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“Dirty Jobs” Returns To Discovery Amid Pandemic

Published on August 7th, 2020 by Natalie Henley

Dirty Jobs

“Dirty Jobs” Returns To Discovery Amid Pandemic

Mike Rowe joined his original crew from “Dirty Jobs” this summer to film a 4-part series for the Discovery Channel. The new show named “Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip” is a spinoff of the original show that aired from 2005-2013. Mike Rowe joins his 4-person film crew in a mini RV for a road trip to see the great outdoors and visit past dirty jobbers along their journey.

“Together, the five of us are going to climb into this RV and have ourselves an unforgettable journey through a little slice of America,” Rowe said in an interview with CBS 8 San Diego

The Dirty Jobs team had about enough of social distancing and self-isolation for four months. They were each tested before boarding a Class C motorhome and took off for a week. Rowe explained that their cross country road trip would provide some relief from the confines of COVID by “getting some fresh air and seeing if the great outdoors is where we left it.”

“Rowe’d Trip” features essential workers

Rowe also recognized that essential work was headline news when he pitched the idea. Many of the past dirty jobbers documented on the summer road trip are considered essential workers that have continued employment through the pandemic.

Each of the four episodes focuses on a central theme including Infrastructure, Innovator, Isolation, and Animals. In a nutshell, the show is a culmination of reminiscing about “Dirty Jobs” experiences, going on a road trip, and catching up with past dirty jobbers. 

Rowe was asked if he had any advice for others wanting to embark on their own RV road trip. He mentioned, “Leave the map at home, schedule more time than you think you want, make sure you always got at least half a tank of gas, and don’t be afraid to take the detour.”

How to watch “Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip” 

The show debuted on July 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, so if you missed it, you can still catch the 4-part series on the Discovery Go app or by visiting Discovery’s website, here.

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