Tires for a Motorhome: A Giant Pricing Guide With Dozens of Examples

Knowing what tires to get for your RV can be a confusing process. With so many options out there to choose from it can be hard and time-consuming to tell what is actually going to be the best choice.

To save you some time and energy, especially if you are in the market to switch out your tires for something new, we’ve put together a comprehensive list for a large guide of what kind of tires you can look into for your vehicle.

  1. Yokohama TY303
  2. Deestone D902
  3. Michelin XRV
  4. Goodyear G670 RV ULT LT
  5. Roadmaster RM253
  6. Hankook AH11
  7. Toyo M154
  8. Firestone Transforce HT Highway
  9. Samson Radial GL283A
  10. Continental ContiTrac
  11. Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire
  12. Boto Tyres BT926 Radial Tire
  13. Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor Pro Radial Tire
  14. Bridgestone Duravis M700 Radial tire
  15. Otani OH-650 Commercial Truck Tire
  16. Boto Tyres BT957 Radial Tire
  17. Road Warrior New Drive Tires
  18. Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire
  19. Toyo M144 Radial Tire
  20. Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 All-Season RV Tires
  21. Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire
  22. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire
  23. New Freedom Hauler Trailer Tire
  24. Continental HSR
  25. Provider ST LRE
  26. Sumitomo Encounter HT
  27. Carlisle Csl16

The tires listed above are in no particular order of pricing or popularity, but each tire has lots of unique qualities and prices so you can get a wide variety of tires you can choose from.

Before we jump right into the selected tires and their features, I have found that a little bit of background for this universe of trailer tires will not only help you know what size of the tire to get but also what our charts and tables represent.

Often times, knowing the specifications of your tire can feel like you’re deciphering hieroglyphics. Whether you want a completely new tire or not, you will need to know the basics of the symbols and numbers on the sides.

To start, there are two types of tires that RV owners like to use for their vehicles. You do have to be careful of what kind that you get as there is a debate in the motorhome world if a certain type of tire actually makes that big of a difference or extends the life of its use.

Remember, when in doubt, go to your owner’s manuals or dealerships to ask what type of tire and size would be best for your RV. It is vital to get the right kind of tires and make sure you stay within their factory limits to avoid dangerous blowouts and expenses.

The two different types of tires are ST (special trailer) and LT (light trailer) tires. Special trailer tires are usually the recommended tires for your RV. The reason why LT tires are not usually recommended for motorhomes is that they do not have the capacity to steer or propel a vehicle. Special trailer tires have the ability to give you the mobility of passenger vehicles, giving you more control.

LT tires also don’t have the features or build that a good ST tire can handle. Heat, wear and tear, mileage and even being able to handle sitting out a little longer are elements of a good ST tire. They also promote a safer ride, more efficient milage and ability to hold a higher weight capacity.

RV tires also cannot go as fast as a lot of regular passenger vehicles can. Because of the make and amount of weight they have to carry, you don’t want to put extra heat or even too much weight on the tire as that could lead to blowouts and shorten the life of your tire.

As we look at the different types of tires that are out there there are three essential things you need to look at and consider before purchasing an RV tire. First, tire type, then your load index, and finally the speed rating. If you have a good idea about what you need and your RV can handle, it gives you a great search filter when picking the right tire.

The tires we will be featuring are just brands and styles. They do not include the unique sizes that can vary between RVs. Generally, however, most of the tire sizes were based off a 225/70R size. You can see your original equipment tire size in your owner’s manual. This is the sizing recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and shouldn’t be ignored.

As a warning, there are some common errors in how RV or motorhome owners use their tires. This may prompt them to buy tires prematurely when they could have taken some preventative measures. Just a few of these tips can help you reduce the number of tires you purchase.

Some common errors are driving too fast for what your tires can handle, too much weight in your RV (puts added friction on the tires for both above issues).

Also, be advised that the first set of tires that are on your RV already or tires from other countries are not always the highest quality and can cause more issues. Other countries sometimes don’t have the same regulations as the US making them from cheap materials causing them to blow out easier.

As another rule of thumb, you should be getting about 3-5 years worth of traveling on pretty much every set of tires you get and some may even last longer, especially if you take good care of them and don’t let them go unused for long periods of time.

Without further ado, the following is a large pricing guide for you to check out some of the most common tires out there on the market.

Tire NamePrice per tireMax SpeedLoad Index
Yokohama TY303 $300-$350L140
DeerStone D902$80-$90L126
Michelin XRV$300-$400B126
Goodyear G670$350-$400L126
Roadmaster RM 253$250-$300L133-135
Hankook AH11$160-$260L125/123
Toyo M154$300-$350L134
Firestone Transforce HT Highway$140-$190R120
Samson Radial GL283A$160-$210M136
Continental ContiTrac$110-$240T109
Good Year Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire$130-$300M132/127
Boto Tyres BT926 Radial Tire$170-$220M128/126
Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor Pro Radial Tire$140-$230S113
Bridgestone Duravis M700 Radial Tire$230-$300R120
Otani OH- 650 Commercial Truck Tire$220-$270L128/126
Boto Tyres BT957 Radial Tire$220-$270M133
Road Warrior New Drive Tires$350-$400M97
Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire$70-$280L115
Toyo M144 Radial Tires$420-$550L158
Dunlop Grandtrek AT20$130-$150S109
Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire$50-$80L124
Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire$60-$80M107
New Freedom Hauler Trailer Tire$50-$70L102
Continental HSR$350-$400N128
Provider ST LRE$50-$80M124
Sumitomo Encounter HT$130-$150H115
Carlisle Csl16$165-$185M132

You may be wondering what all the letters and number mean as your trailer can’t possibly go the speed of “M” or carry only a capacity of 132. Each of these numbers and letters actually represents a larger scale than they are compared to. This makes it a little easier for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers (that have a little background with them) to read.

In the auto industry, they use the metric system for weights and speed limits even for tire sizes. The solution for this is just to pay attention to what the labels say and don’t be afraid to look in the owners manual or call your dealer or neighborhood tire shop.

Below is a chart to help you with understanding the speed rating and what they even are in the metric system.

Speed RatingMiles/hourKilometers/hr

Now we will be looking at the individual types of tires that are listed so you can get a good feel for their features and other qualities. Now pricing isn’t the only thing that is important to look at, as the numbers don’t always reflect the best or worst on the market.

Like mentioned above, these are not ranked by best price or even overall best quality or features. This is simply to give you a good idea of what you may find on the internet or in-store as you search for what will be best for you.

Yokohama TY303

First off, we have the Yokohama TY303. This particular tire is carried by several different stores and locations, so if you find this tire at a cheaper price somewhere else, go for it.

You will typically find that this tire is right about the $300 dollar range, give or take depending who is trying to sell it to you. It is an all-season tire. If you felt the need to put extra studs on it for winter driving, you can do that as well.

However, you’ll be able to get a great experience and traction out of this tire. The nice thing about trailer tires is that they typically have more aggressive tire tread than regular passenger tires. Hence why you can get one set of tires for an RV and not have to worry about switching this particular one out every season.

With the speed ranking of “L,” you will be able to go a maximum of 75 mph or if you like it in the metric system– 120 km/h. Meaning most highways you’ll be able to keep up with traffic, however, don’t get overzealous or justify going over the speed capacity as it will make the life of the tire shorter.

The tire size that I picked for this one is usually this standard size for RVs and Motorhomes: 255/70R22.L 30312. Pay attention to what yours is listed at and you’ll be able to custom choose your size for it.

Most of the reviews on this particular tire were decent. Most of the comments highlighted that it was pretty good to excellent on diverse road conditions and that the noise level for the tires was comfortably quiet.

Deestone D902

This is a great model by the Deestone company. Like the Yokohama tire, it is an all-weather/seasonal tire. It does have a shallow saw-tooth ribbed tread pattern which is really great for grip and longer tread life.

It is ranked well for consistency in product quality and affordability. However, this product is made in Thailand. All this means is that it is made outside the United States and so some may argue that an out of the country-made tire isn’t as good as a tire made in the country.

I’ll let you decide what you prefer in terms of where each tire is manufactured.

On the specification side of this model is that is also has a speed maximum of 75 mph and 1200 km/h.

Weather rankings for dry and wet roads are pretty high for this model, however, snow is debated to be a weak point for them. Noise levels for this model have been highly ranked as quiet as well as a great treadwear pattern on them.

A lot of the people that reviewed these tires found that they were also exceptional as boat trailer tires, so if you take them out every once in a while you can use them for a lot of different purposes.

Michelin XRV

If we were to rank the tires and suggest which would be best, honestly, these would take the cake. They are a little bit more on the expensive side. However, they have been tried and tested by many customers all with high reviews.

This tire is specifically made for RVs and larger trucks. It is also an all positional radial tire which gives you the flexibility that you need to get a smooth ride and work with your specific vehicle flawlessly.

It has a high safety, longevity and quiet ride ranking. This tire is also specifically made to help redistribute load pressure because of enlarged sidewall features. This also gives you better handling and less overheating.

You also get a 99 mph to a 160 km/h maximum speed ranking which is a lot higher than most trailers or RV tire speed allowances that they usually give for them. For this feature alone makes it a huge game-changer.

In terms of how this tire ranks with the weather it depends on what you are looking for. Everyone has a different opinion about how well it works on different road conditions, however, in rankings of dry, wet, snow and noise levels, this tire was always ranked very highly.

Comfort levels and the rate of the treadwear was also very good for this particular tire. The specific model I looked at that may be a good fit was the 225/70R19.5 58916 tire specification.

Goodyear G670 ULT LT

This tire is particularly great for long trips and prolonged use. This is because of its fuel-efficient and all-weather design, giving you a great ride for anywhere you may find yourself.

On a scientific level, you will find that the G670 tires have anti-oxidant compounds that are really great protection about cracking from weather and rust. It also has a great tread pattern which helps reduce running heat and fuel economy.

This particular tire is great on snow and has a great comfort level as well. The particular sized I looked at was 225/70R19.5 B. Which has great reviews for this particular model.

The slight downside to this tire is that it was ranked a little more on the noisy side and the treadwear was ranked lower than some of the other models that were available.

Roadmaster RM 253

This tire is listed as an all types of weather condition model because of it’s tread pattern. It also is designed to keep unwanted rocks from going into the grooves of the tires.

The Roadmaster RM 253 also is designed to self-clean so you won’t have to worry about tedious care. One thing I did notice with this particular tire is that its main selling point is simply it’s tread design to prevent rocks and have good tread.

This makes it a little difficult to know exactly if everything you may be looking for in a great tire is actually there as they don’t give you any more details than just those few.

However, the pricing for this particular tire is pretty great. I would probably rank this tire as a good average/standard tire. It’s not wildly amazing, but if you chose to go with the option you wouldn’t be disappointed with what you purchased.

It does have a speed ranking of 75 mph and about 120 km/h. The interesting thing about tires is that they are also sometimes sized in the metric system as well. So it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself to it. The more fluent you are the less confusing it can be to find the right tires and their size.

This particular model I found was the 245/7OR19.5 136M for RVs and Motorhomes.

Hankook AH11

This specific model is the 8/R19.5 L tire. Pay close attention to this particular model as the AH11 can also be applied to different large vehicles and it won’t exactly be what you were looking for your RV or motorhome. has great deals on this particular tire and even carries a large amount of the other tires that were listed. They range from a low 300 price to an approximate 280 listing.

A great thing about tires is that if you buy a set of them they usually will give you a discount for all four.

In terms of the features of this tire is that it is a great medium distance tire and helps drivers maintain good control of the vehicle. It also has a unique wear technology that will help keep the contact points to the ground even and keep your tires from wearing prematurely.

The Hankook AH11 also has a great grip on wet and dry conditions.

Toyo M154

With its speed ranking of 75 mph to 120 km/h, you’ll be able to get good distance and a comfortable drive out of this model of 265/75R22.5 138L. I would say for what you are getting for the price, this would be a good option for your daily basis to regional drives.

With this tire, it isn’t negative to take on those long trips occasionally, but you’ll find that they are most successful in their shorter distance arena.

With reviews of this tire, some tire owners said that they prefer this model over the Michelin XRV due to this tire’s ability to handle sway a lot better. Overall the reviews are very high ranked for this model.

Firestone Transforce HT Highway

This model is one that has a price range you can’t beat. Firestone sells this model 235x75R15 104R for approximately $125 US dollars. You can literally get 4 tires for the price of one for some models of trailer tires.

This is an all-season light truck tire but has the capacity to fit and support the heavy-duty lifting. Be advised though that since it is a light truck tire, it will most likely not work with a large Class A motorhome.

Double-check with your local tire installers like Les Schwab to see if your personal vehicle could work with this type of tire if you have your heart set on it.

Samson Radial GL283A

You’ll find that this tire has a lot of great options to cater to all of your traveling needs and at an affordable price. This one comes to about $330 ish dollars on the low end and about $550 on the higher end.

Again the price difference can fluctuate with sellers and if they have deals or discounts for their customers.

Continental ContiTrac

This particular model of 235/70-16 tires comes to about $127-$200 per tire. A really great buy for your RV as it won’t break your wallet and you get a really great option.

My family and I in the past have used this brand of tires and have had zero problems with them. They are reliable and are a safe ride for all your motorhome adventures. These are also considered light truck tires that work great for 2WD and 4WD.

Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire

Ranging about $260-$300 per tire you can get a good deal on this heavy-duty tire. With durable construction, this leads to lower running temperatures and great traction for wet or dry road conditions.

This particular tire has shallow tread patterns which help promote even wearing patterns. The reviews on this tire are high for this one as well.

Boto Tyres BT926 Radial Tire

Ranging about $200-$300 dollars per tire, you’ll be able to get a set and a spare at a good price. Some tire stores are selling this tire for about $800-$820 dollars for a set of four tires.

Some great features you can expect from this tire is a tough carcass construction which gives you a great amount of ride stability. It also has a long-lasting treat with sipes to help minimize uneven wear.

Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor Pro Radial Tire

The price range for this tire is about $190-$215 us dollars. It is a light truck all-season winter and all-terrain tire making this a great tire for you in all of your adventure needs. Just like the name implies, you will be getting a great tire with noise-canceling design and kevlar enforced. It works really well on and off roads.

Bridgestone Duravis M700 Radial Tire

As a heavy-duty all-terrain tire, you’ll be able to rest easy with this model. It is built for a light-medium truck. This specific tire has definitely put through the tough stuff. Bridgestone calls it “torture tested.”

With reliable snow traction, strong casing protects against stone drilling for belts and a long wear life that makes for a great cost-effective item coming to about $180-$190 dollars. You will get a lot of life out of this tire.

Otani Oh-650 Commercial Truck Tire

Coming in at about $150-$200 on The Otani Oh-650 is a highly rated product by its users. The unique road conditions that this tire can handle definitely make it worth the costs. It covers severe wet, dry, mud, snow and icy conditions on the road.

With pinned studs for traction, this tire helps give you great vehicle stability and resistance to irregular wear. Some did mention that in the conditions that they were driving in over long distances it was more difficult to steer the vehicle.

Boto Tyres BT957 Radial Tire

Price-wise you are going to find this tire about $160-$215 US dollars. Which isn’t too bad as this tire is specifically created for long trips and heavy loads.

With a tread design that minimizes noise and grips in wet conditions, the grooves expel water from the road to help decrease hydroplaning. Especially when you are in a heavy loaded vehicle having that extra grip really helps keep you safe.

Road Warrior New Drive Tires

On Amazon, you can find these for about $1,600 or about $400 dollars a tire. They are a 16 ply tire which gives you a nice “thread count” of quality for the type of tire you’d be getting.

With a speed rating of 81 mph and 130 km/h this tire can handle speeds that are more than the traditional tire could give you.

The unfortunate thing about this tire is that it is a little bit harder to find without the exact model number and information. Don’t worry though, the style we have been talking about is the 11R22.5 Road Warrior New Drive tires.

Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire

Michelin wants you to know what you are purchasing and gives great reviews for its own tires, even this model. Out of 10 wear life is an 8, fuel efficiency is a 6, off-road is a 2, braking is a 7, and comfort comes to a solid 5.

The reviews for the Michelin XPS RIB average about 5 stars for the price that is a great start. It averages about $270-$290.

Toyo M144 Radial Tire

Coming in at about $420-$430 dollars on you can get some pretty hefty tires for a good deal. The reviews on this particular tire averaged about 3 stars because a customer had a hard time installing them, however once installed many customers stated it was a great tire to own.

With a speed rating of 81 mph and 130 km/h you’ll be able to get to your destination a little faster than other tires may allow.

Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 All-Season

On Amazon, you can find this tire for about $100-$110 whereas I’ve seen it for about $130-$150 dollars in other tire stores.

Like in the title this tire is an all-season tire and has really reliable traction to keep you safe in any weather. It is for light trucks and crossovers mostly, but you can debate if that is something you are wanting.

Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

This is one tire that you can’t beat the price with. As it averages about $50-$80 US dollars. However, you can find it at the lower end of the price scale on Amazon. The one located on Amazon is about $40-$50 dollars.

With over 190+ reviews, the average ranking for the ST radial trailer tire is 4.5 stars. It is also the number one bestseller in the trailer tire category on Amazon.

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

Another highly ranked tire as Amazon’s Choice for your RV or Motorhome is the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire. You can also find it at a great price. On Amazon, it averages about $85-$95 US dollars.

A great deal for high carrying capacity and is a great replacement for the Carlise Radial RH Series tire. It does have an average speed rating of 75 mph and 120 km/h.

New Freedom Hauler Trailer Tire

The specific model number or this tire is the ST215/75R14 8PR which will be helpful to know since the title of this tire is pretty generic.

The overall average for this tire’s price is about $50-$70 US dollars. It has a ply rating of 8 so it is about half the ply rating of some of the other tires we have included in our post.

This specific tire does have nylon covering across the entire tread which adds a critical safety feature to the tire than most other products offered. It does go the average of about 75 miles an hour so you wouldn’t be getting an advantage in speed, but the price for sure.

Continental HSR

The average cost for this specific model (225/70r19.5 N G (14 Ply)) is about $350-$400 per tire. Like mentioned before Continental is a really reliable tire brand that our family enjoys and you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Many customers reviewed the tires with high remarks, noting the tires ability to handle large loads and going off-road. Others remarked that they never experienced issues with air pressure issues even with a variety of vehicles that used this model.

Taskmaster Provider ST LRE

The Taskmaster Provider ST 235/80R16 LRE is an affordable option coming to about $50-$80 dollars when searching the internet. However, you can find it with an average of about 70 dollars at Walmart.

Some features include a double polyester cord body and double steel belt construction. This gives the tires a high rating of strength and handling when you’re on the road. Nylon overlay is also included and The Provider excels at highway usage. It is specifically made for trailers.

Sumitomo Encounter HT

The 275/65r18 116 H is the model you will want to look for coming to about $130-$140 specifically on Outside of this provider, you can find this tire at a price range of a little less or higher, but it is a good average for what is listed on Amazon.

This specific tire has an emphasis on dry pavement handling with dual extra grip on wet surfaces while also reducing noise with its tread pattern.

Carlisle CSL 16

This specific model that we will be looking at is the 235/85R16 G. The CSL offers a heavy-duty hauling capacity and can take on pretty large loads. So if you need something tough, this is a good match for you.

The price for this is about $135-$145 US dollars on some sites, however, commonly you will find them in the upwards range of about $160-$180 dollars on websites like Amazon and Walmart.

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