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Yellowstone Saw A Record Number Of Visitors Last Month

Yellowstone National Park - Photo via Flickr Creative Commons

Yellowstone Saw A Record Number Of Visitors Last Month

Many Americans have long since canceled and forgotten their regular spring and summer travel plans due to the pandemic. As national parks started to open in late May and June, it was predicted that many families would be trading their plane flights and cruises for RVs and road trips. This prediction seems to have come true, especially for Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone hosted a record-breaking 360,034 recreation visits this October, shattering the previous record of 252,013 in 2015. October was not the only month to get a record number of visitors this year. Despite being closed through some of the park’s busiest months, a Yellowstone statement said,

“So far in 2020, the park has hosted 3,743,907 recreation visits, down 6% from the same period last year,” All things considered, that doesn’t sound too bad.

It will be interesting to see how the winter season pans out. There is great potential for the winter as more people will be thinking of outdoor pursuits like snowmobiling, skiing, and many other winter activities available at the park.

Searches on Google Trends

According to Google, people are searching for Yellowstone more this year than in the last five years. Even though searches have dropped off as colder weather has set in, as usual, the search term continues to be higher this year than previously.

Google searches for Yellowstone in the last 5 years.

The graph below shows that not only are people interested in Yellowstone National Park this winter, more people have looked up winter RVing in October than at any time in the last five years as well.

It looks like not only may Yellowstone have a record-breaking September and October, November could prove quite popular as well. It also looks like the influx of RV buyers this year are not ready to put them away for the winter just yet.

The number of searches for “winter RV” in the last 5 years.

If you are interested in visiting Yellowstone this winter, the following video shows some of what the park has to offer.

Visiting Yellowstone

If you’re planning a visit to Yellowstone National Park, check the NPS website and RV LIFE Campgrounds to learn more about all the camping options and RV parks in the area. Most of the park’s campgrounds close in the winter, but Mammoth Campground stays open to tents and RVers all year-round. You can also find more points of interest in the area when planning your route with RV LIFE Trip Wizard and the RV LIFE App.

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