Our Favorite Fifth Wheel Floor Plans with 2 Bedrooms

Fifth Wheels are awesome and have so much room. We have some favorite styles and floor plans that accommodate two bedrooms and are awesome. I love looking at new campers and RV’s so I loved researching about Fifth Wheels.  So, what are our favorite Fifth Wheel floor plans with two bedrooms? There are so many … Read more

Toy Haulers That Can Fit Two Side-by-Sides (UTVs)

If you plan on taking a pair of side-by-sides with you for a trip you’re planning you’re gonna need the right hauler for the job. So what works? Toy haulers that can fit two side-by-sides (UTVs): Given the size of UTVs, you are not going to be able to fit two side-by-sides next to each … Read more

Motorhomes vs Travel Trailers: 10 Pros and Cons

Let’s talk about motorhomes and travel trailers. Are they similar? What are the pros and cons? Both have wonderful things that they are useful for. Having had lots of experience with both of these types of RVs, I want to shed some light on the subject. Like any RV, both have their places in the … Read more

Storing RV at Home

Storing Your RV at Home – The Complete Guide

The Complete Guide to Storing Your RV at Home In the blink of an eye, this summer ends. Then, just as quickly, autumn disappears. What are you going to do with your RV at that point? Will you be storing your RV for the winter? Will you rent out your RV? A lucky few may … Read more

The 7 Things Every Trailer Kitchen Should Have

Several months back, I wrote an article here at Camper Report about RV kitchen accessories. While all these extras are nice to have, they’re not exactly necessities. Could you live without a dish strainer or drawer organizers? Sure! Your trailer kitchen might be a little messy, but you could still enjoy food from the comfort … Read more

How Much Do Pop-Up Campers Weigh (and other considerations)

Welcome to the 21st century—gone are the days of your grandpa’s pop-up. Pop-ups have moved up to snazzy, efficient, cozy and comfy recreational vehicles.  They come with many amenities to keep the experienced camper happy or welcome the first time questionable camper. The weight of a pop-up can vary as much as any travel trailer … Read more

Travel trailer at dusk with porch light on.

10 Tips on Selecting a Travel Trailer for Families with Kids

You and your spouse are avid RV lovers. You’re always planning that next getaway, whether it’s a few states over or cross-country. Now that you’ve expanded your family, you’re hoping your kids will grow up to be as passionate about RVs as you are. You may need to upgrade your vehicle to accommodate your extra … Read more

Class A Motorhome with title superimposed stating, "Pick the Class A!"

How Much Does a Class A RV Cost?

Class A motorhomes are the biggest class of RV on the market. These are often 24 feet and up (sometimes 40 feet or more!) and weigh thousands of pounds. Some people prefer Class A RVs over all over RV types (like in the Camper Report article I linked to above) while others don’t. If you’re … Read more