11 Must-See Class B Motorhome Floor Plans

There are some great brands of Class B motorhomes with some must-see floor plans. We came together and made a list of the top 11 must-see Class B motorhomes. Be prepared to be blown away. 

So, what are some of the must-see Class B motorhome floor plans? Out of the list of 11 these 5 Class B motorhomes stood out the most. 

  • 2019 Coachmen Galleria 24FL 
  • 2019 Winnebago Era 70B
  • 2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity U24MB
  • 2019 Gulf Stream Rv BT Cruiser 5255

There are some great Class B motorhomes out there that we can not wait to share with you. These floor plans are unique, functional, and are must-sees for any Class B motorhome lover. 

What are the 11 Must-See Class B Motorhomes? 

Class B motorhomes are cute, compact, and easy to travel in, but a lot of people question how there can be a bunch of different floor plans when there is such limited space to work with. 

Well there are tons of different floor plans, and each company that makes Class B motorhomes usually has quite a few different models and floor plans of their own. 

We searched through them all, or what felt like all of them, and found 11 must see floor plans for the Class B motorhome. These floor plans range from super functional to sleek and stylish and they all are really really cool.

So Here is Our Top 11 Must-See Class B Motor Homes: 

  2. 2019 Coachmen Galleria 24FL 
  3. 2019 Winnebago Era 70B
  4. 2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity U24MB
  5. 2019 Gulf Stream Rv BT Cruiser 5255
  6. Platinum 272XL FD
  9. 2019 Pleasure-Way – Lexor 
  10. 2019 Fleetwood Irok FSL

These 11 must-see Class B floor plans are unique and extremely functional. There are some with twin beds, fold out beds, queen beds, and the works. These are some tremendous motorhomes. 


This Class B motorhome has a comfortable layout that is meant to be functional and cozy plus it has some stylish finishes. 

The ROADTRECK ZION is very functional as it sleeps three people, holds 37 gallons of fresh water, and a wet bath shower and toilet combo. 

The  ROADTREK ZION is 20 feet and 9 inches long, 6 feet 11 inches wide, and 9 feet and 5 inches tall which allows fo all of the awesome amenities that the ROADTREK ZION offers. 

The Cargo weight on the ROADTREK
 ZION is 1250 Lbs. 

When you walk into the ROADTREK ZION there is the driver and passenger seats to the left and then the motorhome begins to the right. 

Both of the front seats swivel around and there is a removable table that can be attached in front of them for eating, games, and more. 

Straight ahead when you walk in is the fully enclosed shower and bath. It comes fully equipped with a sink, shower, and toilet all in one. 

 In the middle of the Class B motorhome is the kitchen that has a 2 burner propane stove, a sink, and a 5 cubic feet fridge. There is a little bit of counter space to help prepare meals. 

In the back of the van is two Sofa beds that can be used as two twin beds or they can fold down to make a king-sized bed that is quite roomy. In between the sofas is another removable table. 

2019 Coachmen Galleria 24FL 

The Coachmen Galleria 24FL uses its length considerably as a Class B motorhome and it has a unique and easily usable design. It is a nice blend of space and function. 

In the very back of the van there is a 3 section sofa that leads to two jump seats on either wall that have a removable table in-between them. 

Coachmen RV and Mercedes have combined their decades worth of experience to introduce Galleria, a Class B Motorhome that offers the utmost in quality, luxury and value. Built on the award-winning 3500 Mercedes Sprinter extended the platform with one of the cleanest running turbo-diesel “Blue TEC” engines on the market which delivers an impressive 325 ft-lb of torque while still providing excellent fuel economy.

RV trader 

Just past the jump seats, the kitchen begins. On the passenger side wall, there is a small stove, sink, and counter space.

On the driver’s side of the van, there is a wardrobe that has a microwave in it, a wet bath with a sink, toilet, and shower, and a refrigerator. 

2019 Winnebago Era 70B

Courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. Unauthorized use not permitted. “Copying of images for further distribution or commercial use is prohibited without the express written consent of Winnebago Industries, Inc.

The 2019 Winnebago Era 70B is one of the first Class B motorhomes that has not only the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat but there is also a third chair right behind the passenger seat. 

In the middle of the three chairs is a movable pedestal table that can be used as a dining table as well as a card table and extra counter space when preparing meals. 

On the driver’s side of the van there is a fridge directly behind the drivers seat then next to that is a three burner stove and a sink that comes with a cover so it can become extra counter space when not in use. 

You will love the versatility of this Winnebago Era class B diesel coach. It is perfect for dashing across town, or for a weekend get-a-way.  You will find all of the basic amenities inside to keep you comfortable while you travel. You are sure to appreciate the powered patio awning for those warm sunny days to create a shady spot outside to enjoy!

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Opposite the kitchen on the passenger’s side of the van is the wet bath which is pretty roomy being 24 inches by 43 inches. 

Behind the bathroom is a small shirt closet and the mounted wall TV. In-between this closet and a seat across from it is the alternate location for the movable pedestal table.   

Courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. Unauthorized use not permitted. “Copying of images for further distribution or commercial use is prohibited without the express written consent of Winnebago Industries, Inc.

At the very back of the 2019 Winnebago Era 70B Class B motorhome is the sofa bed. It comes with seatbelts and can pull out to become a queen sized bed. 

2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity U24MB

I’m not going to lie this 2019 Leisure Travel Van has a very stylish and relaxed floor plan that would make any travel seem relaxed and fun. 

with lots of storage space, a pull-out murphy bed, and a full bath this Class B motorhome definitely gets an A innovation. 

The front of this 2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity U24MB Class B motorhome is the driver and passenger seats. Behind the driver’s seat is a little nook that has to relaxing reclining chairs and a little fold down table in-between them. 

Behind the little eating nook is a pull-out queen sized Murphy bed. Across from the bedroom/eating nook is a built in TV and window. 

Next to the built in TV is the refrigerator and a slide out pantry. Across from that is a L shaped kitchen that has nice counter space, a two burner stove, and a single sink. 

With five innovative floorplans to choose from, there is a Unity RV to suit your traveling lifestyle. Whether you prefer a walk-around island bed, twin beds, a corner bed, an innovative Unity murphy bed, or two flexible living spaces, you will be immediately impressed by the innovative use of space and excited by the amount of storage in this compact luxury Class B Motorhome.
The possibilities are endless.

rv trader 

At the very back of the van is the coolest part! The full bath! There is a vanity with a sink and storage below, a corner shower, and a toilet that has overhead storage. 

Also tucked back into the bathroom is the closet. There is a spot to hang clothes as well as two big drawers below. This is an awesome floor plan for a Class B motorhome. 

2019 Gulf Stream Rv BT Cruiser 5255

The 2019 Gulf Stream Rv BT Cruiser has a really amazing floor plan and one that is different from those that we have previously looked at. 

This 2019 Gulf Stream Rv BT Cruiser combines some of the cool features from a bunch of the different Class B motorhomes that we have looked at. 


The front of the van is rather normal with the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat, but just like in the 2019 Winnebago Era did. 

An extra feature that is really cool is the Mounted TV on the wall above the driver and passenger seats. Across form the extra chair there is the choice of having a U-shaped dinette or theater style seating.  

Next to the dinette is the kitchen. On the passengers side it has a single sink, a hang over microwave, a stove, and an oven underneath. 

Across from that is the refrigerator that allows for easy access while cooking. You don’t always see ovens in Class B motorhomes, so this floor plan has another extra perk. 

Behind the kitchen is the bedroom that is made up of two twin sized beds. Inside this room there is also a lot of overhead cabinets for storage. 

Through a door and at the very back of the van is a full bath. There is a linen shelf above the toilet and a little vanity right next to the standing shower. 

This 2019 Gulf Stream Rv BT Cruiser is awesome and has a lot of fun extra perks that make its floor plan special and unique. 

Platinum 272XL FD

This luxurious Platinum 272XL FD Class B motorhome seems way to spacious to just be a Class B motorhome, but it is. 

At the very back of the van there is a nice queen sized bed that has a night stand on one side and some storage below. 

Across from the bed there is a small wardrobe and a set of drawers. right outside the bedroom is the small bathroom. 

There is overhead storage, a separate standing shower, a sink, a toilet, and a folding shelf. It is compact but useful of the space it has been given. 

Across from the bathroom is the kitchen. There is a 3 burner stove that comes with a cover, a microwave below, and a covered sink that has drawers below. 

The rest of the space is used for a convertible bed-dinette that has extra storage below, a swivel recliner, and a mounted TV. 

Ford E-450 Super Duty Chassis, 176-inch wheelbase, with 6.8-liter Triton V-10 engine; automatic 6-speed TorqShift transmission with tow/haul mode;

coach house rv 


Courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. Unauthorized use not permitted. “Copying of images for further distribution or commercial use is prohibited without the express written consent of Winnebago Industries, Inc.

At the back of the New 2019 WINNEBAGO TRAVATO 59K there is a wet bath right next to the wardrobe. Which leads to the bedroom through sliding doors. 

The bedroom has two twin beds that have a Flex Bed System that can extend their length. There is also a spot for a mounted TV in here. 

This Class B Motorhome also comes with an  

Exterior Ladder
Bike Rack
Heated Drainage System 

The kitchen is nice and L shaped. Plus it has to pull out extensions for extra counter space that also acts as table space. 

Courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. Unauthorized use not permitted. “Copying of images for further distribution or commercial use is prohibited without the express written consent of Winnebago Industries, Inc.

There is a refrigerator below some counter space and a two burner stove. The two front seats also swivel around so that they can be used as seating. 


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This spacious Class B motorhome comes specifically in 4 different floor plans that are all useful but I’m focusing on the 25UCB floor plan. 

At the back of the van there is a queen sized bed tucked up next to the bathroom that has a separate standing shower and toilet.

the Renegade Villagio is the ultimate expression of functional luxury travel.

Renegade Rv

Just outside the door of the bathroom there is a little sink and a closet for storage space. This is where clothes and other accessories will go. 

The kitchen has a small double burner stove that is awesome and a refrigerator. PLUS there is a covered DOUBLE sink! Across from the kitchen is a dinette. 

2019 Pleasure-Way – Lexor 

The floor plan of the 2019 Pleasure-Way – Lexor is really interesting. in the very back there is a couch that folds down into a bed and two mini couches that all surround a removable kitchen table. 

This Class B Motorhome has quite the unusual and fun layout!

Outside of this room there is a wet bath and a kitchen. The kitchen has a two burner stove, a fridge, and a sink. The space is functional and usable. 

2019 Fleetwood Irok FSL

The floor plan for the 2019 Fleetwood Irok FSL is rather interesting and it works really well for the space that it has granted. 

In the very back there is a three person lounge couch and then two love seats the are on opposite walls. The space is meant to be the living space and the bedroom. 

Just past this living/bedroom space there is the kitchen. it has a wardrobe that has a microwave above it, a nice sink with drawers below, and a fridge underneath the stove. 

The first thing you see when you enter the 2019 Fleetwood Irok FSL is the bathroom that has a separate standing shower and a toilet. 


Related to the ROADTREK ZION the ROADTREK Simplicity SRT is a great Class B motorhome that offers an interesting take on the floor plan of a Class B motorhome. 

This floor plan is unique in its simplistic take on the Class B motorhome. Instead of trying to have a lot of different amenities in the motorhome it strives for have the most openspace and the least amount of things. 

There is a 1250 lbs. cargo hold weight and a fresh water capacity of 37 gallons. 

In the back of the motorhome is a thick queen sized mattress that is permanently in place and a nice mounted TV on by the bottom left hand corner. 

On one wall of the Class B motorhome you have two covered burners and a small sink. while on the other side of the motorhome, there is one a 5.9 cubic feet two-way compressor refrigerator, storage, and a nice wet shower and toilet combination. 

Then at the front of the motorhome there is the driver’s chair and the passenger’s chair for extra seating when the car is parked and for seating when the car is in motion. 

This incredible motorhome can sleep 3 people, is 19 feet and 7 inches long, 6 feet 11 inches wide, and 9 feet and 5 inches tall. It is quite the Class B motorhome.

What is a Class B Motorhome?

A Class B motorhome looks like an over-sized van but has a hidden home in the back of it. Lots of people refer to them as camper vans. 

Although this van is tall enough to stand in and walk around in which makes cooking and showering a lot easier. 

Even though there is a kitchen, living room, and a bathroom, it is very small. The toilet and shower are combined into one space.

Expedition Motor Homes

Class B motorhomes are the least expensive of the three types of motorhomes and are the easiest to drive around and maneuver. 

There isn’t a lot of space though so storage is limited and it can be hard to find a place for everything that is needed inside the trailer. So that is important to keep in mind. 

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