Author: Nicole Malczan

Is There a Lemon Law for RVs?

If I asked you to describe a car that’s a lemon, you could probably conjure up a mental image easily. This is a busted-down vehicle, often produced decades and decades ago. Its paintjob is dingy, its tires are hanging on for dear life, and who knows what problems lie under […]

Can a Camper Tip Over?

The average camper trailer, per an article on our site, is 24 feet long and about 5,200 pounds. Campers can be smaller, like the 19-foot 2015 Jayco Jay Flight 19RD. That camper weighs 3,715 pounds. They can be bigger as well, such as the 32-foot long 2017 Cherokee West 274DBH. […]

Can RVs Camp Overnight at Cabela’s?

RV ownership sure doesn’t come cheap. Once you get over the initial financial hurdle of purchasing your vehicle, there’s a whole slew of other costs that await you. You have to pay for fuel for your RV, must-haves like a generator (which also needs fuel), and any other maintenance and […]

Do RVs Have Wi-Fi?

How many times has this happened to you? You leave your house and go out for a while. During your adventures, you assume your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi, only to find out the hard way that wasn’t the case when you get slammed with an astronomical data overage […]

The Complete Guide to RV Tire Safety

When was the last time you’ve given your RV tires some love? These hefty rubber behemoths may be several sizes larger than the average car tire, but they’re still susceptible to many of the same issues: underinflating, overinflating, low pressure, punctures, and other external damage. Changing and replacing your vehicle’s […]

Five Great Ways to Insulate Your Trailer

If you remember from my recent post about preventing premature battery death, a lot of the information out there on the great wide web is catered towards RVs, not trailers. That can be kind of a bummer, because these are two different vehicles with often different needs. For instance, a […]