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Does Airstream Make Motorhomes?

Published on May 14th, 2019 by Camper Report

Have you been searching to find the perfect motorhome for you and your family? Hoping you can join the community of iconic Airstream drivers? But wait- does Airstream even make motorhomes?

The Airstream company does make and sell, by definition, motorhomes. However, the Airstream company chooses to sell their motorhome models under the name “touring coaches.” These “touring coaches” are not as big as most other companies but still keep the iconic aluminum silver shine of the Airstream travel trailer brand.

Are you ready to jump in the car to go pick up your brand new Airstream motorhome? Well, hold on for a second. Below I have all the information you could need on Airstream’s “touring coaches” and how you can find the model perfect for you and your family’s needs.

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Airstream’s Touring Coach

By definition, a motorhome is simply a vehicle that has been designed or equipped like a travel trailer to be lived in.

Two of the most common amenities included in a motorhome are a small kitchen and/or a small bed area.

Although they are not known as motorhomes, the Airstream “touring coach” still meets all the requirements of a motorhome.

However, Airstream does not sell any touring coach that is above a Class B or Class B+ motorhome.

Each of the touring coaches started as a Mercedes-Benz and was outfitted to meet all of your traveling needs.

Airstream even made sure not to remove any of the safety and performance features you would find in the normal Mercedes-Benz van.

With an Airstream touring coach, don’t just settle for the basic necessities but find a touring coach that has everything you could dream of having in your motorhome.

Each of the 5 standard models of Airstream’s touring coaches can be customized on the inside and on the outside. So you never have to worry that you won’t get the motorhome of your dreams!

The Airstream touring coaches can seat anywhere from 4 to 9 people and has room for 2 to sleep comfortably.

First, choose the perfect exterior for your Airstream touring coach from the three available options (Arctic, Brilliant Silver Metallic, and Jet Black).

After finding the perfect fresh coat of paint, find the perfect decor for the interior.

Each of Airstream’s 4 professionally designed interiors (Columbian Walnut, Light Camel, Beach Wood, and Slate) are sure to make your touring coach feel more like a luxury vehicle rather than a traveling van.

The final step in customizing your Airstream touring coach is to choose the right floor plan. Opt for extra seating space or for an extended sleeping area to make nights more comfortable for you and your family.

For an added fee, you can choose to purchase the performance upgrade in your new touring coach.

This upgrade includes either four-wheel drive or air suspension or both!

Choosing the Model for You

Now that we know a little more about the general designs of the Airstream touring coaches, let’s look at each of the models to find the perfect one for you and your family!


The Airstream Atlas is inspired by the Interstate and is just a single example of how Mercedes-Benz and Airstream work together perfectly in order to meet your travel needs and desires.

The Atlas offers the most living space out of all of Airstream’s touring coaches.

Starting at $225,424, the Atlas touring coach includes everything you could need in order to travel in luxury, comfort, and style!

Unlike many other Class B motorhomes, the Atlas features a small kitchen area, a three piece bathroom area, and a small power slide-out to add to the comfortability inside.

I can promise you that you have never seen anything like the Airstream Atlas and will never find anything quite like it.

Interstate Lounge EXT

The Interstate Lounge EXT is said to be somewhere in between traveling in a touring coach and a private jet.

Built not only to look but also to the last, the Interstate Lounge EXT continues to uphold the Airstream legacy of durability.

Starting at only $173,194 you already get over 50 premium features included in your purchase!

This model seats up to 9 people, helping you to get everyone to the final destination in style and safety.

Turn the back seat into a comfortable bed for two when you arrive and see how the Interstate Lounge EXT not only drives smoothly but sleeps effortlessly as well!

Interstate Grand Tour EXT

If the Interstate Lounge EXT wasn’t big enough for you and your family’s travels, then maybe the Interstate Grand Tour EXT will have the floor plan to suit your needs.

The Interstate Grand Tour EXT includes all of the same features as the Interstate Lounge EXT but has two different floorplans for you to choose from.

While the Lounge EXT was made to seat more people, the Grand Tour EXT is meant to offer more storage and workspace for those who get to work on the go!

If you’re looking to travel further away from home, then the Grand Tour is the model for you!

Make the Interstate Grand Tour EXT the next addition to your family travels for only $173,194!

Tommy Bahama Interstate

The Tommy Bahama Interstate touring coach is what Airstream calls your “tropical getaway vehicle.”

Get a taste of the island luxury when you travel in this Airstream rendition of a touring coach.

Everywhere you look in this touring coach you can see a strong Caribbean influence. Not only do the colors of the interior say island, but the jungle pattern on the walls do too!

Unlike Airstream’s other touring coaches, the Tommy Bahama has a specially designed interior call the “Tommy Bahama Relax Edition.”

Choose from one of the two floorplans and receive a complimentary beach chair and cooler!

When Airstream says they will include everything you could dream of, they really mean it!

Hit the beach with the Tommy Bahama Interstate for only $179,416!

Interstate Nineteen

Finally, we have the Interstate Nineteen touring coach.

Starting at only $152,225, the Interstate Nineteen is Airstream’s smallest model of touring coach.

Measuring only 19 feet in length, the Interstate Nineteen gives you everything you need while still fitting easily into the parking spaces.

While you would think Airstream had to cut out some of the luxuries in order to have a 19-foot touring coach, you will still find everything that is featured in the other models inside the Interstate Nineteen.

While the Interstate Nineteen touring coach may not seat as many as the Lounge EXT (as the Interstate Nineteen seats 4 and the Lounge EXT seats 9) you can still find stylish and comfortable amenities such as a small kitchen area, a wet-bath, and a fold down bed.

Relax inside in the extra seating areas or pull out some chairs and take in the night under the power awning!

No matter what Airstream touring coach model you choose, you will find the perfect mix of style and safety!

Find a full list of the features that will be included in your Airstream touring coach by flipping through the full tour coach brochure.

Remember, Airstream doesn’t see any of these features as a luxury but as a standard in each of their touring coach models!

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