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THOR Buys Tiffin Motorhomes: What Happens Now?

The Popular Phaeton Model from Tiffin Motorhomes
The Popular Phaeton Model from Tiffin Motorhomes

THOR Industries Buys Tiffin Motorhomes

The RV world was rocked just 18 months ago when Winnebago Industries purchased luxury RV manufacturer, Newmar. What seemed unlikely, became a reality. Now, what seemed unfathomable has happened as well. THOR Industries, one of the “Big Three” in the RV industry along with the aforementioned Winnebago and Forest River, has purchased Tiffin Motorhomes for $300 million.

For diehard Tiffin Motorhome fans, it’s a bit like finding out your favorite sports team has just moved to another city. Tiffin, long known for quality coaches with a consistently high customer ranking and a great factory service center experience, will now fall under the vast THOR umbrella. Devoted Tiffin owners are now left to wonder what happens next.

Will Tiffin Motorhomes Stay in Red Bay, Alabama?

One would assume that Tiffin would remain outside of the Elkhart bubble, at least geographically speaking. How will this acquisition affect pricing, quality control, availability, and delivery times? Will those mecca-like pilgrimages to Red Bay, Alabama for factory service continue? Will Bob Martin take over kitchen cabinet door signing duties from Bob Tiffin?

Popular YouTubers You, Me, & the RV and their Tiffin.

From the start Tiffin Motor Homes differentiated its self with quality and customer service…

Campers Inn

Much like those Newmar customers, Tiffin owners have enjoyed a bit of an elite status. Until their recent roll out of the Wayfarer series of Class C RVs, Tiffin Motorhomes has primarily been known as an upper-end Class A RV manufacturer. Tiffin proselytes are as devoted to “roughing it smoothly” as they are the brand itself. That confident swagger that comes with driving and owning 40+ feet of quality diesel motorhome carries over into conversation, whether sitting around the campfire or in popular RVing forums

What Happens Next?

Will that confident swagger lose a little of its swag, now that Tiffin Motorhomes is just another THOR brand? Will the vast infusion of cash from THOR Industries help take Tiffin to the next level, or just water down the overall brand? Will Tiffin Motorhomes be pressured into building more motorhomes faster, causing quality to suffer? Or will THOR take the Berkshire-Hathaway approach (Forest River’s parent company) and let a successful business continue to be successful, while fine-tuning sensible cost saving measures? Will Tiffin Motorhomes shine even brighter under THOR?

Time will tell. The jury is still out on how Winnebago’s acquisition of Newmar has affected that brand, so expect the same with this one. The big three just got bigger, and Tiffin Motorhome owners are wondering, what happens next? Tiffin fans can learn further details about the acquisition of Tiffin by THOR Industries on RVBusiness.com.

Want to hear what other RVers are saying, head over to the Tiffin Owners forum on iRV2.com.

A tour of the acclaimed Tiffin Allegro Bus
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