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7 Awesome Class C RVs with Bunkbeds

I haven’t owned all these Class C RVs, but there are 7 that I found and put on my favorites list when I was looking for bunk bed motorhomes. All kids love bunk beds; mine are no exception! So, what are the 7 most awesome Class C RVs that have […]

Are Motorhomes Hard to Drive?

If you just purchased or are considering buying a motorhome, one of your biggest concerns is probably whether or not it will be hard to drive. I recently wondered the same thing, and I did a bit of research that might help us both. Are motorhomes hard to drive? Motorhomes […]

Do Fifth Wheels Require Safety Chains?

When I was a kid, I learned that to hook up a camp trailer to a ball hitch, you NEED safety chains. Safety chains are pretty essential. But now that I’m using fifth wheels more, I’ve had learn where safety chains belong and where they don’t. Do fifth wheels require […]

Can Airstreams Be Polished?

There is nothing better than a slick, new, polished Airstream. You wish that sleek shiny surface could stay that way forever. Here’s some info on how to attempt to accomplish that.  Can Airstreams be polished? Because airstreams are made of aluminum on the outside and aluminum is extremely soft, they […]

Can a Motorhome Be Considered a Second Home?

If you own a motor home or other recreational motor vehicle, then it actually might benefit you to register it as a second home. But wait, I hear you say, a motor home is not a house! So the question remains: can a motor home be considered a second home? The IRS defines […]