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What Kind Of RVer Are You?

Published on August 6th, 2021 by Levi Henley

Class C RV and RVer in front of water view

What Kind Of RVer Are You?

The Go RVing RV Owner Demographic profile has been released. Dubbed the most comprehensive study of RVer ownership ever conducted, it noted a 62% increase in RV ownership, and 18 to 34-year-olds now account for 22% of those owners. That’s just the tip of the information iceberg the profile gives us.

The RV Industry Association wrote, “After an extensive analysis, seven distinct clusters of RV Owners have been identified. Ranging across demographics, attitudes, RV usage habits, and motivations, these seven clusters help to understand variances in RV owners across more than the type purchased, instead shedding light on the unique motivations, needs, and habits of each type of RVer.”

This information is used for the RV industry to develop products and marketing strategies. But it is fun to look at the different RVer groups to see what kind of RVer you are.

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RVer Types

Casual Campers

At 39%, Casual Campers are the largest RVer group. This type of RVer spends less than 30 days RVing each year. The majority (82%) of Casual Campers are over 55. Because the vast majority of this group is older, most do not have children living at home. Their RV of choice is a conventional travel trailer, followed by a fifth wheel in second place.

Family Campers

Family Campers make up 33% of the RVer community. They share a lot in common with the previous group but differ slightly. Family Campers are usually under the age of 55, and 64% live with children. Because most of them are not retired, their RV trips primarily take place in the summertime and are limited by their full-time jobs.

They see RVing as a weekend family bonding opportunity, and many love camping, hiking, and fishing. On average, Family Campers only manage to get out and enjoy their RV with their family about 13 days a year. Just like Casual Campers, the conventional travel trailer is the RV of choice for this group.

RVer Escapists

Due to the increased availability of mobile work, it will be interesting to see how this category changes in the coming years. Getting away and enjoying nature through RVing is not just a vacation but a life goal for Escapists. This group makes up 16% of RVers, and they spend between 31 to 90 days a year in their RV.

The conventional travel trailer is still the first choice for this crowd. Fifth wheels are still second place, but Class A Motorhomes make the “top three list” of RV choices for this group. Since Escapists usually take weeks or months-long trips, small popup trailers are less of a comfortable option.

Over half of Escapists are over 55, but there is a younger crowd element to this group. Some Escapists could be Family Campers with a flexible work situation as 31% live with children.

Avid RVers

It appears that once their kids are grown and out of the house, many retired Escapists become Avid RVers. This group accounts for 6% of RVers. They use their RV for an entire season on average, or between 61 to 150 days a year.

A much more significant percentage (62%) is over the age of 55. Slightly less than half are retired while 26% are employed full-time. The most significant difference between Escapists and Avid RVers, aside from time spent RVing, is that 78% of Avid RVers report living with no children in their home.

Conventional travel trailers are still the most popular RV for this group, but fifth-wheels are a close second.

Happy Campers

This RVer type makes up 3% of the RV community. They get their name because they love the RV lifestyle and typically spend about half the year in their RV. Happy Campers are typically snowbirds that leave their permanent homes up north to RV in the warmer southern states in the winter.

Over half the RVers in this group are over 55, retired, and 84% live with no children in the home. Camping is the most popular hobby among this group, and a fifth wheel is the most popular RV of choice for them. 

Full Timers

Those that live and travel in their RV year-round make up only 1.5% of the RV community. Women hold the largest share of this group at 70%. Even though Full Timers live in their RV, swimming, gardening, and hiking all beat camping for their most popular hobbies reported. 

Perhaps the drop in camping as a hobby is because those that live in their RV see it more as a home than a camping shelter. It is common to think that most Full Timers are over 55 and retired. However, unlike the Happy Campers and Avid RVers, only 35% of Full Timers are over 55, 89% live with children, and only 43% are retired. A fifth wheel is the top RV choice for this group.

Adventure Seekers

Just as the name implies, this group which makes up only 1% of RVers, seeks adventure wherever they can find it. Swimming, hiking, and canoeing make the top of their hobby list, but you will often find them engaged in many adventurous activities.

A large part (34%) of this group is between the ages of 35 and 54, but 56% are over 55. About half of this group are retired, while the other half find a way to work and spend 200 days a year RVing on average. This group is also more likely to choose destination trips in their RV, like to the Grand Canyon, rather than just a weekend camping trip or long-term stays at RV parks.

Fifth-wheels and travel trailers take the first and second spot on the most popular RV for Adventure Seekers. But the Class A motorhome is no longer in the third spot. It seems Adventure seekers prefer the smaller footprint of a Class C motorhome.

Check out the following video if you are interested to hear some more exciting stats the Go RVing RV Owner Demographic study shows.

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