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Tiffin Motorhomes Offers A First Look At 2022 Models

Published on September 6th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

Tiffin Motorhomes on road
2022 Allegro RED from Tiffin Motorhomes – Photo via website

Tiffin Motorhomes Offers A First Look At 2022 Models

Tiffin is one of the top manufacturers of motorhomes and they constantly push boundaries on design, comfort, and convenience. Their 2022 lineup looks to be extremely promising; there are 5 product lines that have been created or updated, as well as a multitude of floor plans within each one.

Tiffin has created a beautiful selection of 2022 motorhomes to browse, so let’s see what they have in store for us!

Class A Tiffin Motorhomes

Most of the new 2022 Tiffin models are Class A motorhomes. As a brief refresher, these motorhomes are some of the largest types on the market. In many ways, they resemble large tour buses.

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As is the case with all motorhomes, the driver’s cab is directly attached to the living space, so there is no need for a separate tow vehicle (unless you want to pull it behind the motorhome). Each of the following product lines has been updated for 2022 and we’ll give a quick overview of each one as well as some of the features they offer.

2022 Allegro Breeze

The Allegro Breeze currently has two floor plan options: the 31 BR and the 33 BR. These layouts are virtually identical, but the only main difference is that the 33 BR is slightly longer. Because of this extra length, it can grant benefits like a larger bathroom and more countertop space in the kitchen. The Allegro Breeze is a more compact model than many others on this list, but it still has everything you would need for a long road trip or camping excursion.

The rear bedroom contains a king-size bed, which sits partially within a slide-out to create more room. There is room for a washer/dryer prep station, a residential fridge, and a ton of storage space throughout the design. This model also comes with a sofa bed, so you can enjoy both an extra sleeping area and a comfortable couch.


2022 Allegro RED 340

Like the previous model, the Allegro RED 340 also has two different floor plans to choose between. There is the 33 AL and the 38 LL. The 33 is fairly similar to the Allegro Breeze design, but the 38 LL is quite different, plus it’s longer. The 38 LL layout includes a rear master bedroom with a bathroom attached. There is a king-size bed within a slide-out and a spacious bathroom that includes a shower, linen closet, toilet, vanity, medicine cabinet, and even space for a washer/dryer.

The 38 LL layout is built with a second bathroom as well, so the residents of the master bedroom can enjoy the space and privacy. The main living space is expanded by one massive slide-out that contains a booth dinette, theater seats, and a flip and fold sofa. This leaves plenty of walking space between the seats and the fully equipped kitchen.

2022 Open Road Allegro

The Open Road Allegro has some of the most versatile and unique layouts I’ve ever seen from Tiffin Motorhomes. There are 4 different floor plans within this lineup (32 SA, 32 PA, 36 LA, 36 UA) and each of them is quite different from the others.

It would take a whole separate article to explore the features of every model, so let’s just highlight a few favorites starting off with the 34 PA. This motorhome has a rear master bedroom/bathroom that forms an L-shaped space. Users of the bedroom and the main living space can both access the bathroom easily, with no need to go through anyone else’s space.

Moving on to the 36 UA, this is a great model for large groups and families. It has a rear master bedroom and bathroom combination, as well as a second bathroom that sits just off the main living space. There is also a pair of bunk beds and a sofa bed, so there is enough sleeping space for everyone. Check out the Open Road Allegro page to see more details on all the models.

2022 Phaeton

The Phaeton is the last of the Class A offerings from Tiffin Motorhomes for 2022. This motorhome lineup offers a total of 7 different floor plans, so there is something here for any traveler to enjoy! There’s way too much to cover in this one section, so for now we’ll just focus on the 44 OH, which is their largest and most luxurious model. As the name implies, this motorhome is 44 feet long and every inch is used to its fullest potential.

The back of this motorhome contains a combination of the master bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet. Each area is separated from the others, so you can enjoy your own space while still having access to the comfort and convenience of the nearby amenities.

There is also a second bathroom outside the main bedroom, so everyone can access it easily. There is a pair of sofa beds in the main living space as well as a large kitchen and a dinette. This floor plan comes with a ton of optional upgrades and substitutions, so you can replace or add almost anything you want. It’s truly impressive, and as I said before, it’s just one of 7 options within the Phaeton lineup.

Class C Tiffin Motorhome

Only one Class C motorhome was updated for 2022. Class C motorhomes are much smaller than Class A models, and they usually have a somewhat boxy construction. They are ideal for smaller groups and are much easier for drivers to maneuver. Tiffin tends to specialize in Class A models, but their Class C lineup is definitely worth a look as well.

2022 Wayfarer

Although there is only one new Class C motorhome brand from Tiffin in 2022, the Wayfarer offers 4 different floor plans (25 TW, 25 SW, 25 RW, 25 LW). Each of these designs fits within a 25-foot layout, but they all manage to bring different strengths to the table. For example, the 25 SW offers a queen size bed at the rear of the vehicle, which is separated from the bathroom, kitchen, and dining areas.

Other layouts like the 25 TW and the 25 LW have created a split sleeping area of two twin beds with a nightstand between them. There is a ton of overhead storage options in this layout and it also manages to incorporate a tri-fold sofa for even more sleeping space. The Wayfarer may be more compact than other Tiffin offerings, but it’s still comfortable and efficient!

2022 Wayfarer

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8 thoughts on “Tiffin Motorhomes Offers A First Look At 2022 Models”

  1. Johnnie Lugnuts must not be looking at the new motorhomes Tiffin is delivering coaches for Dealer to QC and fix. I plunked down a deposit on a 2022 Red 33AA. So many issues I backed out. As an example the vertical facia trim on the slide that runs from floor to the top of the slide is held on by 2 screws. One screw at the top and one at the bottom, nothing in the middle which leaves the facia bowing out more than an inch in the middle from the support steel. Not to mention the facia is rickety as all hell as the screw that were there weren’t even seated. Checked a bunch of stuff and decided my 2014 Phaeton is built was way better. I decided to trade up instead. Now I have a deposit on a 2022 Allegro Bus 35CP which I will probably back out on. The have to replace the Windshield, bedroom sliding door, one drawer, several cabinet doors, the power window doesn’t work, the TV antenna has to be replaced, the passenger seat has a tear, one windshield arm is missing?, tons of wire harnesses have nothing preventing wires from slipping out, everywhere I look its a rats nest of unsecure wiring. Should I go one?

  2. Oh boy we couldn’t agree more. We had a Jayco fifth wheel that went thru 17 tires in less than a year. After the dealer allegedly corrected a recall we lost not one but two entire wheel assemblies traveling 60 mph down a highway in Indiana. Jayco wanted nothing to do with us. Said it was the dealers fault. It was the most horrifying experience we’ve ever had. And we’re both retired police offices!!! Thor sucks!!!!!

  3. PEOPLE do remember that Tiffin is NO LONGER TIFFIN , it is a THOR product and so be very careful. Othere products that were bought by THOR have not had good luck with build integrity etc. Check out RV Horror Stories about all the companies that THOR has bought so far. KEYSTONE, JAYCO and many more!!

    • Nothing has changed at Tiffin since Thor became the parent company. Tiffin is still managed by the same family and they still have great employees building the motorhomes. Yes some quality is not as good just like everything else in this country has deteriorated from lack of enough employees and quality products from suppliers. By the way, Thor bought out Airstream . They are still top tier camping trailers.

    • Really? Pull the fire alarm when there is no fire? Tiffin is still run by the Tiffin family, and you can still call Bob Tiffin (the founder in his office) in Red Bay AL. Other alarmists have said this for a year now and there are no reports of problems with Tiffin Quality or Service. Check a web search if you don’t believe me. No increase in problems or Quality issues and everyone knows that Tiffin has absolutely the best customer support. Everyone Knows This!!!


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