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Can Bears Break Into an RV?

Forget the stories you’ve heard from Goldie Locks and the Three Bears or the Little Bear cartoon. These bears are not your friends, they will not be cleaning up after themselves, and they are not a guest you want to invite over. Bears are most often attracted to anything that […]

Does Travel Trailer Insurance Cover Water Damage?

When you need to make an insurance claim, it’s important to be confident that your policy covers the damage. That confidence comes from doing your homework and being familiar with your policy’s coverage and exclusions. While many insurance policies for travel trailers will cover some aspects of water damage, all […]

Best Skirting for Fifth Wheels

If you’re heading up for a long ski trip or setting up your winter home in an RV, an essential step of your hibernation process is properly skirting your fifth wheel! Skirts can be made out of lots of different materials and can be made from scratch or custom built […]

Can a Dolly Be Used for Moving a Travel Trailer?

It can be difficult pushing or moving a travel trailer, especially with little help so I looked into the possibility if dollies could help. Also if dollies can help, what kind of dollies can specifically help with moving travel trailers. Most conventional manual dollies simply won’t hold enough weight to […]

Do Travel Trailers Have Hot Water Heaters?

Adventure is out there, but doesn’t have to be a chilly experience. This article will give you helpful insights and tips for knowing more about your travel trailer’s heating systems for the perfect excursion. Most travel trailers have hot water heaters which you can use for cooking or hot showers; […]