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11 Unforgettable RV Camp Spots in Virginia (Both Parks and Rustic)

Published on April 9th, 2019 by Camper Report

Are you planning a trip to Virginia any time soon? Wondering where you can go camping? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this article. Whether you prefer actual parks, or just set up wherever we’ve got your site.

When you think of Virginia, your mind could head off to Jamestown and the start of this nation, seeing as how Jamestown was the first of the original Colonies to be formed. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about, so let’s get into what you really want to know!

1. False Cape State Park

  • Rustic Campsite at Virginia Beach
  • Outdoor activities
  • Close to the beach
  • No public vehicle access
  • Open dawn-dusk

This area in Virginia is one of the very few that remains undeveloped. According to the state site, this is a place where people used to make their livelihood from the sea, and so they are honoring that legacy.

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There is no public vehicular access, so in order to get down to this campsite, you have to walk, bike, take the tram, or a boat. This is considered to be “primitive” because there are no showers, bathrooms, etc.

With the option of being so close to the ocean, there are guided kayak trips, bike, and hiking trails, all with the option of being able to walk along six miles of the Atlantic coast. There’s definitely something about the ocean air that frees the soul.

Fishing is an option as well. If you’re one for swimming, there’s not necessarily a designated area for that. But with this campsite and the rustic way it is, you really get to connect with nature and see how it would be to survive in the wilderness.

2. Crabtree Falls Campground

  • Park found in Tyro
  • Options for Tent, RV, or Cabin
  • Bathhouse/ Laundry
  • Pet-friendly
  • Beautiful outdoor activities

Although this is a bit different from the first park, this definitely offers some great things if you’re not one for being a wild man/woman for the weekend. This is considered to be Virginia’s “best-kept secret” in regards to parks.

Be sure that you visit Crabtree Falls, this is the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi. The waterfalls about 1200 feet, and it’s a gorgeous sight to behold. This is a relatively easy hike for those that would like to enjoy the scenery.

Spy Rock is something that’s a little more for the adventurous type. This trail is a little more difficult, and it could be hard to get on top of the rock in order to get the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains that you would like.

Finally, you can go and see Humpback Rock, this is a more difficult hike for those less experienced.

The hike takes you up about 800 feet to these rocks where you can stop and just enjoy the beauty that is around you–as you catch your breath–and it is so worth it.

3. New River Trail State Park

  • Rustic Campsite in Max Meadows (Tent only)
  • Follows old abandoned railroad track
  • No showers/bathhouses
  • Four campgrounds to choose from

New River is a 57-mile long park, that gives you the chance to choose from four “primitive” campsites. The four are the following the campsites you can choose and what’s special about them:

  • Cliffview; trailside campground that overlooks Chestnut Creek
  • Millrace; Overlooks the New River, a short walk from the parking lot
  • Baker Island; Only accessed by boats, available year-round, pre-registration required
  • Double Shoals; First come, first served, no reservations needed, accessed by river or trail

As you can see, there’s definitely some interesting choices and views that you can choose from when you’re going to camp out at New River Trail.

When you’re there, you’re able to hike, bike, or horseback ride. Tubing is also a popular thing to do at this park. If you’re more interested in fishing or boating, the park follows part of the New River which is full of most of the states freshwater fish.

Guided trail rides happen between April and October. You can bring your own horse if you’re interested, or just choose a horse for the trail rides! Lots of options to look forward to.

4.Chickahominy Riverfront Park

  • Park in Williamsburg
  • Lots of outdoor activities
  • Basic tent to full hookup sites
  • Bathhouses

This campsite is located between Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg, which allows you to be right in the middle of history and be able to experience the beauty that the Colonists experienced.

There are many things that you can do while you’re here. You can hike, kayak, canoe, fish, swim, sunbathe, watch the coastal wildlife, and just enjoy being in this beautiful park.

If you’re looking for more of the campground games, don’t worry! They got them! At Chickahominy, they have volleyball, basketball, horseshoe pits, golf driving range, corn hole, and a splash pad. If you’re bringing your kids along with you, you’re able to know that they can’t have the excuse of being bored.

A few of the campsites have a view of the Chickahominy River as well as Gordon creek, and if you’re lucky, you can get a campsite that has access to the water. Feels like it would be a slice of paradise if you ask me.

5. Deer Island Park

  • Rustic site in Bassett
  • Only accessible by boat
  • Tent sites
  • Toilets
  • Drinking water

This park is located in Philpott Lake, and by saying it’s in Philpott Lake, I was being literal. If the name didn’t let you know, this is an island. This is the only campsite around the Lake that is “primitive” in nature. But, it has quite a beautiful landscape, if you ask me.

When wanting to head to this park, you are required to have a permit in order to even be able to head to this island. You can still get permits during the off-season, so that’s not something that you really need to stress out about.

There are a lot of water activities that you can do here, boating, tubing, water skiing, fishing, or just floating around. There are over 6,000 acres of land surrounding the lake that you can explore as well.

Hiking, biking, and enjoying the view are definitely some of the favorites. Blue Falls and Calico Rock are just a couple places that you can go see while you’re at this gorgeous site.

6. Misty Mountain Camp Resort

  • Camp at Greenwood
  • Laundry
  • Tent sites, RV, and Cabins
  • Outdoor activities
  • Camp events

For me, this really spiked my interest because it reminded me of The Hobbit, especially with the fact that it was in Greenwood. (For those of you who get that reference, I’m so proud).

This is a beautiful park that sits at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains, while also being close to some historic sites such as Charlottesville!

If you’re wanting to do some things that are outside, they have a lot of options such as:

  • Hike nature trails
  • Hit the pool
  • Fish
  • Play at playgrounds
  • Climb hills
  • Basketball/ Volleyball
  • Hayrides

There are also other accommodations that this provides, but the most impressive thing is the view that’s around this site. Being able to just be with your friends and family, or your special someone, this is the place where you can really go to get away from the world.

There is something new to discover every day when spending time at Misty Mountain, the question is, are you up for the adventure?

7. Outlanders River Camp

  • Rustic Camp in Luray
  • Campsites against the Shenandoah river
  • Built on a nature retreat
  • Wildlife activities
  • River activities

This camp has so many things that you can do, as well as be able to sit and enjoy the view of the beautiful Shenandoah River, bird watch, or even see if you can spot some of the other wildlife around this beautiful park.

As this camp was built on a nature retreat, there are an abundant amount of animals that you can see. You can also head to the Shenandoah National Park, as well as the George Washington National Forest. These are fairly close to Outlanders and provide you with more experience.

If you’re worried about remaining fit, don’t worry, there are fitness and hiking trail around the perimeter of the camp. There are also athletic fields and a tube float that’s on the property.

This is a chance to be able to get closer to nature and enjoy what is around us in the world. They offer bird watching guides and such to help you get into the spirit of awe. Definitely worth the trip.

8. Pocahontas State Park

  • Park found in Chesterfield
  • Laundry
  • Electric/Water hookups
  • Swimming/Boat launch
  • Pet-friendly

This is definitely a campsite that has more of the historical vibe. There are nature and history programs, as well as 64 plus miles of trails all over the park. These trails are particularly interesting to bicyclists who will come around just to ride the trails.

There is boating on the three lakes within the park, as well as having an aquatic center that has water the whole family can enjoy.

There is also something that you can go see that’s called the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum. This was dedicated to those who worked during the Depression-era to build the system of the park currently.

They have rustic group facilities with primitive overnight bunkhouses available for those larger groups during the season.

9. Blue Cat on the New

  • Rustic site found in Draper
  • Tipi, Yurts, and Primitive camping
  • Canoe and kayak rentals
  • River tube runs
  • Bathhouse
  • 1200 ft of riverfront

Now, in case you’re wondering, the ‘new’ in “On the New refers to the New River that runs through Draper, Virginia. You can go canoe or kayaking on the river, and in case you aren’t sure what to do, they have some people that can instruct you on how to do so safely.

There are 1, 2 1/2, and 4-hour tube runs that are about $10 a trip. That’s something that would be so fun, to be able to just relax and let the river take you along. There’s something about that experience that will stick in your mind for quite some time.

With the chance to be able to camp alongside the river in your tent, to be able to wake up and see this view is something that you’re going to cherish. Especially if you’ve taken this trip with your family and friends.

10. Douthat State Park

  • Campsite located in Clinton Forge
  • Near Alleghany Mountains (2hrs away)
  • 50-acre lake
  • 40 miles of wooded hiking trails
  • Bathhouses w/showers and toilets

This park has some of the most amazing backdrop of the mountains that you can see from the whole of the park. You can stream fish, or fish in the lake, swim on a beach, rent a boat, and go hiking!

There are lots of chances to be around the campsite as well, there are amphitheaters, playgrounds, and picnic areas. You can also enjoy a nice meal in the restaurant that overlooks the lake.

Imagine looking at this gorgeous painting of a lake and the mountains, now imagine that you’re in it, because that’s what this park is going to feel like.

The beauty of the world around you and your family beside you, there’s nothing that would bring you greater shared memories.

Go and see this for yourself. This would be something that would constantly be on lists as the years went on. The beauty is incredible.

11. Greenwood Point Campground

  • Located in Warm Springs
  • Pit toilets
  • No drinking water available
  • Waterfront sites
  • Private and quiet

This is a more isolated and remote location, so if you’re really looking for that rustic vibe and just be alone with nature, this would be the campsite that I would suggest.

There is no road access, so you take a 3.3-mile hike into the campsite, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can paddle a canoe straight over to the shore of the campground.

You have the opportunity to go fishing and hiking around these parts. With the George Washington National Forest so close, you can head there as well and explore more of the world around.

This is really the ideal location if you want to really get into that camping vibe. Imagine camping out under the stars, listening to the river move its way along the shore, breathing in that fresh air. There’s nothing quite like camping.

The Choice is Yours

Now, all these campsites that I have listed are suggestions. If there are other fantastic unforgettable campsites, don’t be afraid to share.

The world around us is beautiful, and we barely take the time to look around and take it slow. With the technology and everything around us, now is your chance to take that leap.

Go outside. Go explore. Be an adventurer. You won’t regret any of these choices when you go and see the beauty of the world, rather, you could regret not seeing them. These are some unforgettable places, so it’s time to make those memories. You can do it, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Count those stars.

Related Questions:

What is Virginia famous for? Virginia is the home base of the United States Navy’s Atlantic fleet. Jamestown was the first settlement in the U.S, and it’s also the first capital of Virginia. Another fun fact is that this state is known as “Mother of Presidents” because there were eight presidents who were born within the state.

What can you see in Virginia? When you’re headed out to this state, you can go and find all sorts of things to see. There’s the Shenandoah National Park, as well as the Appalachian Trail. But if you’re someone who is into history, you can go and check out George Washington’s Mount Vernon. It’s the restored estate of the first president. Sounds pretty cool.

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