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3 Ultra Light Campers For The Solo RVer

Published on December 10th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

SylvanSport is one of the best ultra light campers for solo RVers

3 Ultra Light Campers For The Solo RVer

Traveling with family and friends can be fun, but some people love to travel the open road by themselves! The freedom is unmatched, especially when you have a living space you can tow along. You won’t have to depend on hotels during your travels since you have everything you need behind your vehicle. Ultra light campers come in many shapes and designs, but there are some popular models you might want to keep in mind!

All of the vehicles below weigh less than 2,000 lbs when they are unladen, making them great choices for people who are looking for something lightweight and convenient. You can tow these RVs behind any size of vehicle, so you won’t need a heavy-duty truck to turn your traveling dreams into a reality.

Check out the recommendations below to see our top pick for a lightweight travel trailer, teardrop trailer, and pop-up camper.

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Travel Trailer: Flagstaff E-Pro E12SRK

  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,763 lbs
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 1,135 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 20 gallons

If we’re talking about ultra light campers, we can’t overlook the Flagstaff E-Pro from Forest River. This is a tiny travel trailer that’s just the right size for a solo RVer. There isn’t an abundance of room, but it can certainly accommodate a single passenger comfortably (or maybe two if necessary).

The E12SRK is one of the smallest and lightest floor plans in the Flagstaff lineup, so it can be towed by almost any vehicle. It’s a simple layout, but it’s adaptable and highly effective for a single person’s needs. The main cabin contains a gaucho couch that is 74 inches long. This can quickly and easily convert into a bed that will occupy the majority of the floor space.

Along one wall there is a small shelf for storage, and the upper corner contains a storage cabinet as well. There is also a TV in the main space so you can relax and unwind in your private room at the end of the day.

The rear of this trailer contains a separate space that contains an outdoor kitchen. You just open up the back hatch and you’ll have access to a refrigerator, microwave, dual burner stove, and a sink. Some overhead cabinets and pantry space are also available so you can pack the cooking utensils and ingredients you’ll need.

In addition, the rear door lifts up and above the kitchen, giving you protection from rain if necessary. Overall, this is one of the best ultra light campers to choose if you’re interested in travel trailers and their general look and feel.

You can see current prices, availability, upgrades, and gallery photos by visiting the product page here.

Teardrop Trailer: Classic Bean

  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,800 lbs.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: N/A
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 18 gallons (with kitchen upgrade)

Teardrop trailers are a stylish way to bring a living space on the road. These ultra light campers are similar to small travel trailers, but they have a unique rounded design (thus the name teardrop) and usually are only big enough to support 1 or 2 passengers.

The Classic Bean is the standard base model that’s offered by the Bean RV company. They are a brand that specializes in making comfortable and reliable teardrop trailers. The Classis Bean is the most simple and lightweight option on their catalog, but it still gets the job done and will provide great value for your money.

The main cabin is occupied by a queen-sized foam mattress with an upholstered backrest. If the passenger wishes, this space can also be converted into a couch and table setup where it’s easier to relax and enjoy a meal. Storage space is built into the walls and there are recessed lights in the ceiling. These are dimmable, so passengers can set the lights at the level that they like best.

The rear of the Classic Bean opens up to reveal a kitchen galley. The base model doesn’t offer much except for a countertop to work on and some storage shelves. If you select one of the upgrade packages, the kitchen can include features like a sink, a dual-burner stove, and a powder-coated cooler/fridge. This will add some weight and extra money, but it might be worth it to have access to a better kitchen setup!

Each Classic Bean is custom-made and customers have the opportunity to customize and add features that they want. There are tons of different options available, but some of the upgrades include:

  • A pop up table
  • Solar powered road shower
  • Children’s bunk
  • Stealth front window
  • Bike rack
  • Rooftop tent

You can see current prices, availability, upgrades, and gallery photos by visiting the product page here.

Classic Bean teardrop - the perfect option for the solo RVer

Pop-Up Camper: Sylvansport GO

  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 840 lbs.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 810 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Capacity: N/A

If you truly want ultra light campers with very few bells and whistles, a pop-up camper is the way to go. These are essentially tents on metal frames. They require very little setup and contain extra storage space. As you can see from the specs above, this is the lightest option on the list. You could even pull this trailer with a large motorcycle, so the sky is the limit when it comes to potential towing vehicles.

The Sylvansport GO is a versatile camper that collapses into a compact trailer when it’s time for towing. It has an equipment rack installed on the roof, which is perfect for hauling bikes, kayaks, skis, or other bulky equipment. There is also a rounded storage box at the front of the camper and a gear deck down below. It really is a perfect frame to store all kinds of camping gear and outdoor necessities!

Once the camper is parked and everything is fully expanded, there is a nice enclosed sleeping space inside. The deck can support up to 500 pounds, so a single passenger will have no issue with spreading out and getting comfortable. The tent pops up and an awning extends over the whole thing to provide protection from the rain. The tent itself has three openings so it’s always easy to get in and out.

This camper doesn’t come with a kitchen or any fresh water, so you will need to keep that in mind when you pack and choose campsites for the night. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful option for lone RVers who want to connect with nature.

You can see current prices, availability, upgrades, and gallery photos by visiting the product page here.

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  1. Article missed a great option: the Road Toad Abode designed & built by the makers of the iconic, high quality Camp-Inn teardrops in Wisconsin, a 20 year company with deep experience. Weighs empty about 470 lbs. Costs far less than Sylvan or Bean! Classic teardrop, efficient, easy to take care of.


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