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Tiny Camper Company Makes Small Teardrops & Squaredrop Trailers

Published on September 17th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

tiny trailer made by Tiny Camper Company

Tiny Camper Company Makes Small Teardrops & Squaredrop Trailers

Tiny trailers are becoming increasingly popular as more people decide to travel light and hit the road. There are several high-quality manufacturers in the game already, but more are showing up all the time. Tiny Camper Company is pretty new to the scene, but they’ve already proven they can make some impressive teardrop and squaredrop trailers.

If you’re looking for up-and-coming names in the RV industry, this might be one of them. They currently offer 10 base models and each trailer is individually crafted for the customer. Tons of upgrades and customizable options are also available. They have a real dedication to customer service and high-quality builds, so if you’re a fan of teardrop trailers, keep your eye on Tiny Camper Company!

Tiny Camper Company: Teardrop Trailers

There are currently 3 base models of teardrop trailers. Each of them is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and perfectly suited to the customer’s needs.

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Unfortunately, none of the teardrop models come with a rear galley, so you may need to make different plans for cooking if you select any of these. You may want to consider adding a few upgrades to your teardrop trailer if you love these models. Optional kitchen upgrades include things like a table, a propane burner, and a pump faucet.

4×8 Classic Sleeper

The 4×8 Classic Sleeper has a classic, vintage design. It’s super small and light, at just 12 feet long and 820 lbs, so it’s no problem for almost any vehicle to tow. The curved design gives it great aerodynamics and there’s a nice comfy bedroom space inside. This is one of the smallest and most simple designs, but it should still work well for a camping outing or road trip!

4×8 Classic Sleeper

5×8 Classic Sleeper

The 5×8 Classic Sleeper is very similar to the previous model, but it’s just a bit larger. This is great if you need a bit more room to stretch out. This camper also comes with the ability to add a bike rack behind it, so you can bring everything you need for an adventure. The colors are customizable and there are always optional upgrades as well.

sleeper camper
5×8 Classic Sleeper

5×8 Rugged Sleeper

The 5×8 Rugged Sleeper has the same rounded design as the previous two models, but is equipped with hardy off-road tires, so you can take this trailer anywhere you want. It’s the same size as the larger teardrop model and has a durable metallic finish that is difficult to scratch and easy to clean.

5x8 Rugged Sleeper
5×8 Rugged Sleeper

Tiny Camper Company: Squaredrop Trailers

Squaredrop trailers are similar in many ways to teardrops, but their overall design is a bit more blocky. While teardrop trailers tend to have one rounded end and one tapered end, squaredrops are much more… square! They usually have more rigid angles and have flat ends. Tiny Camper Company offers 7 base models of squaredrops, so you could say it’s their specialty!

4×8 Rugged Rhino

The Rugged Rhino trailers are the most popular offerings from Tiny Camper Company. There are 3 sizes; the 4×8, 5×8, and 6×8. These mainly just vary in size, but the larger options have room for more storage and a few more perks! The 4×8 is quite compact, but it still has room for a rear galley, an A/C unit, and a comfortable bedroom.

5×8 Rugged Rhino

The 5×8 Rugged Rhino is a bit bigger than the last model, so it offers the same features with a little more breathing room. The rear galley provides a ton of storage space under the countertops, as well as hardwood floors and cargo nets for storage/easy item access.

6×8 Rugged Rhino

This is the largest offering in the Rugged Rhino series, so it also comes with the most bells and whistles. It has safety chains, exterior solar lights, and a rear galley with a sink, pump, and 3 electrical outlets. You get a 1-year warranty any time you purchase a Rugged Rhino model, and some components (such as the axle, windows, and door) come with their own warranties as well.

6x8 Rugged Rhino
6×8 Rugged Rhino

4×8 Kong Off Road Series

The Kong Off Road Series has many similarities to the Rugged Rhino, but they are built to withstand even tougher conditions. Each of these trailers comes equipped with a Timbren axle suspension, which will enable you to tackle any terrain. This 4×8 is fairly small, but it comes with interior support beams, 31″ mud tires, and a 5,000 BTU A/C unit.

4x8 Kong Off Road Series

5×8 Kong Off Road Series

This is a slightly larger variation of the Kong Off Road and it has all the same benefits, but a slightly larger layout. All Kong models come equipped with a rear galley as well, so you can take your favorite meals on the road. There are also built-in lights and hardwood floors for extra comfort and convenience.

6×8 Kong

The 6×8 Kong isn’t necessarily part of the off-road lineup, but it’s still sturdy and built for navigating all sorts of terrain. It’s also the largest Kong model and includes a roof rack for a tent awning, a 15″ deep galley, and all the benefits and amenities of the previous models.

Skunk Ape 5×8

Finally, there’s the Skunk Ape squaredrop trailer. This has a smooth, classy look that fits right in with modern travel trailers. It comes with an aluminum floor, a back hitch for bikes and other equipment, and a decent amount of storage in the back.

Skunk Ape 5x8
Skunk Ape 5×8

Upcoming events in 2022

In addition to building great trailers, this company is dedicated to forming connections among the RV community and finding ways to give back. They host an annual camping gathering, and the next one is scheduled for January 21-23 of 2022. It will take place at the Doe Lake Campground in Florida. It’s a limited space event with a total of 250 guests, so make sure you book early if you want to attend!

It’s only $20 per trailer to attend and all types of trailers are welcome (although mini trailers may be quite common sightings!). All of the funds from this event will be going directly to the company’s Trailers For Troops initiative.

“Trailers 4 Troops allows Tiny Camper Company to mentor and help vets through a build process of completing a camper of their dreams.”

– (Owners) Joe and Kristen

Event details are still forthcoming, but so far you can rest assured that there will be giveaways, water sports, live music, games, and a BBQ for veterans.

Who knows? If this annual event is a success, we might see other gatherings start to show up in the future. Be sure to check it out if you love teardrop trailers, or just want to connect with others in the RV community.

For more information on Tiny Camper Company, check out their website,

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