Finding Great Motorhomes Under $100k: Here’s how to find them

Motorhome dealerships offer hundreds of different models and floorplans for you to choose from. However, trying to find the perfect motorhome that fits within your budget on a dealership lot can prove to be quite frustrating.

Whether you are choosing to shop online or on the lot for your next motorhome there are a few things to know before you start looking. You should never have to settle for quality in order to meet your budget or vice versa. Now, let’s start learning how to find the perfect motorhome for you and your family.

Online Motorhome Research

Below we are going to look at what basic features and requirements you want your dream motorhome to have. Some of these basic features include brand, size, and class! Before you ever set foot on the dealership lot, you should do some research online of these basic requirements to understand what exactly you are looking for (besides a good price) in your next motorhome.

Your online motorhome research might include looking at popular motorhome manufacturers have to offer. Some popular brands include Winnebago, Coachmen RV, Thor Motor Coach, Airstream, and Forest River.

While looking at each brand, consider making a list of all the things that you do and do not enjoy about the floor plan, interior, or size. The more you know what styles you like and how they match up with common motorhome designs, the easier it will be for the dealership to show you units you will like.

Whether shopping online or in person, there are several different pieces of knowledge you should know in order to narrow down your results. As I mentioned before, motorhome dealerships have hundreds of models to show you and an online website will often have thousands.

Clicking through all of these models (or walking through them in person) will most likely drain the excitement out of choosing a motorhome. Stay excited by only looking through the motorhomes that are going to properly suit you and your families camping and traveling needs!

New or Used

This is possibly the most important question to answer when shopping for a new motorhome. If you are purchasing a used motorhome you will be able to save money and still get most of the features that you are looking for in a motorhome.

However, purchasing a used motorhome, while saving money, may lead to some underlying damages or problems you will have to deal with later down the road.

If you choose to purchase a used motorhome, be sure to look through carefully for any water damage or problems that could arise. Always ask for a record of any accidents or self-improvements made to the motorhome.

If a used motorhome sounds more desirable to you, consider how old of a motorhome you are willing to purchase. Keep in mind that the older the motorhome gets the more outdated its features will be and the more likely difficulties and problems are to be hiding.

Just like purchasing a used car, you should always review the mileage of any used motorhome you are looking at purchasing. Take a look at the engine and ask what maintenance has been done recently.

If looking for damage, reviewing mileage, and sacrificing style don’t fit your idea of the perfect motorhome, then purchasing a newer motorhome may be worth the added price.

Remember even if you are purchasing a new motorhome you should still look carefully for any damages that may have occurred in manufacturing or in transportation to the dealership.


The first thing you should know before you purchase your new motorhome is what Class you are looking to purchase.

Which motorhome Class you should look for depends on how much room you are looking for and how many people will be traveling (and sleeping) in the motorhome.

Quickly think over the minimum and maximum amount of people who will be traveling with you most often and then compare with the motorhome Classes sleeping capacity.

Motorhome ClassSleeping Capacity
Class A1 to 10 people
Class B+1 to 5 people
Class B1 to 3 people
Class C1 to 8 people

Are you new to the world of motorhomes? If yes, watch this video below to find out what the basics on the different types of RVs and motorhomes!


Along with choosing the class of the motorhome, you need to know what size (or length) or motorhome you want to be driving. How long the motorhome is will affect living space, sleeping capacity, and how easy the motorhome is to drive.

Motorhome ClassChassis TypeLength
Class ABus Chassis21 to 45 feet
Class B+Extended Van Chassis15 to 25 feet
Class BVan Chassis10 to 20 feet
Class CTruck Chassis20 to 35 feet

Class A motorhomes are the largest and therefore most luxurious model of motorhome you will find. While these models sleep more people and are luxurious, they are also a little different to drive than a normal car.

If you are looking for a motorhome that is an easy drive, a Class B or Class B+ motorhome is by far the easiest motorhome class to drive. However, if you need a little more room for guests to stay, a Class C motorhome is not much harder to drive than a Class B / Class B+ motorhome.

Once you know what you would like for each of these basic ideas, you are able to start looking for the perfect motorhome under $100k for your next adventure!

Where to Look

Knowing where to look for quality motorhomes can be difficult for many motorhome shoppers.

If you are located close to a motorhome dealership, I highly suggest spending some time there touring motorhomes. Even if you are not planning on buying from the dealership, stepping foot in the unit prior to purchasing will help you know if it is the right fit for you.

Online shopping is definitely one of the biggest trends on the internet right now. Whether you are purchasing a television, your groceries, or a motorhome online, there is a website there to help!

A few common websites to search for a motorhome on are RV Trader, RV Camping World, RV Universe, and General RV.

Each site allows you to apply filters to your search query so that you only have to look at the motorhomes fit you and your family’s travel needs.

Want to avoid filtering out all the option outside of your price range? On RV Camping World, you will only find great motorhomes for under $100k!

Many of these motorhome sales sights will have postings from dealerships located around you. So you may be able to look at what the dealership has to offer before you even set foot on the lot!

7 Great Examples

Now that we know what we are looking for and where to look for it, here are 7 great examples of motorhomes under $100k for you to look at!

1. 2020 Coachmen Mirada 29FW $99,995

Motorhome ClassClass A
Length30 feet
Sleeping Capacity1 to 8 people
Slide Outs1
New or UsedNew


The Coachmen Mirada 29FW while at the top of our price range has everything a large family could need for a comfortable camping trip. Easily sleep up to 8 people and have room enough to feed them all.

Worried about having enough storage space? Fit that extra blanket in an overhead cabinet or in one of the drawers under the dining table! No matter where you look in the Coachmen Mirada there is room to store your things.

One problem that commonly arises in motorhomes is not having enough kitchen space. In the Coachmen Mirada keep the sink covers in and suddenly you have plenty of counter space to prepare, cook, and serve meals on your travels!

While the Mirada may not be packed full of luxury nor the most stylish motorhome, for less than $100k, you get a great bang for your buck!

2. 2019 Thor Freedom Elite 26HE $66,995

Motorhome ClassClass C
Length27.5 feet
Sleeping Capacity1 to 6 people
Slide Outs1
New or UsedNew


If you are looking for a smaller motorhome capable of carrying the most people, then the Thor Freedom Elite 26HE might just be the perfect motorhome for you.

In this Class C motorhome not only do you have a queen bed, but a double dinette, a jack-knife sofa, and a bunk over the cab! So no matter where you turn there are enough seating and sleeping space.

However, if your dream motorhome includes plenty of privacy for the master bedroom from the rest of the motorhome, the privacy curtain may not get the job done.

This motorhome works best for families not afraid to get close and comfortable, and for those who are looking to explore new places!

3. 2014 Jayco Melbourne 29D $57,988

Motorhome ClassClass C
Sleeping Capacity1 to 6 people
Slide Outs3
New or UsedUsed – 37,000 miles


To bring you a larger amount of living space, the Jayco Melbourne 29D is built with 3 slide outs.

Once you walk inside the Jayco Melbourne 29D, comfort and style are sure to be found. Enjoy a family meal at the 4 person dinette or watch a movie from the plush 3 seaters.

The kitchen of this motorhome features a three burner gas stove, a small convection microwave, fridge and freezer, and a small amount of counter space. This kitchen works well for short camping trips or small meals.

Want to spend time outside but don’t want to get sun burnt? The Jayco Melbourne 29D has a large power canopy to bring you fun in the shade!

4. 2019 Winnebago Travato 59G

Motorhome ClassClass B
Length21 feet
Sleeping Capacity3 people
Slide Outsn/a
New or UsedNew


Winnebago is well known for manufacturing motorhomes that are both comfortable and durable. The Winnebago Travato 59G is sure to bring you both of those things.

Although most Class B motorhomes have a small two-person bed and a single person dining area, the Winnebago Travato 59G has a two-seater dining table, a bench seat, and a queen size bed to improve your comfort while traveling.

Don’t believe me that a Class B motorhome can fit everything a larger motorhome can?

The kitchen inside this motorhome features a small collapsible sink, a small stove top, fridge and freezer, and a small convection microwave.

In order to store all your food and dishes, the Winnebago Travato 59G also comes with an overhead cabinet and small pantry!

And the final thing the Travato needs? A bathroom!

Take a step into the combination toilet and shower wet bath! If you have never used a wet bath before, it is sure to add a little more variety to your camping or traveling experience.

5. 2018 Thor Ace 30.2 $70,999

Motorhome ClassClass A
Length31.42 feet
Sleeping Capacity1 to 8 people
Slide Outs1
New or UsedUsed


If you are looking for plenty of sleeping space paired with equal storage space, then the Thor Ace 30.2 is an affordable option you can’t pass up.

Whether enjoying the bunk beds, spacious living room, or the large bathroom, you will find ample storage in each and every room.

In the kitchen, you will find a small gas stove top, a convection microwave, a single basin sink, a slide out pantry, and a fridge and freezer.

As I mentioned above, this motorhome features bunk beds. Every child loves getting to stay in a bunk bed and with the Thor Ace 30.2 they are able to do so while camping or traveling!

The Thor Ace 30.2 really has everything you could ever need while on the road packed into one convenient space.

6. 2020 Winnebago Vita 24P $99,462

Motorhome ClassClass B+
Length25 feet
Sleeping Capacity1 to 5 people
Slide Outs1
New or UsedNew


Once again towards the top of our budget, this may be the perfect motorhome. Compact enough to drive easily but big enough to sleep more than a few people, the Winnebago Vita 24P is a perfect find for under $100k!

Trying to fit everything inside your motorhome (especially a Class B) can be quite difficult. Luckily on the outside of the Winnebago Vita 24P, there is plenty of storage spaces to help you bring everything you need along on your next adventure!

Looking inside for more storage areas, the smaller kitchen area comes with a plethora of cupboards to help you stay organized!

One reason many try to steer clear from Class B motorhomes is the cramped living space. However, this is not the case of the Winnebago Vita 24P. Walk through the motorhome with ease in the open living space.

The Winnebago Vita 24P may be only a Class B+ motorhome, but there is room enough inside for the perfect camping trip!

7. 2008 Gulf Stream Coach Endura 6362 $57,777

Motorhome ClassClass Super C
Length35 feet
Sleeping Capacity1 to 6 people
Slide Outs2
New or UsedUsed – 35,847 miles


As I mentioned above, having a little extra privacy in the master bedroom from the rest of the motorhome is definitely a bonus. Well in this Class Super C (just a larger Class C chassis), you get an extended living area complete with a private back bedroom!

Inside the master bedroom, you will find an extremely large wardrobe area complete with mirrors on the outside of the cabinets. Get ready easily in the Gulf Stream Coach Endura 6362!

Moving to the front of the Gulf Stream Coach Endura 6362 you will find a comfortable socializing and entertainment area. Feel free to bring guests or to play games without feeling too cramped in this wonderful motorhome.

An added bonus from this motorhome’s floor plan is a dining area separate from the living room and an extremely open living space!

In the kitchen, if you need a little extra counter space, simply pop up the counter extension!

Dory Peppermelt

Hello, fellow camping enthusiasts! My name is Dory Peppermelt and I not only love spending time in the outdoors or in my RV, but I love sharing what I have learned with you too! I hope you can learn from my experiences to make your next adventure one of a kind!

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