Travel trailer at dusk with porch light on.

Should I Tow My Camper Home With a Broken Awning?

Sometimes things on the camper just break.  The awning is no exception. If the awning breaks, is it safe to drive the RV or tow the camper home?  No, don’t drive home with a broken retractable awning.  The retractable awnings on campers and RVs are held to the side of the vehicle using spring pressure … Read more

A Class C motorhome at camp in the woods

How Tall Are Class A and Class C Motorhomes?

In checking into the options of whether to store my RV elsewhere or at home, I found that storing at home, even with a few expenses was the best option. I found that measuring from the ground to the top of the unit, measuring the air conditioner, and adding the two gave me the correct … Read more

What a First “Real” trip in a Camper is Like

The travel trailer virgins are, well, no longer virgins having one five mile two night trip under their belts. Now it’s time for the first trip of any distance, almost 90 miles to Rend Lake in southern Illinois from our southeast Missouri home. This is the report on how things went and what new stuff … Read more

Surviving a First Camper Vacation

The travel trailer virgins took the rolling motel room on its shakedown cruise a few weeks ago. We survived. YAY! Turns out, it really is not brain science or rocket surgery. If you take your time and think your way through, you too can set up your own motel room with a simple two hour … Read more

Great Travel Trailers with Awesome Storage

I was checking into travel trailers with storage options and came up with a list. There are several camper-trailers with good storage options. Below are a variety of travel trailers from tiny to large. Jay Flight The Jay Flight by Jayco is built around comfort. It includes baggage storage, wardrobe storage, pantry and coat hooks by the door. … Read more

How to Keep Your Camper Battery from Dying Over the Winter

I hate to break it to you, but summertime is almost over. Okay, yes, technically it’s summer until 11:59 p.m. on September 21st, but it just doesn’t feel like summer once August is behind us. The kids will be back to school, the beaches will be deserted, and you’ll be thinking about winterizing your camper … Read more

How Much do Teardrop Campers Weigh?

A Teardrop Camper may be the solution you have in mind to keep life adventurous, fun and simple while still having some added comfort in the great outdoors. While there are not as many manufacturers specializing in teardrop style campers as other standard recreational vehicles, you’ll still find a wide variety with amenities to suit … Read more

A hand performs a camper outlet test with an electronic device.

Is It Safe To Plug My Camper in? How to Test a Shore Outlet

Testing the shore power outlet is an important step when arriving at a new campsite. An outlet that has been improperly wired could have too many volts, too few volts drop off, or reversed polarity.  If the voltage drops, the appliances in your RV will work and appear to be working correctly, but they are … Read more

Travel Trailer

Our First Travel Trailer Road Trip

Our First Travel Trailer Road Trip We took our first travel trailer road trip. We learned how things work. Got the hitch installed on the Yukon. Learned how that pesky electric brake thing worked. When we last wrote, the trailer was hooked up and Duane had said “you’re ready to go.” So, here’s how our … Read more

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