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Halo Collar – Digital RV Dog Fence Solution is Perfect for RVers, Features Cesar Millan Training

Published on March 4th, 2022 by Patrick Buchanan

Cesar Milan in front of his RV with dogs and bird.

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Electronic RV Dog Fence Adds Additional Safety Option for Pets

Like most people, RVers love their pets. Unlike most people however, RVers, about 65% of them, take their pets with them…everywhere. One of the huge draws to RVing and a big reason why these folks choose the lifestyle is that they can enjoy their vacation with their dogs. This is even truer today as airlines tighten their rules on the pets that can and can’t fly with their owners.

For most of us, bringing your dog on the road is a simple matter of pulling into the campground or RV park, and making sure Fido doesn’t eat all the S’mores. With Halo, it can be so much more than that.   When you arrive at your destination, wouldn’t it be great if your dog could enjoy the scenery as much as you do?!  Halo Collar allows you to instantly create a fence on your phone that works exactly like the invisible fence – without the need to bury a wire.

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People want to let their dog off leash, but tragically,  the statistics are not good. An estimated 10-million pets are lost each year in the United States alone. While a good RV dog fence is a strong measure towards preventing this, it’s not perfect. Even dogs with chips are only reunited with their owners about 15% of the time. For RVers this is especially worrisome as you are constantly moving around the country. A lost dog means canceling your plans and staying in an unfamiliar area searching for your best friend.

Technology to the Rescue – An Electronic RV Dog Fence

Halo Collar, formed by Ken & Michael Ehrman in partnership with Cesar Millan, world-renowned dog behaviorist , is an existing technology that RVers can put to good use to supplement, or in most cases, replace their existing RV dog fence.

Unlike old fashioned electronic dog control fences, Halo Collar doesn’t require burying a wire or installing a physical barrier.   Halo uses GPS technology to keep your dog in an area that you design, using your smartphone. While off-grid campers will find this technology a great alternative to the traditional RV dog fence, other RVers will enjoy some of the other benefits that Halo Collar offers. A few of those uses include;

  • Day Trips – Whether you are hiking or headed to the beach, set up a perimeter around the area you’ll be in to protect your dog and keep it close, should an off-lease incident occur. You can actually use the Halo Collar to call to, and locate your pooch!
  • Extra Security for Any Campground – Some campgrounds are huge! Even if your dog gets loose and is “somewhere in the campground”, that might not narrow it down quick enough for you to safely round up your beloved pet.
  • Beach Camping – For those lucky enough to find a great beach spot to set up that travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome, an unstructured area such as a beach front is an open invitation for dogs to run. Now you can let them! Just set up the parameters that you and your dog are comfortable with and enjoy your beach time.
  • Rest Areas – RVers hit rest areas a lot, and often the same ones. We are of course creatures of habit, and when we find one we like, we tend to hit it coming and going. Halo Collar will let you store up to 20 different saved “fences”, so you can keep your dog properly confined in the safe portions of your favorite rest areas.
  • Campgrounds – While many campgrounds may have restrictive leash laws, not all of them do. Boondockers, BLM campers, and those with more relaxed attitudes towards fencing will let you use the Halo Collar. 
  • Dog Parks – Whether you visit a dog park at the campground or on the road, you can set up a Halo boundary to give you that extra measure of security when in an unfamiliar location.   Use Halo to create a virtual and secure dog park wherever you go.
Halo invisible rv dog fence collars in black and white.

How Does Halo Collar Work?

Using the Halo Collar mobile app, you will set up and push a digital RV dog fence into your dog’s Halo Collar. The collar receives its location information via GPS, so it works even without Wi-Fi or a cell signal. 

The Halo Collar communicates with your dog using customizable Prevention Feedback at the right time.  The Halo Collar calculates when your dog is near the boundary to prompt them to turn around. As soon as they stop or turn back, the feedback stops. If your dog has left a fence, the Halo even uses the Return Whistle to guide them back to safety.

With a wide range of sound, vibration, and optional static prompts to choose from, you can customize your dog’s feedback to perfectly match their learning style. Set your pup’s profile color and matching Halo LED, which signals collar mode changes and lights up for nighttime-visibility.

Halo also allows you to create indoor and localized fences using Bluetooth Beacons.   Beacons can be placed strategically to keep your pup out of the bedroom, garbage, or even dangerous areas like a frozen lake or newly placed fertilizer.

There’s An App For That

An integral part of the Halo Collar system is being able to set the parameters of your digital RV dog fence. With a 4.6 rating on over 1200 reviews, the Halo Collar app is just the tool. The virtual fences you create right in the app work with the revolutionary Halo Collar, and actually keep your dog safely inside. The Halo app includes the in-app expert training, using Cesar Millan’s proven training methods, real-time safety and activity tracking, and instant communication with your dog anywhere to provide the best protection for your best friend, at home or on the go.

Setting up Halo Fences in the App

The Halo app helps you set up the easiest RV dog fence you’ll ever use. You can either tap on your map in the Halo App and set up your boundaries, or you can walk the boundary you want to create using the Halo App and your Halo Collar. Halo Fences use world-class global satellite GPS & GNSS systems to locate your dog(s), and works autonomously to provide instant Prevention and Encouragement Feedback to keep them safely inside their smart fences. Halo even directs them back to safety if they leave, or you can call them back home wherever they are with the whistle feature. 

Halo Fences are stored right inside the Halo Collar, and don’t rely on a cellular or Wi-Fi connection to work. If your dog approaches a Halo Fence boundary, they’ll instantly receive guidance to teach them where they can and cannot roam freely. It’s truly Life 360 for your dog.

Screen shots of the halo app, which provides the tools needed to create the invisible rv dog fence.
Use the Halo app to create an invisible RV dog fence

Will Campgrounds Let me Use Halo Collar as an RV Dog Fence?

As we mentioned, some campgrounds and RV parks have specific leash laws that prevent your dog from roaming around the campground, and even ban old style electronic fences and tethering. However, not all of them do. There is also a big difference between hanging out next to the RV with your Halo Collared dog and traipsing around the entire state park.

Imagine setting your electronic RV dog fence parameters before you even leave the house. If you know your site number and can see it in satellite view, you can build your fence. Now you pull into the campground and your Halo-trained pup can march out of the RV and enjoy the same relaxing space that you do. 

Sure, if you plan a 3-mile hike with your dog, you’ll need to leash up in many instances. That said, Halo Collar’s whistle feature and real time tracking gives you peace of mind that your dog is safe off leash when hiking.  Around the RV however, you may not have to set up those unwieldy RV dog fence panels. As we also touched on, even for those locations that outright ban electronic solutions, you can set up a perimeter around the entire campground, or a portion of it, should your dog get loose somehow as an extra layer of safety

Will It Work for My Dog?

The Halo Collar is one-size-fits-most, with a flexible comfort fit. Choose a replaceable strap in Small, Medium, or Large. The Halo Collar’s custom strap with clasp and no-slip grip can be easily adjusted or swapped out for a larger size as your dog grows.

Halo Collar is a tried and true solution currently serving tens of thousands of dogs, and their owners. The Halo Collar provides automated and manual feedback, so that you won’t be associated with the rules, boundaries, and limitations you set. Halo teaches you to be a better pack leader, and gives your dog natural guidance—so pet parenting feels like second nature.  There are over 350 breeds currently using Halo Collar around the country and in North America.

Built-In Training from Cesar Millan

Many RVers will say that their dog is stubborn, and would not respect an electronic RV dog fence. The secret to Halo’s success is Cesar Millan’s 21 Day Training Program, included with your Halo Collar. An additional collection of Premium lessons, exclusive live-streams, and VIP Q&As with training experts are at your fingertips for all of your training needs and are available too. Halo empowers you to completely customize your training tools. With a premium plan, you’ll receive special training features to get the most out of Halo. The training comes down to “beep” means fence and “whistle” means come back.   These concepts have been in the dog business for nearly 30-40 years and are easy for dogs to learn and understand.

Box photo of Halo collar with Cesar millan and dog.
Halo Collar includes exclusive training from Cesar Millan

Investing In Your Pet’s Safety – Special Discount

As pet owners, we spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on pet gear, medications, veterinary bills, special food and more. Why? Because we care about them deeply and many of us can’t even imagine life without them. 

Dog owners that have service dogs have potentially invested tens of thousands of dollars in their canine companion. Those dogs are not only a best friend and companion, but are often crucial to that owner’s day-to-day existence. 

The Halo Collar system including the mobile app, GPS collar, and 21-day training is currently $649 when using the code HALORV. There is an additional monthly plan that must be purchased to activate GPS services, unlimited cellular data, and create, edit, and use fences. Pick your plan for a host of amazing features and advanced training options!

Basic Plan – $.15 per day (billed monthly at $4.49)

  • Includes First Collar GPS and Cellular Service
  • Expert Training Program from Cesar Millan
  • Create 20 Unique Fences in the Halo App
  • 24/7 GPS and real-time location tracking
  • Smart roaming connects the best signal
  • Intelligent GPS guides your dog home
  • Real-time status notifications
  • Create fences on-the-go with LTE
  • Daily activity tracking
  • Basic Updates via regular firmware upgrades

Silver Plan – $.33 per day (billed monthly at $9.99)

The Silver Plan includes everything from the Basic plan plus;

  • All Basic Plan features 
  • Weekly and monthly activity reports
  • Custom beacon ranges for each beacon
  • Remote prompts for custom training

Gold Plan – $.99 per day (billed monthly at $29.99)

The Gold Plan includes everything from the Silver plan plus;

  • All Basic and Silver Plan features
  • Premium lessons with expert trainers
  • Live sessions with expert trainers
  • Live Q&As with expert trainers


As an avid RVer, when I spotted Halo Collar at a recent trade show, I immediately thought how valuable it would be for our industry.  Being cooped up in an RV or on a leash can cause many problem behaviors.   With Halo, . Your pack will have the ultimate in freedom AND safety and you can take your pet anywhere you go without worry. RVers can purchase Halo Collar by visiting

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