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20 of the Best RV Blogs and YouTube Channels We Love

Published on February 23rd, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on August 7th, 2021

RV blogs and YouTube channels
When you’re obsessed about becoming a nomad, these experts can show you how.

Thinking about converting your life into the RV lifestyle? Then these are the best RV blogs and YouTube channels we love to help get you there.

The Best 20 RV Blogs and YouTube Channels About RVing

You’ve probably watched a ton of RV YouTube videos and read popular RV blogs. But have you seen any of our favorite RV blogs and YouTube channels? Here’s a list of the RV lifestyle blogs and videos that we love the most:

  1. The Official Full RV Nomads Movie
  2. The Reality of #VanLife by Forrest Stevens
  3. Keep Your Daydream (YouTube Channel)
  4. RVLove (YouTube Channel)
  5. Escapees RV Club (YouTube Channel and Organization)
  6. Always on Liberty (Blog)
  7. Chickery’s Travels (Blog)
  8. More Than a Wheelin’ (Blog)
  9. Hebard’s Travels (YouTube Channel)
  10. The RV Show USA (Radio)
  11. Less Junk, More Journey (YouTube Channel)
  12. 1st Class RV Adventures (Blog)
  13. Exploring the Local Life (Blog)
  14. RV Chickadee (Blog)
  15. Pau Hana Travels (Blog)
  16. Drivin’ and Vibin’ (YouTube Channel)
  17. Mortons on the Move (Blog)
  18. Outside is Calling (Blog)
  19. Geoastro RV (Blog)
  20. Full-Time RV Living Documentary (Season 1) by TIM and FIN

Keep reading for great information about RVing, fulltiming, #VanLife, first time RVer guides. They all share anything else you could possibly think of when it comes to being nomadic.

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1. The OFFICIAL Full RV Nomads Movie by EPIC Nomad TV

This movie is a fantastic place to jump off from when you begin to explore the RV lifestyle. After watching, start looking for blogs or YouTube channels for more information.

The RV Nomads movie was created by Shane Synder and Audrey Callahan. They wanted to explain the reason behind why so many people decide to uproot their safe life and begin a new life as a full time RV nomad.

This movie introduces you to a lot of people in the RV lifestyle. You’ll learn from in-person interviews with RVers, bloggers, business folks, and club executives. Many of the blogs and YouTube channels I talk about in this article were actually featured in this movie.

Some of the RVers in this movie are retired and free to just travel around. Most of them are raising families or are too young to have retired. This means that they need to find a way to make money while they travel on the road.

This film goes into how many of them continue to work on the road. It also shows all of the different options you have if you chose to do this.

This movie is great even if you are only considering the possibility of RVing a bit. There are great stories, advice, and stellar people.

2. The Reality of #VanLife by Forrest Stevens

Technically, this amateur YouTube documentary by Forrest Stevens is about van life and how people go about pursuing that dream. This documentary is not about RVing. But in my mind, van life is really only one step away from RV life. You can learn a lot from these people as well.

Full-time van life, just like full-time RV life, thrives on minimalism and, at times, a false image. Minimalist lifestyles often look very glamorous on social media platforms. You can get the wrong ideas about this sort of lifestyle if you just read blogs, watch videos, and surf social media that only show the good parts.

In his documentary, Forrest Stevens interviews a few different people and gets all of the nitty-gritty details about van life. He exposes that harder side to this lifestyle than is usually explored. Forrest also discusses the benefits of van life. You’ll learn why a growing number of people are abandoning tradition to be transient.

I think this is a great documentary to watch if you are looking into the RV life style, despite it being about van life. It is important to see both sides of the minimalist, traveling life style before you jump in with both feet.

3. Keep Your Daydream (YouTube Channel)

Keep Your Daydream is a YouTube channel (and blog) run by Marc and Tricia. They, along with three kids, travel the country in an RV full time. They always stress the importance of having tangible goals with concrete dates attached

Their YouTube channel is divided up into five seasons, each focused on exploring a different place.

  • Season one shows the United States in general.
  • In season two, they explore Mexico.
  • Season three focuses on the West Coast and British Columbia.
  • Then Season four tours the Southwest of the United States.
  • Season five is all about Alaska.

Besides the five seasons detailing their travel, Marc and Tricia have videos where they answer questions about RV life. They also give tips, share stores (the good, the bad, and the ugly), give “how to’s,” and everything in between.

Marc and Tricia started of RVing with almost no knowledge. They are great to watch if you are a beginner RVer. These two have been through it all.

4. RVLove (YouTube Channel)

RVLove is a RV lifestyle YouTube channel (and blog) run by Marc and Julie Bennett. They have been full time RVing sing 2014 and have visited all 50 states in the United States. They’ve seen it all.

Marc and Julie also started an online course called the RV Success School, where they give lessons, tutorials, courses, videos, and interviews. Everything is geared towards helping you become a better RVer and succeeding in your new lifestyle choice.

Marc and Julie travel by themselves and work from the road with no family attached. They love traveling. If you watch their videos, you are going to start to get some wanderlust yourself.

5. Escapees RV Club (RV Blogs, YouTube Channel and Organization)

The Escapees RV Club is a club for people on the road. It was made as a way for RVers to share their stories and knowledge. Everybody grows together.

The Escapees RV Club has a YouTube Channel and a website you can visit to learn more. Their videos feature other full time and part time RVers, including many from this list. You can learn from all of them and sample a variety of different lifestyles all within the same niche.

When you are on the road, it is hard to make connections. The Escapees RV Club helps you make those connections with people that you now share life experiences with.

6. Always on Liberty (Blog)

Always on Liberty is a blog run by Dan and Lisa, who travel full time. They started after retiring from the Coast Guard. They spend time traveling around on their motorcycles once they find a place to park their rig.

This is a RV blog and YouTube channel we love because they talk about everything you need to know about RVing. From boondocking to maintenance to staying fit on the road to traveling with pets. Much is geared towards older couples who want to start a new adventure after retirement. But everybody can learn from them.

7. Chickery’s Travels (Blog)

Chickery’s Travels is a blog run by Sean and Julie Chickery. After serving in the Air Force for twenty years, Sean and Julie retired. They are now living full time in their RV. They switch between having a home campground in Florida to use as a base to park their RV and traveling around for a while.

As a young retired couple, Sean and Julie have a lot to share with their audience. They talk about balancing freedom and work. Watch them explore to their hearts’ content. Learn how they balance the two and teach you to do the same.

They wrote two RV lifestyle books, Full-Time RV Finance and A Complete Novice’s Guide to RV Water Systems’ Preventative Maintenance.

Continuing to work gives them more freedom to play. They can teach you about financing your own trips, now or in the future.

8. More Than A Wheelin’ (Blog)

More Than A Wheelin’ is a blog run by Camille and Bryce. They were married, with two successful careers and nice house…. and that dream lasted about two years. They decided they needed something more (or really something less). Then they hit the road to live in an RV full time.

Bryce works as an investing and financial consultant and Camille works as a remote work specialist. She helps other people figure out how to live and work remotely. Her goal is to help others enjoy the freedom that she does.

9. Hebard’s Travels (YouTube Channel)

Hebard’s Travels is a YouTube channel (and blog) run by Laura and John Hebard. Their blog and channel focus a lot on how to find more fulfillment through this unorthodox life style. John is a military veteran, and he had a hard time integrating back into society after he was discharged.

Laura was working over time, and they never saw each other. With their relationship on the rocks, they decided that they needed a change of scenery.

This blog isn’t at all about how to make the RV lifestyle work or how to work from the road. There aren’t even a whole lot of tips and tricks to be found on this blog or channel. The Hebard’s story is a story of growth and fulfillment.

Their story really shows you how to live life to the fullest and gain enjoyment from the simple things. They can show you how to really make the RV life style work for you and your life so you can be happy.

10. The RV Show USA (Radio)

The RV Show USA is the only radio show dedicated to RVs and the RV lifestyle. Alan Warren is the voice you’ll hear the most often. You’ll be treated with quite a few guest appearances. Many of them are from this list of our favorite RV blogs and YouTube channels.

Alan Warren is an RV veteran and enthusiast himself. He has a lot of experience from his thirty plus years of RVing. The show tells stories, gives tips and tricks, and keeps you up to date on all of the RV happenings. Get more information on the best time to buy an RV, what kind of RV is right for you, and how to start and sustain your RV dream.

You can listen to the show online on their website (link above) or on your car radio (or your RV radio if you’ve already gotten that far). Besides the RV blogs and YouTube channels we love, The RV Show USA should be your next go-to RV education website when you have a question about RVing.

While you can go to other blogs for real-life information about what life is like on the road, many of those bloggers cannot give you the professional advice on the business side of things that The RV Show USA can.

11. Less Junk, More Journey (YouTube Channel)

Less Junk, More Journey is a YouTube channel (and blog) run by Nathan and Marissa, who have a little girl named Hensley, who was born in 2014.

Nathan and Marissa can give you a little insight on how you can full time RV with a family as well, including young children. They give advice on how to maintain a social life and meet new people on the road, especially for their young daughter, who needs to learn how to interact with others even though she is on the road with her parents most of the time.

As a young family that hasn’t retired, or even come close yet, Nathan and Marissa give advice on how they can afford the road life and raise a family as well.

They also travel in an Airstream, something that most RV families do not, so they can give you the pros and cons of traveling in an Airstream, giving you a little more information to mull over as you develop your own RV dream.

12. 1st Class RV Adventures (Blog)

1st Class RV Adventures is a blog run by Sandra Crespo and Luis Class, who have a family of four (two children). They document their travels with a larger family and how they make it work with less space, a bigger family, and the need to continue to provide.

Their blog has quite a few posts that detail how you can earn money while on the road, as well as posts that have lists upon lists of everything you might need to start your life as a full-time RVer.

Sandra and Luis and their kids have been traveling full time in their RV for three years and are very happy with all of the experiences they have been able to give their children.

Because they are a bigger family (that would normally travel full time in an RV at least), they also can give a ton of insight into how to live together in 200 square feet and not end up biting each other’s heads off.

13. Exploring the Local Life (Blog)

Exploring the Local Life is a blog run by Robert, Jessica, Daniel, and Nadia, another family of four who travels full time in an RV. They are similar to 1st Class RV Adventures in the way that they can give you a lot of advice on how to travel full time with a family and how to make that work financially and emotionally.

What is unique about Robert and Jessica’s blog is all of their posts on how to homeschool (or roadschool) their children while they are traveling. Both parents work, but their careers allow them to work remotly, have time to roadschool their children, and still go on adventures.

They offer a lot of encouragement and acknowledge the hardships that full time RVing can bring. They write lots and lots of detailed posts on how to push through the tough times.

If you are already a full time RVer and are going through a rough patch, Exploring the Local Life is a great blog to visit for a pick me up.

14. RV Chickadee (Blog)

RV Chickadee is a blog run by Kelly Beasley. Kelly Beasley is a single woman in her 40’s (plus her two dogs) who documents her own solo RV lifestyle.

Kelly Beasley is a unique blogger to follow because there are not many solo RVers out there, especially not many solo female RVers. She can give a lot of unique perspectives on how to travel around solo and what it is like to be a solo RVer. She also gives a lot of advice on how to remain social while on the road (and how to find solitude as well).

Kelly Beasley originally took to full time RVing because she was feeling depressed and dissatisfied with life. So, naturally, she took to the road. The experience gives her a lot of insight on how to pursue happiness in life, the experience she freely gives to you.

On RV Chickadee, Kelly Beasley shares all of her solo RV lifestyle adventures, the travel experiences she has had the opportunity to explore, and the tips and tricks to living in an RV. She does have a few ways to make money on the road, but because it is just her and her dogs that she has to support, she has much more time to just explore.

15. Pau Hana Travels (Blog)

Pau Hana Travels is a blog run by Gary and Stacy. They actually did not start out with a full RV and instead traveled around in a Class B Motorhome, otherwise known as a conversion camper or a camper van. They didn’t even set out with the intention of traveling full time in an RV.

Gary and Stacey started out their story with just a simple, short, vacation trip in their newly purchased Class B Motorhome. However, on their trip, they met several full time RVers who convinced them to stay out longer.

They did, and then the RV show was only a month away, so they stayed out even longer, and then, they just never went home.

Gary and Stacy show that the RV lifestyle can be spur of the moment and still completely work for you. Now, of course, they are more prepared and haven’t lived their whole RV lifestyle by winging it. But they show you that you don’t have to wait for “the right time” to just get out and do it.

16. Drivin’ and Vibin’ (YouTube Channel)

Drivin’ and Vibin’ is one of the most popular RV blogs and YouTube channels run by Kyle and Olivia. They are full-time RVers who live in a vintage camper, which offers much less space than a typical RV. However, they still make it work, and are loving their lifestyle traveling full time in their camper.

Kyle and Oliva seem to follow the trope of couples who travel together in an RV or camper. They actually stress their love story quite strongly on their channel. They claim that living together in such tight quarters and going on so many adventures together has strengthened their relationship much more than if they had had a traditional lifestyle.

Being young, Kyle and Olivia still have to work hard to earn money to finance their full-time RV lifestyle, and their videos will give you some adivce and tips for earning money while on the road to continue to support yourself and your family.

17. Mortons on the Move (Blog)

Mortons on the Move is a blog run by Tom and Cait Morton, who have been full-time RVers for four years. They are featured in the book Living the RV Life and often collaborate with other full-time RVers to bring you videos and articles that will help you in your pursuit of the full-time RV lifestyle.

The Mortons are a young couple who don’t have any kids or even a dog, so if you are looking for advice in that front, you might be out of luck. B

However, without the added work of a family, they bring lots of information about the mechanics of the RV, how to map and plan out trips, how to finance the trip, and basically just the logistics of the full-time RV lifestyle.

18. Outside is Calling (Blog)

Outside is Calling is a blog run by Jesse and Jenny with their young son Tucker. They have a unique experience to blog about because they are the only bloggers on this list who have an infant on the road with them.

They began traveling before they had Tucker, then Jenny traveled while pregnant, and now they all travel together as a family.

Traveling with an infant is a different task than traveling with even a toddler, a family, or a dog. Jesse and Jenny can share advice and experiences with you in that niche.

Jesse and Jenny also have a different experience than most full time RVers because they have traveled outside of the United States into Mexico. They can give you a lot of information, advice, and tips on how to RV outside of the country (with a baby no less).

19. Geoastro RV (Blog)

Geoastro RV is a blog run by John and Brenda Nejedlo, who have an interesting niche they fit into. John and Brenda Nejedlo are not your typical full time RVers. Instead of simply traveling the country, John and Brenda travel around with their “solar trailer.” They give free day time and night time astronomy shows and classes with all of their astronomy equipment.

Because they are not just experts in RVing, John and Brenda offer more than most when it comes to their blog. They have great lists of places to visit and take goreous pictures of the stars along their way.

Hopefully, you can meet them in person and not have to live through them by proxy.


Tim and Fin have spent their years together traveling the world. When they got back from Germany in 2017, they just couldn’t sit still. So, on a whim, they decided to travel on an RV from Alaska to South America.

There was a lot of preparation that went into this trip, and their documentary lets you see them from start to finish. It included all of the gnarly parts and all of the fun parts. They are complete amateurs, so you can learn with them as they become more used to full-time RV life.

RV blogs and YouTube Channels
Make your RV dream a reality with these RV blogs and YouTube channels!


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel if you want to try RVing. These people can show you how. In 2017, research revealed that over one million people live and travel full time in RVs. The RV lifestyle is bigger than ever today. If you want to join the fun, do your homework. Start with the best RV blog and YouTube channels we love and you need to learn things the hard way.

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