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The 3 Best Dog Playpens For RV Owners

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The Best Dog Playpens For RV Camping

Dog playpens are an essential item for RV owners who enjoy adventures with their dog(s).  Dog playpens (also known as ex-pens) have long been an essential staple with the dog show crowd.  Recently, RV owners are rapidly eschewing their old-school tether systems in favor of these lightweight and portable fence systems.

Dog playpens offer dogs freedom of movement and the ability to play and have fun while remaining securely confined in a portable fence system.  Many dog playpens can be easily expanded by attaching more dog playpen panels end-to-end.   Dog playpens offer RV owners peace of mind and the ability to relax or play with their four-legged best friend.  

There are a few different styles of dog playpens that are best for RV owners.  Dog playpens range in height from 18 inches to 60 inches high, so they can be used to safely contain just about any dog.    For protection from summer heat, it’s really easy to rig a sun shade out of Aluminet shade cloth.

These dog playpens met the following criteria to ensure they are the best dog playpens for RV owners:

  1. Fold flat for transportation
  2. Are lightweight
  3. Are sturdy and include stakes to secure the bottom
  4. Are durable — Powder coated steel is preferable to plastic, which tends to crack.
  5. Have clips to attach dog playpens to one another to provide infinite possibilities for area size
  6. Come in a range of sizes

1.  Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Pet Dog Exercise Fence Pen With Gate (About $37, Amazon)                                                                                                        

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Pet Dog Exercise Fence Pen With Gate (About $37, Amazon)    

2. MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen (About $74, Amazon)

  • 5 different heights
  •  8 – 24″ wide panels
  • Total area of 16 square feet
  • Includes 8 ground stakes for secure set-up
  • 8 corner stabilizers
  • 4 thumb-snaps for easy assembly
  •  Fold flat for storage while not in use
  • Optional sunscreen or wire mesh top adds shade and security to make this dog playpen best for RV owners who have a dog with an insatiable spirit of adventure
  • 32 lbs
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Precision Pet Ultimate Exercise Pen (About $194, Amazon)

3. Precision Pet Ultimate Exercise Pen (About $194, Amazon)

  • The 3-point locking door has a removable drop pin (which allows the dog pen to be easily joined with other pens or crates for extra play space)
  • Great for traveling and camping
  • Folds flat in either direction with a dual folding hinge for easy transportation and storage
  • Easy carry handle for transporting
  • 29 lbs

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