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41 Perfect Hashtags to Use for a Camping Post

Published on March 28th, 2019 by Camper Report

If you are trying to post about your recent camping trip and are unsure of what hashtags to use, you have come to the right place. I can help you post the perfect hashtags to match your post.

If you are interested in discovering the best hashtags for a camping post and why they would be a good hashtag for you, then read on. I will give you a variety of ideas to add flavor to your posts.

The 41 Perfect Hashtags to Use for a Camping Post:

1. #ThoseSummerNights

Most of the time when you are camping, it will be during the summer time. If it is a night post, then this is a classic hashtag to use.

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The hashtag refers to the movie, Grease, and is unique and accurate to your post.

2. #LiveOutdoors

Camping is a unique experience where you are able to go out into nature. And, it becomes your home for a short amount of time.

This hashtag will attract those who are prone to adventure and the outdoors.

3. #MakeMoments

If you have a post including a friend group, a laughing picture, or a simple moment captured on the camera, this will be the perfect hashtag for you.

Camping is about being in the moment. Get in the moment with your posts.

4. #Nature

Naturally, you will be out in nature during your camping trip. This nature hashtag is simple and popular, but effective.

This hashtag will bring lots of traffic to your camping post.

5. #Adventure

This is another popular hashtag commonly used on posts. Yet, it will bring your post a lot of traffic.

Camping out there is a perfect opportunity for adventure.

6. #HelloSummer

Camping may be the first activity you do during the summer season. This is the perfect hashtag to give your feed a summer aesthetic.

This is ideal for a post that is sunny and bright.

7. #RoughingIt

For those who are not your typical camper, then camping may be a bit of a rough experience. This hashtag is perfect for you.

Camping truly brings you a different experience aside from our everyday life, which could be referred to as roughing it.

8. #Glamping

For those who are unaware, glamping is a comical term for camping with glamour. This is when there are more amenities available and an easy camping experience is given.

Glamping is perfect to add to add to your post if you are glamping. The term itself is comical and will bring laughs.

9. #TentLife

If you are camping in a tent, this hashtag would be perfect for your post. It can also be changed according to where you are to RV Life etc.

10. #SunshineInMyPocket

This song, made for the soundtrack of Trolls, by Justin Timberlake is perfect for camping.

Song references are always fun as long as your followers understand the reference.

11. #TheS’moreTheMerrier

S’mores puns are always, always welcome. And, if you are camping with friends, this hashtag is perfect for your use.

The best post to use this hashtag with would be a group of friends surrounding a firepit with their s’mores. However, this hashtag could be great for many posts.

12. #HappyCamper

Not only is Happy Camper a delicious ice cream flavor (my northeast friends know what I’m talking about), but it is a perfect hashtag for a camping trip.

If you are having a good time on your camping trip, use this hashtag to show your joy.

13. #FirepitFriends

Anytime you use alliteration, the hashtag becomes more pleasing to the ear. As using a firepit is very common for a common trip, this hashtag will work well for you.

And, this hashtag is perfect for anyone using their firepit with friends on the camping trip.

14. #KeepItWild

When you are camping, you are bound to have some wild adventures. This is a good reminder to have a little fun with life.

I would use this hashtag for pictures that include activities that are out of ordinary life. This could for some fishing, hiking, kayaking, etc.

15. #Landscape

Although this does not fit every post, this hashtag would be great for any picture of the outdoors around you.

This is another popular hashtag that will bring traffic to your post.

16. #BBQTime

A fun activity to do while you are camping is barbecuing. Even to followers who don’t camp, they will be familiar with this hashtag.

BBQTime can be enjoyable for your followers and bring in others interested in BBQ.

17. #WindBlownHair

Depending on where you are camping, it is likely that you will be outside in the wind very often.

This is the perfect hashtag to remind your followers that you are living outdoors with the realities of that life.

18. #TheJoyOfCamping

Now this hashtag has a natural tendency towards sarcasm. It could be used for actual joy. But, it is typically for those sarcastic posts.

19. #NoShower

Depending on where you are camping and what style of camping you are doing, this may happen to you.

If it does happen, then simply bring it to humor with this hashtag.

20. #CamptownLadies

This hashtag is in reference the classic song, Camptown Races, that we all same in elementary music classes.

If you have a group of women camping together, this is the perfect hashtag for you.

21. #ItWasTentToBe

This is a classic camping pun on the phrase, It was meant to be.

Since this phrase is commonly used for couples, this is a perfect hashtag to use on a couple’s picture while camping.

22. #FullyLiving

Many people say that when they go camping out in nature, it is when they feel their most alive.

This hashtag is perfect for your camping post because you will be living life to its fullest on your trip.

23. #RestingCamperFace

This is a fun way of changing a commonly known phrase. Resting camper face could be whatever face you decide.

But, this hashtag would work the best with a smiling face in a camping environment.

24. #ExploreMore

When you go camping, you are bound to explore around your camping area a ton. If you leave your campsite without exploring, then I think you are doing it wrong.

Explore more is a popularly used hashtag. This will bring attention to your post in the best ways.

25. #WhyCampIStayForever

This is another perfect camping pun on the phrase “Why Can’t I stay Forever.” This is what most people say at the end of a great camping trip.

If you have enjoyed your camping trip a lot and are posting a final post for the end of your trip, this hashtag is perfect to add to your post.

26. #CamperProbs

It’s unfortunate, but when you go on a camping trip, you are bound to run into some issue. Weather it is the campsite or forgetting to pack something, this is a perfect hashtag for your camping post.

This hashtag is fairly popular and can be used for a variety of posts.

27. #SmellTheRoses

This phrase is typically used in typical speech to remind people to see the good in things.

As you may be near roses or flowers, this would be a perfect hashtag for a scenic picture of a flowery campsite.

28. #SmokeyEyes

Smokey eyes is a typically a makeup term for a smoky eyeshadow look. However, on a campsite smokey eyes can be used to refer to getting smoke in your eyes at the campfire.

The hashtag would work well with a post of a campfire. But, it would work the best with a person in front of a campfire.

29. #DoraTheExplorer

Dora The Explorer, an old TV show of a bilingual adventurous girl, or a perfect hashtag? You tell me.

This hashtag would be great for a picture of you with a backpack on hiking a mountain. But, it can work well with many camping posts.

30. #I’mTwoTents

This is yet another pun referring to camping. This pun is referring to the phrase “I’m too tense.”

Although this is not a common hashtag that will bring a large audience to your post, it will be a crowd pleaser with your current followers.

31. #Sunrise

This is a very common hashtag that is used for many different posts. But, it would bring attention to your post.

The best sunrise hashtag use would be for a picture of the sun rising on your campsite. It would be especially perfect if it were through a skyview window in your tent.

32. #S’moreCamping

Another classic reference to S’mores. You don’t need to have S’mores in your post to use this hashtag. Everyone associated S’mores to camping easily.

This hashtag would go great for any phase of your camping trip.

33. #AppreciateNature

Camping is the perfect activity that you can do to get out in nature and appreciate our beautiful earth.

This hashtag would be ideal for a post including scenic views of your campsite or surrounding areas.

34. #MountainMonday

Anytime you can match what your post is about to the day of the week you are posting it, you are set. This is such a popular trend to match the day to the activity. It will be well appreciated.

Obviously, if you are not camping in or around the mountains, then this hashtag will not work for you. But, if you are in the mountains, this is the perfect hashtag for you.

35. #CampRock

This hashtag will only make sense for a specific audience. If your main audience is females who were teenagers during the time of the Disney movie, Camp Rock, then you are set.

The Camp Rock hashtag can be used for any picture of a fun moment during camping.

36. #ThatSummerFeeling

Because camping is typically done during the summer months, almost any summer hashtag would work great with a camping post.

But, this hashtag would work best with someone in the picture. Feeling come from humans. So, incorporate a smiling person in the picture and you will have that summertime feeling.

37. #Travel

Camping is a great way to experience the world better. You can camp in more places than you can stay at a hotel or home.

Any traveling hashtag would be perfect for a camping post, as they go together. It would be especially good for a scenic photo.

38. #CampingBuddies

This is a more popular hashtag. Therefore, it will give your post more traffic. If you want to get a larger audience, this is a good hashtag to use.

This is the perfect hashtag for a pair of friends posed for a camping pictures.

39. #DirtUnderMyNails

When you go out camping, it is bound to be that you will get dirty. Camping is just not a clean activity. But, that’s okay because you will have a great time even though you aren’t at your cleanest.

This hashtag is perfect if you are posting about your adventures. For example, if you had just gone hiking or fishing that day, this hashtag would work well for you.

40. #MakingMemories

Making memories is exactly what you are doing while you are camping. The whole experience is something you will remember for a long time.

This hashtag would be specifically ideal for a family camping trip. Making memories can refer to any camping experience though, including solo camping.

41. #CamperForLife

Once you get into camping, you are bound to love it. Camping can become addictive. Once you get the point where you’re constantly thinking about your next camping trip, then you know you are a camper for life.

This hashtag is perfect for someone who goes camping a lot. But, you can use it easily on your post if you are enjoying your time camping and want to camp for life.

These hashtags were all on the more specific side. These hashtags will appeal more to the followers that you have. These are the creative hashtags that will make people smile and like your post.

However, if you are simply searching for more people to look at your post, then all your have to do is keep it general. By simply posting hashtags that are included in your post, you will attract a large audience. All you have to do is use one word hashtags.

An important thing to keep in mind while you are hashtaging is to keep the hashtags relevant to your post. When people search the hashtag, your post should match with the hashtag.

When you are posting hashtags, don’t be afraid to be specific or use popular hashtags. These are both relevant to your post and will give you a variety of audience. A general guideline of hashtags to use on your post is around 7-11.

Overall, just give your post a bit of flavor with your hashtags and attract the audience in your posts.

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What is a hashtag?A hashtag is used in Instagram and Twitter posts. These are two social media platforms. Hashtags are used to unify posts together according to topics. According to interest, someone could search a topic and find all posts relating to the topic according to the hashtag. Hashtags are often used to get likes.

Should I use general hashtags? If the goal is to obtain likes or followers, then general one-word hashtags are useful. These general hashtags will attract the largest audience. Then, more people will see the post connected to the hashtag. But, if the goal is not gain likes and followers, general hashtags are not necessary.

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