Author: Nicole Malczan

The 7 Things Every Trailer Kitchen Should Have

Several months back, I wrote an article here at Camper Report about RV kitchen accessories. While all these extras are nice to have, they’re not exactly necessities. Could you live without a dish strainer or drawer organizers? Sure! Your trailer kitchen might be a little messy, but you could still […]

17 Tips for Towing a Small Camper Trailer

If you often travel with just your immediate family or a few friendly passengers, then a small camper trailer is all you need. Now, it’s important that I define what a “small” camper trailer is for the sake of this article, because there are some trailers out there that are […]

9 Tips for Towing a Fifth-Wheel Trailer

Fifth-wheel trailers are known for their unique looks, which include a protruding front section. Although they have a somewhat odd shape, many of these trailers boast bi-level floor plans, meaning there’s plenty of room to bring your friends and family on your RVing adventures. The reason they’re called fifth-wheel trailers […]