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The 6 Best RVs To Live In Full-Time

Published on March 8th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

 Best RVs To Live In

The 6 Best RVs To Live In Full-Time

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the best motorhome to live in full time. After all, the best RVs to live in are the ones where you feel at home. Every traveler needs something different, but in this article, you’ll find some award-winning RV models that would make a great permanent home.

A study by revealed that approximately 1,000,000 Americans live in their RVs year-round. That’s a lot of people who have found a balance between the open road and the comforts of home!

To help you find the best full time RV for your needs, we’re collected information on some of the best travel trailers and Class A and C motorhomes on the market.

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1. Forest River Berkshire XLT

The Berkshire XLT is one of the best RVs to live in. It offers a fantastic floor plan, luxury appliances, and a comfortable, elegant living space.

best RV to live in full time
Berkshire XLT 45B from Forest River

Another major benefit of this model is the extra storage space it provides. If you’re going to be living on the road full-time, it’s essential that you have enough storage to pack everything you need.

The Berkshire has storage space around every corner. There is plenty of overhead storage in the living room and kitchen, plus a pantry in the kitchen and a spacious walk-in closet behind the bedroom. Smaller cabinets and drawers are even available in the driver’s cabin!

This RV also has two bathrooms, which makes it perfect for hosting guests. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a large group, this model will host everyone comfortably.

For more information on this model and similar ones, visit the Berkshire XLT website here.

2. Forest River Salem Hemisphere

This classy and comfortable RV would make the perfect year-round home. It offers all the comforts of a full-sized home, including a kitchen island, washer and dryer hookups, and luxurious appliances.

best RV to live in full time

The best RVs to live in are the ones that seem deceptively small on the outside, but spacious on the inside. In that regard, the Hemisphere fits the bill perfectly! When the three slide-outs are fully extended, there is plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

Open space is a major priority of this model, and it has enough room to host plenty of guests. It also has a classy, muted color scheme that includes leather couches, chevron flooring, and custom kitchen backsplash. There’s no need to sacrifice the decoration style of a beautiful home when you live in this RV!

For more information on this model and similar ones, visit the Hemisphere website here.

3. Keystone Outback 328RL

The Keystone Outback is revolutionizing the idea of what luxury travel means. This trailer is designed to provide top-notch comfort to every passenger and every appliance and decoration choice combines to create one of the overall best RVs to live in.

RVs to live in
Floorplan of an Outback 328RL from Keystone

The Outback is a perfect blend of luxury and spaciousness. The three slide-outs give the layout extra breathing room and the design flows easily from one room to the next.

With luxuries such as hardwood cabinetry, a 4-foot-long fireplace, and 2 large refrigerators, this model will help anyone live out their traveling dreams in style. The Outback can withstand a wide range of environments and temperatures, so it’s ready for anything.

For more information on this model and similar ones, visit the Outback homepage here.

4. 2021 Seneca Prestige 37K

The 2021 Seneca Prestige is a motorhome that provides a great balance between outside adventure and inside comfort. This luxurious Super Class C motorhome has a compact and thoughtful design that maximizes living space and storage.

best RV to live in
2021 Jayco Seneca for sale. Photo via

This model hosts two separate slide-outs, which expand the living room and bedroom. There is plenty of room to relax and watch TV in the bedroom, on the reclining sofa, or with the outside entertainment center!

The Seneca Prestige also offers two bathrooms in the floorplan and an extra bunk above the driver’s cabin. These features make this model fantastic for larger groups.

For more information on this model and similar ones, visit the Seneca Prestige website here.

5. Thor Venetian F42

The Venetian F42 is a massive Class A motorhome that provides a ton of space and luxury comforts. With the massive square footage, wide range of add-ons, and high-quality appliances, I daresay this is one of the best RVs to live in full-time.

thor venetian
Thor Venetian – Photo via RV Trader

This motorhome offers all the comforts of a luxury home, plus a few that you can only enjoy in an RV! It has hookups for a washer and dryer, a huge refrigerator, two bathrooms, and 3 TVs throughout the unit. It also has superior heating and cooling capabilities, which make it ideal for travelers who like to explore a variety of environments.

Every element of the Venetian F42 has been specially designed for life in an RV. All the parts work together in harmony to make this a durable, comfortable, and complete home away from home.

For more information on this model and similar ones, visit the Venetian website here.

6. Winnebago Inspire 34AE

Finally, we have the Inspire motorhome model from Winnebago. This RV is unique because it offers accessibility for wheelchairs and other disabilities. It’s the best RV to live in for retirees and anyone else who appreciates a little extra space and comfort.

The Inspire 34E offers features like an air-assisted wheelchair lift, a roll-in shower, and a reclining bed that can be adjusted to anyone’s needs. It also has a bit more elbow room in the main cabin, which can easily accommodate wheelchairs.

It’s also decorated in a sleek and classy style with tough vinyl flooring, comfortable couches, and tons of storage space.

For more information on this model and similar ones, visit the Inspire homepage here.

RVs are built to be a home away from home, so most of them will have all the amenities you need to be happy and comfortable. As long as you get a model with the proper amount of space and the amenities you need, you’ll be able to live in comfort indefinitely!

For some more tips about full time RV life, check out this video:

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33 thoughts on “The 6 Best RVs To Live In Full-Time”

  1. Sounds like there are a lottttt of RV experts in here! Maybe instead of rude comments that are based on OPINIONS, you should post a link to YOUR article of the best RVs to live in full time? I’ll wait…. No? You haven’t authored any? Then zip it. There are respectful ways to suggest improvements and there are ass hat ways. Grow up.

  2. How can the author ignore a manufacturer like Foretravel whose quality is above the coaches you feature and close to Newell and bus conversions but at lower cost. I lived in my Foretravel for four years and enjoyed the quality everyday.

  3. I’d like to know what criteria was used for these choices. It’s very apparent that living space layout was the single criteria. It was not storage space, It definitely wasn’t build quality, especially in the travel trailer selections.

  4. Not sure what you based your opinions on but I noticed that most of what you quoted were “high end” units! Not everyone has 250K to throw at an RV.

  5. The vast majority of full timers have either a Class A or a fifth wheel. Why would an article about “The 6 Best RVs to live in full-time” highlight two trailers and no fifth wheels?

  6. Frankly, I owned two manufactured Class A diesel pushers and two converted buses – one MCI and the current one a Prevost. There is no comparison in my opinion, considering the manufactured units were of poor quality and literally rattled apart during the ten year span I owned the two manufactured units. The buses were by far more reliable, sturdy and comfortable driving than the two high end Class A units I owned and purchased new. Never again !

  7. I’m puzzled, no 5th wheels that you feel are great for a full timer to live in? As you stated everyone has different needs and no one unit fits all needs. My wife and I started camping in 1968, we went full time in 2010. We have had every type of camping unit you can think of. Our personal choice for living in full time was a 5th wheel. For us hands down the best of everything. In our years of travel 5th wheels are very high on lots of peoples list. Why none on yours?

      • Alliance rv’s are warranted for full-time living. I had a Keystone Alpine and the frame underneath failed in only 5 months. Keystone refused to honor the warranty, making some wild claims that couldn’t possibly have happened. My Alliance Paradigm 340RL is 38 feet long and seems to be pretty great.

  8. Way short on qualified rvs for full time living.Do more research if you try to give your opinion again.There are great coaches you failed to list,like Newmar,Tiffin and Entegra.

  9. Seriously Thor and Forest River?? I would NEVER ever purchase anything from these two manufacturers -they build nothing but garbage and have a long history of it – just ask the owners who have had – now Winnebago is totally different – extremely well built coach and customer service rated #1 – just ask their owners

  10. Thor does not stand behind their products. I have a Hurricane and the bonded leather seating surfaces fell apart after 3 years. And we are not full timers. Their head of Customer Service told me that the warranty is only one year. They sent me covers made of the same material as a “goodwill “ gesture. Why would you use the same material? Will that fall apart in 2-3 yrs.?

  11. Some of the brands you picked have a terrible reputation for build quality. If you are a full timer quality of your rig is a big factor. Where is a Tiffin or Newmar some of the best made on the road. Check your brands before making any recommendations.

      • Sorry, but although Newmar appears to be a very nice quality product its customer service is all but none existent. Customers are left dealing with the seller (good or bad) who have limited knowledge of the product. We seriously looked at a Newmar and decided not to buy because the factory refused to talk to us, they gave us the run around going from one person to another saying it wasn’t their problem. In addition the slides constantly moved when unit driven making noise similar to an old schoolbus and leaving abrasive marks around the slide. Hopefully now that Winnebago has bought Newmar the quality and customer service will improve.

  12. Regarding step storage: my Thor MH had step storage in 2 steps so I wanted some in my new Newmar. A Newmar rep said that the space under a step was finished but not accessible so I removed the tread, installed a piano hinge and voila, at least 2 cu ft of new storage.

  13. This article really made me laugh! They are all so fricking huge! And room to stretch out and relax? When I’m stretched out and relaxed in my small Class b I’m as relaxed as anyone in these huge beast. What good is all that space if you are sitting in your favorite seat?
    Living full time on the road I’ve noticed that single people of either gender are the ones that often have the smallest RVs, while even just two old retired people have really big ones. I taken this to mean they need space to get away from each other! Lol! Makes me glad I’m solo!

    • Agree with no examples of 5th wheels. We live in our Solitude by Grand Design. Love it.
      Yes, it is an individual choice. These are just a few ideas/suggestions – as ‘food for thought’.
      There are many sites to explore for more in-depth information. I appreciate the info, though.

  14. I can’t believe you don’t have any fifth wheels! We live in a Solitude 375. You missed all the spaciousness & storage a fifth wheel provides.

  15. These recommendations are sparse on credibility for me. If you can only give the limited info that will catch people’s attention for comfort and luxury, and leave out important facts about diesel vs. gas, chassis comparisons and more specific amenities or lack thereof, this reporting is biased and useless in my view. Of course, they weren’t asking my opinion before the writing and no doubt couldn’t care afterwards, but they do tell me to ‘Leave a Reply,’ so, for what its worth, here it is.

  16. You include the Winnebago Inspire as one of the best for retirees because of wheelchair accommodation. What you have not noticed is that the bed is right up against a wall. How is a wheelchair bound retiree supposed to make the bed?

  17. The “best” is completely subjective. For some the best is a slide-in truck camper or a tiny fiberglass Casita trailer.


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