Average Cost of New Travel Trailers (With 16 examples)

I recently purchased a brand new travel trailer and did tons of price shopping to find the best prices.  Brand new travel trailers const significantly more than lightly used travel trailers because they depreciate quickly; however, since trailers can easily have things break, for many users it is worth buying new so they know everything … Read more

Old travel trailer in fall outdoor setting.

Hybrid Trailers vs Travel Trailers: 14 important considerations

When I first walked through the endless lots of campers in Boise, I immediately decided that I didn’t want a hybrid; however, I later talked to someone who owned one and learned some interesting benefits (and drawbacks) to the hybrid. In the end, I still decided to go with the traditional travel trailer, but I … Read more

Travel Trailer Vs Tent Trailer: Why I Picked A Hard-Side Trailer!

I just recently purchased a conventional travel trailer (hard side) and I faced the agonizing choice of whether to pick a tent trailer or a regular travel trailer.  I also considered some hard side travel trailers that had canvas pop-outs, which are sometimes referred to as hybrid trailers. In general, I recommend a travel trailer … Read more

RV must haves - man enjoying beverage outside his RV

19 New Travel Trailer “Must-Haves” for Beginner RVers

RVing is so much easier when you have the right gear. These new travel trailer must-haves are guaranteed to help you enjoy easy camping wherever you roam. Travel Trailer “Must-Haves” for Easy Camping, All the Time Recently I took my new Rockwood 2504s RV out for three days of camping. The taught me that investing … Read more