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9 Awesome Hacks For Smarter Storage In A Motorhome

Published on June 5th, 2019 by Jim Harmer
This post was updated on November 17th, 2020

storage hacks
Try these awesome storage hacks in your RV.

9 Awesome Hacks For Smarter Storage In A Motorhome

Traveling or living in a motorhome may require you to know tips and tricks to make the limited storage space go a little further. Trying just one or two of my smarter storage hacks can make your motorhome feel like it has doubled in size.

  1. Collapsible Dishes
  2. Magnetic Spice Sheet
  3. Stackable Bins
  4. Hanging Shelves
  5. Use Kitchen Organizers
  6. Bins in the Pantry
  7. Section off Drawers
  8. Lid Holders
  9. Command Hooks

Besides adding a little extra room to your motorhome’s overall storage space, each of these hacks can be accomplished without causing any damage to your motorhome! Now let’s not waste any space-saving time and let’s get started learning about creating more storage space in your motorhome!

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Not only will I share my favorite space-saving storage hacks, but I will provide links straight to Amazon where you can purchase it for yourself!

1. Collapsible dishes

In my first semester of college, I learned how truly handy collapsible dishes can be to help you save space. In my college apartment, I was only given one and a half cupboards to fit all of my dishes inside.

As one can imagine, trying to find room for the strainer proved to be quite difficult. However, when I was gifted a collapsible strainer set, I fell in love with collapsible dishes.

While my first experience with collapsible dishes may not have been inside a motorhome, I made sure to take what I had learned and to apply it in my own motorhome!

After my success with a collapsible strainer, I began looking into other collapsible dishes to use in my motorhome and I found a few different items that I won’t leave home without!

I found not only collapsible dishes, but a collapsible laundry basket, dish drying rack, Tupperware, pots, cups, and so much more!

Before purchasing something new to go in your motorhome, look to see if someone sells a collapsible version in order to save yourself space!

Want to try some of my favorite collapsible items? Check out the links below!

2. Magnetic spice sheet

In motorhomes, there never seems to be quite enough room for all of your spices. One of the best ways I have found to solve my spice space dilemma is with a magnetic spice sheet hung somewhere in my kitchen!

If you have never seen a magnetic spice sheet before, then you are in for a treat! Magnetic Spice Sheets are becoming more and more common in both homes and motorhomes.

In my motorhome, I chose to hang my spice sheet on the wall above the slide out for easy access when cooking!

In order to hang your magnetic spice sheet, you can use a few adhesive hooks or only 4 small screws to hold it in place while you are traveling down the road.

Here is everything you need in order to set up your own Magnetic Spice Sheet: 12 Magnetic Spice Tins with Wall Plate Racks

3. Stackable bins

One of the areas in your motorhome with the most untapped storage potential is in the undercarriage storage space.

Too often I see undercarriage storage spaces that are disorganized and rendered useless.

In order to get the most out of your undercarriage storage, utilize some stackable bins!

Not only does this keep you from simply throwing items underneath and losing them, but it allows you to truly use all of the space available to you.

Be sure to sort all of your items into these bins and then to make camping even easier, label each of the bins!

Iris USA Stack and Pull Bins Set of 6 – 10 ($22.49 – $44.90)

Iris USA sells their stack and pull bins in different sizes in order to help you find the perfect bin for the amount of space available to you (since each of us has different sized undercarriage storage areas).

Because their bins have the secure clip-on lids and are made of durable, sturdy material, I use various sizes of this type of bin.

Next time you send your kids to find the extra long extension cord, you won’t have to hear “Mom! I can’t find it!”

Another space-saving hack for your undercarriage is simply storing your lawn and folding chairs more effectively.

If you have extra room in your undercarriage storage between bins, slide your lawn or folding chairs in on their sides in order to save space (laying them flat takes up too much room).

4. Hanging shelves

The next storage problem I will be addressing tends to affect women more often than most men, but is no less important to fixing!

Once we pack all of our clothes that we plan on wearing into the motorhome, often times we don’t have enough room for it in the tiny closets or we just don’t know how to exactly fit it in neatly.

Skip making the messy, unorganized pile at the bottom of the closet and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SPACE YOU ARE GIVEN!

One way I have found to help organize my motorhome’s tiny closet is by using hanging shelves!

With hanging shelves, all you have to do is hang them from the existing closet rod and then you can easily fold your shirts, pants, and other clothes and sort them neatly onto their designated shelves.

The best part about hanging shelves is that using one still leaves room for you to hang up some of your nicer pieces of clothing.

Simple Houseware 5 Shelves Hanging Closet Organizer

My favorite part of this closet organizer is the pockets on the sides! Each of the pockets and shelves just adds a little more room for you to organize and use in your motorhome’s closet.

The next item I choose to use in my motorhome’s closet are shoe organizers.

Shoes tend to end up in piles being crushed and damaged just like our clothes in the limited space in motorhomes. Using a stackable plastic storage bin keeps all of your shoes in good condition and allows you to easily find the shoes you are looking for (and not just one of them)!

Trying using a few of mDesign’s Stackable Closet Plastic Storage Bin Boxes to help organize your motorhome’s closet.

5. Use kitchen organizers

As I mentioned in my first hack above, finding enough space for all of your kitchen dishes tends to prove quite difficult.

And unfortunately, not every single dish can be made collapsible to help you fit it all in the limited amount of cupboard space.

To ensure that your dishes do not only fit inside the cupboards but are easy to reach as well.

Before I share some of my favorite kitchen organizers with you I have a few words of warning.

Be sure to double check that your dish organizer is stable and protects your dishes while traveling! No one wants to park their motorhome to turn around and see shattered plates and bowls.

First, we have a simple Metal Plate Dish Organizer. This organizer looks very neat and clean and keeps your plates easily accessible.

Now that I have spoken my few words of warning to you, let’s take a look at my favorite kitchen and dish organizers for my motorhome!

Looking for another simple way to store your plates? Check out this other upright plate holder for your motorhome’s kitchen cupboards!

9-inch Upright Plate Holder

The second hardest part about organizing a motorhome kitchen is finding enough storage space for all of your silverware.

I use a silverware caddy organizer with a few modifications.

What are my modifications, and why do I need them? Well, since there is not a ton of drawer space for silverware, I store my silverware on the countertop.

However, because motorhome travel can be quite bumpy, I added some suction cups to the back of the silverware caddy and attach it to the wall for some extra stability!

6. Bins in the pantry

Imagine this, you are looking for that box of macaroni and cheese to make lunch for your family; however, there are so many boxes, cans, and bags of food put in your pantry that you can’t find it.

At last, you see the precious box of gold and as you reach for it, a box of crackers tips over.

Sounds stressful right?

So before this imaginary scenario becomes a real-life moment for you, follow my hack to avoid messes such as these and to maximize the amount of storage in your motorhome’s pantry.

With a couple of pantry storage containers, your pantry can go from a disaster to a dream.

Depending on the layout of your pantry, I have a few different organizers for you to try out.

If your pantry consists of several deep shelves, place a few of pantry storage bins in there and watch the magic occur.

Rather than putting food into random bins, be sure to sort them by either breakfast, lunch, or dinner or by sorting them into boxes, bags, or cans.

If your pantry is simply just a deep open flat space, then putting in a few shelves of your own will allow you to use all of that empty air space.

Not only does this help use all of the space available to you, but it looks neat and organized as well!

If you have plenty of cans in your pantry, then a Stackable Can Rack Organizer will make it easier to find that can of corn whenever you need it!

For my final pantry storage suggestion (and this is a must for all pantry layouts), dispose of big bulky packages by putting your food into an airtight container.

This 12 piece set even comes with the marker and labels: Shazo Airtight Container Set for Food Storage

7. Section off drawers

Has the “junk drawer” taken over all of your motorhome’s kitchen drawer space?

A simple trick that not many people think to try in their motorhome is to section off the drawers.

Whether you are storing cords, utensils, or any other item sectioning off the drawer spaces makes it easier to see all of the available storage space. Not to mention that it is much easier to find what you are looking for in an organized drawer rather than the dreaded junk drawer.

Since no drawer is made a like, here are a couple of my favorite ADJUSTABLE drawer dividers to help you find some smarter storage space in your motorhome’s kitchen!

8. Lid holders

When working on smarter storage in your motorhome, nothing should ever be allowed to occupy more space than needed.

The dreaded lids to all of your pots and pans tend to be one of those items that take up more space than is actually needed.

To combat all the sliding around lids in your kitchen cupboards, and to avoid the game of Jenga as you try to find the right size lid, put a lid holder in your motorhome’s kitchen!

But remember, since this is all about smarter storage, do not choose a lid holder that takes up too much room inside of your cabinets.

One of my favorite lid holders is the StoreMore Adjustable Pot Lid Organizer. Why is this my favorite?

Well, it’s in the name! This lid holder has adjustable dividers so that all of your lids of different sizes can fit inside even the smallest cupboard!

In case the StoreMore isn’t the lid holder you are looking for, here are a few more options for you to consider placing inside your motorhome’s kitchen to maximize your use of storage space!

Whichever lid holder you choose to use, you can guarantee that you are making a choice for smarter storage!

9. Command Hooks

Before you skip through this section assuming you have seen everything important, know that Command Hooks are most definitely underrated when it comes to creating storage space!

You can use command hooks anywhere in your motorhome to hang items such as pots, pans, ladles, etc.

If wires have started to take over your motorhome’s floor, use command strips to pull the wires out of the way, giving you more space and making your motorhome safer for your children and pets!

Looking to add some decoration to your motorhome’s walls? Use a command strip! Pictures, hanging plants, or little quotes all look amazing when hung with a command hook!

Are your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles covering the floor of the motorhome shower?

Using a water-resistant command strip hang a bathroom caddy and store all of your bathroom items safely on the shower wall!

If you choose to use this hack, be sure that the caddies are not going to swing and cause damage while your motorhome is moving!

For more Command hook ideas, check out this article on 10 Ways To Use Command Hooks In Your RV.

Hopefully, with one (or all) of these smarter storage hacks, you and your family can feel more relaxed and rejuvenated when spending time on the road in your motorhome!

Now that you know how to fit everything in your motorhome, be sure to check out my other post Packing List for RV Trips: A Complete Guide So You Don’t Forget Stuff, to help you get on the road and finding a new adventure!

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