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Who Buys Salvage RVs?

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There are a few places where you can get rid of salvage RVs.

3 Places That Buy Salvage RVs

Nothing lasts forever. On average, RVs help us to create happy memories for 10 to 20 years on average. After that, RVs often become too fraught with problems to continue as anything but a backyard monument.

Old RVs tend to get parked for too long before we sell them or get someone to haul them away. You probably already know you can give an old RV away to someone just by advertising it online as a salvage or parts RV. But did you know there are also people who will pay to take your junky old RV away? The key is finding out who they are. This article will explore who buys salvage RVs.

It’s not always easy to find a specific buyer who buys scrap RVs. We found 3 different options available to old RV owners in most areas of the USA and Canada.

Sell your RV online

If you have an old RV that is considered a sought-after vintage RV, there are plenty of private buyers and RV restoration companies that will pay you money for your old eyesore. Some RV brands and models are more popular than others for vintage RV renovation projects. Some sought-after vintage RVs include:

  • Airstream Trailers
  • Boler Fibreglass Trailers
  • Burro Fibreglass Trailers
  • Spartan Aluminum Trailers
  • Holiday Rambler
  • Volkswagen Westfalia
  • GMC Motorhome
  • Winnebago Brave
  • Pathfinder Trailers

If you have any of these RVs sitting in your backyard, try selling it through National Vehicle or even on RV forum classifieds. Be honest about its general condition and also about what works and what doesn’t work in it. There is probably somebody into vintage RV renovations who will be happy to buy an RV in fair to poor condition for the right price.

Automobile and RV scrap yards

RV scrapyards and even some automobile scrap yards will pay you cash AND take your decrepit RV away. How sweet is that? Here are a few companies that will either buy your scrap RV and take it away or provide a listing of RV scrap yards that will do so.

Sell your old RV for scrap metal

You probably have a company in your area that buys scrap metal. They pay by the pound of metal, but they might have a blanket rate that they pay for scrap RVs. This option is the most hassle since you’ll usually have to find a way to get your old RV to their scrap yard. If you still want to sell your old RV as metal scrap, you can Google “scrap metal dealers near me.”

RVers looking for valuable how-to information have learned to go to the experts. Forums such as and blog sites like RV LIFE, Do It Yourself RV, and Camper Report provide all the information you need to enjoy your RV. You’ll also find brand-specific information on additional forums like Air Forums, Forest River Forums, and Jayco Owners Forum.

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7 thoughts on “Who Buys Salvage RVs?

  1. I’m looking for a 1987 to 1990 37 foot Itasca Windcruiser for parts to repair the body on mime.

  2. casita trailer to buy: where to look for a used Casita. Made in Texas, and a fiberglass top, sides and front and rear. ??????

  3. I have found a great place for part and labor. Even better it’s only two miles down the road from my house. River Town RV’s In La Grange Kentucky, buys salvage towables. They sell new and used parts. If they don’t have they try to find it for you. They will install what they sell or tell you how to, Somedays it just good place hang with guys drink coffee and talk RV’s and adventures.

  4. I remain amazed there is no club for old Coleman Popup trailers. Remember when a family of 4 or 6 used Popup trailers all over America? Now it’s two seniors in a 45′ motorhome.

  5. I am looking for a 1989 thru 1996 Shadow Cruiser 5th Wheel Camper Trailer.
    Any condition considered for parts or to fix up. I can move it from your yard.

    Contact John at email: [email protected]

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