you sell RVs with newer renovations, you are sure to make a little money off of them.

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