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Eatin’ Good: 10 Tiny Trailers with Pull-out Kitchens

Published on October 10th, 2018 by Nicole Malczan
This post was updated on October 26th, 2018

You love towing trailers, be those larger travel trailers or even tiny teardrops. That said, the lack of space afforded in a trailer compared to an RV can be problematic, especially if you enjoy cooking. You tend to get just a tiny kitchen nook in most trailers. That makes cooking elaborate meals impossible.

If you’re tired of eating frozen meals, you definitely don’t want to miss this handy list I’ve compiled. I found 10 amazing trailers that all have pull-out or slide-out kitchens. You get the room to cook that you would at home while still enjoying the comforts of your trailer! It’s the best of both worlds.

1. Palomino’s Puma 255RKS

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The Puma 255RKS from Palomino is sizeable enough that it has not one but two kitchens. The first is inside the trailer, but the second is a pull-out micro kitchen.

It’s located beyond the bedroom and includes an induction burner, mini refrigerator, and cooking surface. As mentioned, this is in addition to the first kitchen, which comes with a sizeable refrigerator, dual sinks, a double-burner stove, and plenty of cooking space with an L-shaped countertop. The counter also has two areas of overhead storage.

Having two kitchens, even if the other is significantly smaller, can be convenient for a multitude of reasons. If you feel like enjoying the great outdoors while making a quick meal, you can. Perhaps you’re whipping up two separate dishes for picky family members (c’mon, we’ve all been there). Now you have double the cooking space. Finally, if you want to make something simple like s’mores while everyone is out in the great outdoors, you can prep this dessert quickly and easily.

2. Camp-Inn’s 550 Ultra Teardrop

I wrote about the 550 Ultra Teardrop from Camp-Inn before, but it’s worth talking about again. This teensy-weensy teardrop trailer surprises with its expansive kitchen that pulls out from the rear.

The spacious countertop is made of stainless steel for fast cleanup. There’s also a stainless steel dining table that folds down and out, providing enough space for at least two people to enjoy a full meal.

If you can’t fit a refrigerator in your teardrop trailer, you can at least keep your drinks cold in other ways. Camp-Inn equips the 550 Ultra with a stainless steel cooler stand that’s the same height as the countertop for easy access.

If you’re the type who has to have every ingredient, garnish, and staple food item out when cooking, you’ll love the under-counter storage hidden beneath the stainless steel counter surface. These deep wooden boxes (yes, you get two of them) can hold quite a lot.

Did I mention there’s a sink? Because yes, there’s a sink. It too is made of stainless steel and is quite deep for washing any dishes that amass during your culinary adventures. The included detachable sprayer hose makes doing dishes a breeze.

When it comes time to cook, you can find the two-burner stove hidden in a stainless steel compartment with a fire shield. The stove is made of stainless steel for a vintage look and efficient cooking every time. When you’re done cooking and the stove has cooled down, it slides underneath the cabinet.

The cabinets that sit above the sink and near the counter are made of durable birch. You’ll also find a utensil drawer nearby, which is birch as well. With a drawer depth of four inches and included dividers, all your spoons, knives, and forks finally have a home.

3. Track Trailer’s Firetail

Australian brand Track Trailer produces a tough little teardrop trailer known as the Firetail. If you’re the type who’s always on the cutting edge of new technology, you need a Firetail in your life like yesterday.

Just take a look at this thing. With its sharp, angular edges and captivating shape, the Firetail certainly commands attention and respect. The manufacturer describes the Firetail as possessing a “surf mist body” accented with jet black highlights. Track Trailer has been in the trailer-designing game for almost 20 years, and the Firetail is their most innovative creation to date.

Now, onto what we came for in this article: the pull-out kitchen. Towards the front tires, the Firetail has a retractable premium kitchen. Said kitchen includes everything you need to get cookin’. There’s a decently-sized stainless steel food prep surface. Tucked neatly in one corner of that cooking surface is a little compartment for storing pots, pans, plates, utensils, and more. These can be dirty or clean, although preferably not both at the same time.

Next to the counter is a full sink with a rotating spigot. While you don’t get a ton of room to wash your dishes, that’s what the compartment on the countertop is for. You can keep your dishes there and then wash them in small groups. To the side of the sink, which is also made of stainless steel, is yet more countertop space for a plastic drying caddy or anything you want, really.

There’s a black tinted plastic lid shaped to the exact measurements of the sink that you can close when the sink is not in use. This way, germs and bacteria can’t linger on the surface. You can also keep pesky insects away as they smell your delectable meals.

Need space? Of course you do. Luckily, the Firetail has three drawers. The first is by the food storage compartment. It’s long and wide and thus perfect for keeping your array of pots and pans. In front of the sink is the second drawer, which is ideal for stashing plates, bowls, and cups. Then, off to the other side of the sink is the last drawer, which is much smaller. It’s designed for holding all your utensils. No one likes lost cutlery, after all.

If you poke around on Track Trailer’s website, you’ll see the trailer is often parked and the kitchen pulled out under a giant tent. That’s not just some random campsite tent. It’s actually included with the Firetail. You now have the freedom to cook at night, in windy weather, and other inclement conditions without getting rained out.

4. Little Guy Trailers’ Flyer

The tiny Flyer from Little Guy Trailers is designed for those who don’t mind close quarters. Seriously, this trailer has a width of less than eight feet. The opening height of most doors is five feet, so it’s not recommended you buy this trailer is you’re on the taller side.

If you can fit comfortably inside, you’ll marvel at all the amenities Little Guy Trailers was able to fit into the Flyer. You can choose from a batwing or sunseeker awning, for starters. You also get a roof rack and two options for the bed, either a roadside tip-out bed or a curbside tip-out bed.

What about the kitchen? With such a small trailer, the kitchen is similarly sized. It of course slides out so you have more cooking space. There’s a 12-volt refrigerator included, which is impressive considering how mini the Flyer is. If you feel like spending more money, you can always upgrade to a 120-volt fridge, which is again seriously impressive!

If you’re a simple, travel-light type of person, then the Flyer can stash you and a passenger compactly yet cozily. You can also eat quite well.

5. Escapod’s Topo Series Trailer

I just couldn’t help but write about the Topo Series from Escapod. As a teardrop trailer, it’s just so darn cute. Much more than its looks, the Topo Series trailer is also known for its functionality.

The 2019 Topo Series has a small frame that’s reinforced with powder-coated steel. The rest of the trailer is made with featherweight aluminum that won’t corrode. Inside, you get a closed compartment, two cubbies, and four cabinets for storage. There’s also a five-inch queen-sized mattress with memory foam. A pretty nine-inch by 41-inch stargazer window means you’re always waking up to the best views around.

Now, what’s for breakfast? Pull out your open-air galley kitchen and see! Although it’s built with unfinished wood, we think the Topo Series trailer’s kitchen will grow on you. The hatched door unlocks and opens overhead, protecting you from the elements.

There’s an included Yeti cooler stand for food storage. After the meal, you can wash all your dishes in a stainless steel sink. Beneath the sink are three long, deep cabinets for utensils, plates, bowls, cups, and even slim pots and pans. There’s also wall storage above the cooler and sink in the form of cabinets. Both cabinets slide open, revealing dual shelves for your spice bottles or other small items.

If you prefer to do your cooking under the cover of darkness, you’ll appreciate the included LED lighting that surrounds and illuminates this pull-out kitchen.

6. Palomino’s SolAire Ultra Lite 304RKDS Travel Trailer

Another great Palomino trailer with a pull-out kitchen is the SolAire Ultra Lite 304RKDS. This is one of the bigger floorplans available from Palomino. It has an exterior length of 35 feet and six inches, an exterior width of 96 inches, and an exterior height of 11 feet, one inch. That leaves plenty of room for all the amenities you could ever dream of.

For instance, you get two kitchens! On the far side opposite the main bedroom is the first kitchen, which is in the trailer. It includes a pantry, oven, counter space, storage, and two refrigerators. If that’s somehow not enough for you, there’s also a second pull-out kitchen directly outside of the first one.

The rest of this trailer comes fully-loaded, too. You get overhead cabinets, an entertainment center, dressers, closets, wardrobes, and even your own washer/dryer. The dinette measures 42×74, so there’s a nice cozy place to eat indoors if you’d prefer. If not, you can always open some folding chairs outside and chow down on what you cooked while watching the beauty of nature.

7. Little Guy Trailers’ T@B 320 CS-S

Another pick from Little Guy Trailers’ is their T@B 320 CS-S. This trailer, while still small, is considerably larger than the Flyer I covered several entries back. The exterior length is 182 inches with the coupler. Otherwise, the trailer is just 133 inches long. With an exterior height of 89 inches and an exterior width of 78 inches, all its dimensions are pretty tight.

Still, there’s room for a 70×58 mattress inside, so you won’t exactly be forced to curl up when you want to go to sleep. Other interior features are high-end cabinetry, a table, and a second space for a mattress (that can also double as seating if you’d prefer).

To fit the above amenities, the kitchen pulls out. You can access it from the rear of the vehicle via a rounded hatched door. The kitchen, while a bit of a squeeze, is awesome. The light wooden cabinetry is charming, and you get more appliances than you’d assume. Little Guy Trailers managed to get a microwave and a dishwasher in their pull-out kitchen setup.

There’s some food prep/counter space here, but not a ton. You do get a small sink if you’d rather clean your dishes by hand. There are four cabinets as well: two to the side of the microwave and two larger ones beneath the sink. Where do your utensils go? Fret not, as there’s also a single drawer made just for ‘em.

8. Timberleaf’s Pika

One of the most attention-grabbing models from teardrop trailer company Timberleaf is the 2019 Pika. It’s shed some metal weight, rendering it smaller but more efficient. By the way, Pika got the inspiration from its name from the same creature that probably gave the world Pikachu, so that’s cool.

The Pika measures 54×96 inches and is just 1,025 pounds. Like many of the tiny trailers discussed in this article, the Pika has a hatched door around back that opens wide to reveal a pull-out kitchen. The natural raw wood of the kitchen and inner doors is part of the Pika’s undeniable appeal.  

This is a very simply-designed, no-frills kitchen. Included are two cabinets with exposed holes drilled through for you to grab and slide the cabinet doors open. One cabinet is longer and leaner and the other is taller and wider. You also get four standard outlets as well as two bonus outlets for plugging in all your favorite appliances.

An included Dometic cooler stand will keep your foods chilled in lieu of a fridge. The counter space offered is minimal, and there’s no sink, either. Again, the Pika is very no-frills, but for some, that’s not such a bad thing.

9. inTech RV’s Luna Rover

The colorful mini Luna Rover from inTech RV is another great lightweight trailer. It has an interior height of four feet, six inches and an interior length of six feet, 10 inches. Inside, you can stretch out a little with an interior width of five feet, nine inches. The overall length of the Luna Rover is 15 feet, six inches.

Weighing between 1,643 and 1,770 pounds, this featherweight trailer can use off-grid solar panels or run on up to 30 amps of power. You also get to choose the exterior color strip, selecting between Asteroid Silver or Rocket Red. The rest of the trailer is white and black.

Let’s discuss the kitchenette that comes with the Luna Rover, shall we? It’s sleek and chock full of amenities. With white painted interior walls, finished cabinetry, and a hard slate gray countertop surface, this pull-out kitchenette may rival your kitchen back home.

First, we’ll begin with the walls. You’ll find several outlets for plugging in all your must-have kitchen items like a microwave or coffeemaker. A hard plastic caddy attached to the wall can hold your favorite recipes an oven mitt or two. There are also two circular panels that are either vents or speakers, but you can complain either way? I didn’t think so.

You also get a stovetop with two burners and an included stovetop cover for when the burners aren’t in use. Said burners are big enough to fit a standard-sized tea kettle and a small pot at the same time. Now that’s cookin’ smart.

The stainless steel sink has a large, overarching spigot for easy cleaning. On the other side of the sink is a good amount of counter space for making meals or keeping your favorite cooking items in easy view.

Beneath the countertop, inTech RV generously provided three more cabinets. One pulls out and is large and wide. The other two open up and have many shelves inside for keeping just about anything kitchen-related. There’s also a pull-out cooler stand on a metal apparatus. It can tuck back in beside the cabinets neatly when not in use. This is one trailer that makes great use of the little space afforded to it!

10. Turtleback Trailers’ Expedition

The captivating design of Turtleback Trailers extends to its Expedition, which is ready for camping, off-roading, or whatever adventures you want to take it on. Built from full-sized SUVs like the Ford Expedition (probably its namesake) or the Jeep Rubicon, the Expedition can fit up to six passengers.

Its pull-out kitchen is one of its most useful features. Located amongst its bright orange exterior, the tiny kitchen is a mighty one. It features a stovetop cooker that you can use like an oven or a grill. Besides that is a cooker with a lid so you can get your food to the level of doneness you desire.

On both sides of the cooking surfaces, the retractable doors reveal two food prep surfaces. Both are made of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about stains and messes. While there are storage compartments aboard the Expedition, they’re not designed specifically for kitchen use. You’ll have to get creative about what you bring if this is the trailer you choose to own.


You know the saying that good things come in small packages, right? When it comes to tiny trailers, this is infinitely true. From teardrops to smaller camper trailers, just because they don’t look like much doesn’t mean you have to give up all the creature comforts of home.

The above trailers all have cozy pull-out kitchens. You get the features you’d want in a trailer kitchen, such as refrigeration (although sometimes it’s in a cooler stand instead of a fridge), counter space for food prep, storage for utensils and all your cooking supplies, and a sink for cleaning up messes.

A pull-out kitchen grants you the freedom to cook amongst nature. Whether you set up a tent/awning or use the hatched door of one of these trailers for cover, forget about just s’mores and kabobs on the campfire. You can whip up the whole shebang in any of these awesome kitchens.

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