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Top 5 Luxury Travel Trailers on the Market

Published on December 14th, 2018 by Camper Report
This post was updated on April 26th, 2021

Travel trailers can be a luxurious accessory to have, and it can be difficult to know hitch trailer is best for you to choose from. I decided to do some research on the top 10 travel trailers that are known to be luxurious. 

Trailers are a great way to enjoy camping and the comfort of home at the same time, though some may want something a bit more luxurious than a regular travel trailer. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from when looking for something of a higher quality. 

#1 Palomino Puma Travel Trailer 

This travel trailer is great to take out on camping trips. It’s built to withstand almost every environment, if not most environments. Despite their powerfully built exterior and interior they are quite easy to tow! 

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This travel trailer comes loaded with different standard features, and packages that you can choose to customize the look and feel of your trailer. The versatility of the trailer is great for those who want to personalize their trailer.  

TrailerPriceSleeping CapacityWeightFloorplans
Palomino Puma$10,000-30,0004-10 People5322-8795 lbs (Unloaded)43

The look of this trailer can really catch your attention as well. There is a colored fiberglass cap with a diamond plate located on the fifth wheels, the baggage door on travel trailers are large, there are EPDM rubber roofs and rain gutters! 

The luxury features of this travel trailer may cause the price to rise, which can be a bit of a disadvantage if you do not want to spend much money on a trailer. 

A good thing about these features is that they do stay the same in almost all floorplans. So with the price, you do not have to sacrifice much for the features you love about this trailer! 


  • Nickel finish, single control high-rise kitchen faucet 
  • Bathroom skylight
  • Interior decors 
  • Decorative splashboard within the kitchen 
  • There are a total of forty-three floor plans to choose from! 
  • There is a pull-down sofa with a drink tray and storage available underneath 

An example of luxury being shown in these floorplans is if you choose floorplan number 4. This floorplan has amazing interior decor. A bath skylight makes the travel trailer look premium, and is a nice touch if you like natural light while taking a shower. 

There is also the jackknife soda and the nickel finish of the kitchen faucet adds the look of higher quality features in your travel home. 

The jackknife sofa also had storage space available underneath for whatever you have that cannot fit or be stored in other places. The pull-down drink tray is convenient for a night of relaxation with the family. 

Overall, this travel trailer can give a definite feel of luxury if that is what you are aiming for. 

#2 Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite Travel Trailer

Another choice that provides luxury and comfort would be the Flagstaff Micro-Lite travel trailer. The numerous floorplans provide some sort of comfort in knowing that you can find something that will appeal to your taste. 

The floorplans differ in how much they will make your trailer weigh. These floor plans are unlikely to become too heavy for yours to tow. 

TrailerPriceSleeping CapacityWeightFloorplans
Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite$19,000-36,0903-8 People3127-5277 lbs (Unloaded) 17

 The highest rates floorplans are the Flagstaff Micro-Lite 23LB and the Flagstaff Micro-Lite 25FBLS

The Micro-Lite 23LB is rated highly for some of its interior and exterior highlights that gives an extremely luxurious feel to the trailer.

  • The Mirco-Lite has a murphy bed
  • Double bunk beds
  • A bath with a tub included! 
  • An outdoor gas grill
  • And a countertop extension! 

These features are great for any family! Especially the kids, they will love the double bunk bed feature that they can climb into after a long day of being outdoors. And for the parent’s the murphy bed will be a comfortable choice! 

The Micro-Lite 25FBLS is a more couple-friendly choice! It’s inside is perfect for two who have a love for traveling. A few noticeable features of this floorplan make the experience memorable.

  • A rear bath 
  • A private front bedroom
  • Theater seats
  • Pantry 
  • And a single slide out bed!

This trailer has an entertainment center which can be a helpful way to ease down the day with your partner. along with its convenient theater seats, it also comes with a queen bed inside the front bedroom. Its slide-out wardrobe and shelves are an efficient way to safe space. 

The overall features of this model travel trailer are somewhat similar to the other floorplans it provides. 


  • Solid wood and raised panel doors and drawers located inside
  • Comes with an aluminium frame 
  • There is a power awning and adjustable rain dump with LED lighting 
  • Includes vinyl/rubber composite roofing membrane 
  • 17 different floorplans to choose from! 

The Flagstaff is an excellent choice for anyone in need of something fucntional, stylish, and of high quality. It’s high-tech features, and storage is perfect for families in need of a getaway into nature. 

#3 Airstream Sport Travel Trailer 

This travel trailer is known for being a reliable model because of what it is made out of, weight, and length. Most travel trailers can weight a good amount, but this only weighs, at most, 5,000lbs. Less with the amount of gear and items you have inside. 

It’s lightweight body makes it easy for you to easily tow around any campground.

TrailerPriceSleeping CapacityWeightFloorplans
Airstream Sport Travel Trailer $49,0004 People2860-3634 lbs2

 Despite there only being two available floorplans, these two floorplans are still as functional and of higher quality. The first is the Sport 16RB and the second is the Sport 22FB

The Sport 16RB is a great choice for its pretty notable highlights: 

  • Storage located under-the-bed
  • A pretty efficient fan 
  • Shower in the exterior
  • And a memory foam mattress 

This floorplan is geared towards families with a love for adventure. The sleeping capacity is four people, and there is a slight possibility that if you travel with younger children you can have some more room. 

The trailer proves to be functional for any travel pan with its two-burner range, a full sized bath, HDTV and a full-size bed. The LED lighting installed within the trailer will bring in a comforting environment. 

The second floorplan, the Sport 22FB has its own unique features such as:

  • A full bathroom 
  • An exterior shower
  • Vinyl Flooring 
  • A microwave
  • And a U-shaped dinette 

If you enjoy a more stylish and trendy looking trailer then this floorplan will give you just that. It’s vinyl flooring add a feeling of class and not only that but it is also easier to keep clean! 

While these floorplans come with their own unique features something that both of these models share with it comes to some functional aspects are:

  • Aluminum entry door 
  • Quilted bedspread 
  • Aluminum mini-blinds
  • A handcrafted interior cabinetry
  • City water inlet and a water pressure regulator 

With all of these features available it is hard not to choose this travel trailer for your family.  It is no secret that the Airstream travel trailers are known for being at the top of their game.

Especially when competing against other trailers. Its amazing quality and ability to last place it towards the top.

#4 Dutchman Aerolite Travel Trailer

This model of a travel trailer is built to feel just like home! The interior looks just as cozy as it feels. You can even choose from 16 floorplans to customize the homey feel of your trailer. 

TrailerPriceSleeping CapacityWeightFloorplans
Heartland North Trail$34,000-65,9983-8 People4449-6665 lbs 16 

The interior has so many features that continue to surprise you. There is plenty of storage and everything is placed in a way where it is comfortable enough to live on the go! 

The two models that are best known for their luxury feel are the Aerolite 2110RBSL and the Aerolite 2573BH. These two models are quite similar to one another but differ in little ways.

Aerolite 2110RBSL

This floorplan is great for a small family of three or even a couple going on a quick camping trip. The trailer has a private bedroom that is perfect for anyone with a need for privacy. 

It also has a full rear bath, and a slide out! When you enter the bedroom there is a queen size bed, two closets to store your clothes in and some extra overhead storage! 

This floorplan is most convient for those wanting their own space within a somewhat small travel trailer.

Aerolite 2573BH 

Now, this floorplan caters to a much larger family! There is plenty of things that this trailer can provide for a fun and comfortable time! There are some amazing features like an outdoor kitchen where you can cook some dinner for the entire family without having to be stuck inside the trailer! 

There is also double size bunk beds next to the entryway of the trailer, a full bathroom, and an exterior shower where you can clean off outdoors! Though even if you do not want to show outside there is a bath on the inside as well.

A summary of all the features this floor plan has are: 

  • Double-size bunk beds
  • A U-shaped dinette
  • Outdoor kitchen! 
  • A private bedroom 
  • And a walk-in pantry! (Perfect for any family in need of stocking up on snacks for the little ones)

Overall, the features can create a welcoming, relaxing and comfortable time for you and your family without having to worry about whether you will have enough room for everyone in the trailer. 

This model camper oveall features:

  • Aluminum wheels made to last 
  • LED lighting inside 
  • A double door refrigerator
  • An audio soundbar
  • Tinted safety glass windows 

It’s high-quality material lets you enjoy your time spent in the trailer, and be able to know that it will last multiple trips into the woods. 

#5 Heartland North Trail Travel Trailer

This travel trailer is quite similar compared to other trailers through its similarities does not lessen their value.

In fact, this trailer is known for being great because of its multiple floorplans and the ability it has to be at a high level of quality! 

TrailerPriceSleeping CapacityWeightFloorplans
Heartland North Trail             $20,000-54,0004-9 People4450-8095 lbs22

The two most reccomended luxury floorplans are the North Trail 33 BUDS, and the North Trail 31BHDD. The 33 BUDS is definite luxury but lacks some space whereas the 31BHDD has both luxury and space available for you! 

North Trail 33 BUDS

This is ultimately the most family-friendly floorplan you can purchase. It has double slide-out beds towards the back of the trailer, and even has an extra room for a few guest you may want to bring along! 

Some extra features it has are: 

  • Has two entryways 
  • A bath and a half-bath 
  • A bunkhouse in the rear
  • And an outside kitchen! 

Overall this trailer is perfect to have with you want to get some lightweight traveling done. The interior, despite being known for its lack of space, has some roomy spots to enjoy the time spent inside. 

North Trail 31BHDD

This floorplan is a roomier version of the one above! It’s living area is much more spaced out with a dinette and seating booth surrounding it. The manufacturers were not kidding when they designed to have luxury without sacrificing space. 

Some of this models key features are: 

  • Shower skylight 
  • Decorative glass inserts 
  • Outside speakers
  • Accent walls
  • A monitor panel set up in the bathroom
  • 21 floor plans to choose from! 

Overall this trailer can be a perfect choice for you and your family if you want to keep an aspect of luxury while camping but not lose the space to store some extra things. 

Whether or not you choose from either floorplan, there are still plenty to choose from that will fulfill you needs and style! 

Other Luxury Travel Trailers 

  • I-Go Pro Travel Trailer 
  • Imagine 2150RB Travel Trailer
  • Jay Flight 28BHBE Travel Trailer
  • Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer 
  • Keystone Passport Elite Travel Trailer

Related Questions

Can you ride in a travel trailer? Passengers are allowed to ride in fifth wheels if they are abe to communicate with the driver and in case of an emergency exit the trailer. 

How much does a travel trailer weigh? Most travel trailers weigh a whopping 5,200 lbs in dry weight. (Which means that is when the tanks of the trailer are not yet filled and there is nothing inside of it. 

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