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Go Off-Grid In The XploreRV XR22 By Imperial Outdoors

Published on September 24th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence
This post was updated on February 15th, 2024

back view of the XploreRV XR22 By Imperial Outdoors

Go Off-Grid In The XploreRV XR22 By Imperial Outdoors

Finding the right balance between comfort, storage space, and off-grid capability can be hard when you’re looking for an adventure-ready RV. But the new model from Imperial Outdoors promises to offer the best blend of everything! The XploreRV XR22 is hitting the market and it promises to be a great vehicle for rugged RV enthusiasts.

This new combination travel trailer and toy hauler is compact and ready for anything. With solar power capabilities and unique features for off-grid camping, you can take this model just about anywhere. Let’s dive into some details below and see if the XploreRV XR22 is fit to be your next rig!

XploreRV XR22 Overview

  • Overall Length: 23 feet, 4 inches
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 5,200 lbs.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 3,620 lbs.
  • Maximum Garage Dimensions: 60”W x 66”H x 90”L
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 30 gallons

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This newest model from Imperial Outdoors follows in the footsteps of their previous creations. Originally, their designs focused on the needs of active fishermen (specifically those who wanted to go ice fishing in harsh weather conditions). As such, this brand has become known for making well-insulated vehicles that are perfect for outdoorsmen.

The XploreRV XR22 definitely lives up to this legacy and is a travel trailer that is designed for comfort in all seasons. This trailer is compact and light enough to be towed by a variety of vehicles, not just heavy-duty trucks. It can also double as a toy hauler if there is any bulky gear you’d like to bring along.

In addition, this RV was designed for off-grid living! It can comfortably sleep 3-4 people and offers all the necessities you need in a home away from home. Its solar system can provide power, and the dry-flush bathroom design reduces water waste.

The layout includes a bathroom in the front end, a convertible dinette, a large refrigerator, an electric bed lift, and a good amount of storage space throughout the floor plan. Campers can also choose to add a rooftop tent attachment, which will add even more sleeping space and let you reserve the rest of the RV for storage or relaxation.

Special features

We’ve briefly discussed some of the details of the XploreRV XR22, but now let’s take a closer look at some of the features that make it so perfect for off-grid enthusiasts.

Superior insulation

This RV was designed with the four seasons in mind. As such, it’s equipped with fantastic insulation that rivals many other top names on the market.

According to the tests performed by Imperial Outdoors, this vehicle can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees F to 140 degrees F. So whether you’re in the freezing tundra or the scorching desert, this RV can keep you comfortable. This is a valuable trait for an off-grid living space because you may be out in nature for a long time.

Mini travel trailer and toy hauler design

Another nice feature of the XploreRV XR22 is that its design doubles as a travel trailer and a toy hauler. It’s relatively small and light, so you can use a variety of vehicles to tow it. But it also offers storage space and a rear ramp that can be used to load and unload bulky items.

If you love skiing, dirt biking, or kayaking, this is a great model that can accommodate all your needs. It can be hard to find a livable toy hauler of this size, so this is another way that the XR22 stands out from the competition!

No black tank: Dry flush technology

If you looked at the specs of this vehicle and noticed that there is no black tank, that wasn’t a typo! This unit uses a unique dry-flush system that empties the contents of the toilet into tightly sealed packages. This eliminates smell and saves water! It is important to ensure that you have enough packaging on hand for your entire trip, but otherwise, this feature is pretty awesome.

Optional rooftop tent

If you truly love connecting with the outdoors, this next item will be perfect for you. The owners of an XploreRV X22 have the option to equip their trailer with a bonus rooftop tent upon purchase. This expands the usable space and gives more of that old-fashioned camping feeling. The roof of this RV is reinforced, so it’s safe to walk on when you want to access the roof tent.

Additional packages

Finally, this travel trailer comes with several package options for users to add upon purchase. Of course, the standard base model is already great, but it’s good to know what else it can offer.

You can choose to add the Xtreme Package (standard upgrades), the Blizzard package (cold-weather upgrades), or one of two Wilderness Packages (rooftop tent upgrades). For more details about each of these options, check out the Imperial Outdoors website.

view of the XploreRV XR22 By Imperial Outdoors driving through water

Initial reviews and reception

So far, the XploreRV XR22 has been extremely well received by customers and critics alike. Reviewers have remarked on the professional build and the level of quality that this rig offers. The efforts of the development team are easy to see and appreciate when you examine this vehicle.

Obviously, it’s a newer model, so it might be hard to tell if there will be long-term issues at this point. But considering the high-quality design and great materials that were used in the construction process, it seems likely that this will be an RV that stands the test of time.

A reviewer for summed it up well when they said,

“For those who want a trailer that can take dirt bikes or kayaks or snowmobiles to places and not suffer in the process, perhaps the Imperial XploreRV XR22 is one of the more aptly named rigs out there: Get out and “Xplore”!”

Tony Barthel:

Overall, this is a great addition to the world of off-grid RVs. Keep your eye on Imperial Outdoors because the release of this design seems to promise more great things coming in the future!

To find the complete vehicle specs, as well as gallery photos and a dealer locator, visit the product page at

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3 thoughts on “Go Off-Grid In The XploreRV XR22 By Imperial Outdoors”

  1. Picked up the X22 a few weeks ago. Originally leaned towards the R toy hauler model for the bikes, but storage and layout changed my mind, bikes will just have to stay in the truck bed. A couple fit n finish issues, but so far so good. Agree with the H2O concerns, will have to carry a few water cans for now, expand capacity later. 7 gallon cans for about $12 at Walmart almost doubling my capacity for 50 bucks, I can make that work. The 200 watt solars impressed me, daily charge easily gets me thru the night, granted, haven’t needed the AC, but with everything being 12 volts, not putting the slightest dent on the battery charge and I’ve lived in it steady since I picked it up a few weeks ago. I could see needing to upgrade for serious boondocking and I’m sure the AC will become an issue sooner than later living in the SE, but for now, actually quite impressed with the systems capabilities. Overall, could not be happier with my choice, checks so many boxes, including the least important, but being honest, I love its unique, head-turning styling. Obviously more times needed to fully evaluate, but I’ve been RVing long enuff to know a klunker when I see one, and this is certainly far from ever being considered one of those

  2. to go off grid you must reimagine your vehicle in its two most important areas. 1. Water storage needs to be at least double. 30 gallons is ridiculous. 60 gallons would be below expectations but bearable. I would say at least 75 gallons considering your tank is used for potable, shower, sink…everything. 2. you need four lithium batteries and double the roof solar panel capability or at least a 2,000 watt power generator. All the other stuff is really cool and gives it the potential of being the best in class but without these two upgrades it is basically an expensive over-insulated shore power glamper. I am looking seriously at one but will work with the dealer to double the water storage and battery capability, as I said the two most basic ingredients to being off-grid (water/power).


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