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Keep Cool In Your RV This Summer With SoftStartRV

Published on March 31st, 2023 by Camper Report

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Class C RV using SoftstartRV parked in Joshua Tree National Park
In partnership with SoftStartRV

SoftStartRV Reminds You To Keep Your Cool This Summer

As summer approaches, RV enthusiasts are gearing up for road trips and camping adventures. However, as temperatures rise, it’s important to keep your cool inside your RV. This is where SoftStartRV comes in.

SoftStartRV can make a significant difference in your RV’s air conditioning performance. Many RV owners experience difficulty when starting their air conditioning units due to limited power availability at some campgrounds. This can be frustrating, especially during the summer. SoftStartRV is designed to alleviate this problem and ensure your RV’s air conditioning unit starts smoothly every time.

What is SoftStartRV?

SoftStartRV is a small electronic device that is installed inside your RV’s air conditioning unit. It helps to reduce the amount of power needed to start the air conditioner. With SoftStartRV, you can run your air conditioning unit, even on a 20-amp circuit without the fear of tripping the breaker, or two AC units on a 30-amp circuit.

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There are many benefits of using SoftStartRV in your RV’s air conditioning unit. For one, it helps to prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning unit by reducing the stress on its components during startup. Additionally, it allows you to start your air conditioners, even when there is limited power available at the campground.

SoftStartRV also reduces those hard bump-starts that often accompany an AC compressor, jolting you awake at night in your RV. It also reduces that large voltage surge needed to start your air conditioners, improving the life of your AC components.

Installing SoftStartRV

Installing SoftStartRV is a straightforward process that most RV owners can handle. The device is compatible with most air conditioning units and can be installed by any DIY enthusiast. There are plenty of installation videos out there, and SoftStart’s customer support is legendary. If you are not confident in installing a device like this yourself, a professional RV technician can install it very easily.

Stay cool this summer

SoftStartRV is an innovative device that can help RV owners keep their cool during the hot summer months. It provides a cost-effective solution for those who want to run their air conditioning units when lower power options are the only thing available. Whether you are boondocking or hitting some of those older campsites and national parks with older power infrastructures, you can still stay cool.

With SoftStartRV, your RV’s air conditioning units will start smoothly every time, giving you the comfort you need during your travels. Visit for more information.

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2 thoughts on “Keep Cool In Your RV This Summer With SoftStartRV”

  1. In Vietnam we had high temperatures, like 120 in the shade. My barracks had electric power, and I had a small oscillating electric fan. The fan was great in allowing a nice night’s sleep. So, personally, I will only go the fan route for cooling. I would have at least 2, and if one died, a replacement could be gotten almost anywhere, and at a very decent price. If an expensive AC dies, it is going to take time to get it repaired or replaced, at a fairly high cost. So, if a fan let me sleep peacefully in Vietnam one will surely allow me to sleep peacefully anywhere i go in the US, including Death Valley.

  2. I installed one a few years ago. Im not sure if the current units sold are any different than the ones sold just 5 or so years ago but if not, readers should be aware that if you plan on running your air conditioning unit on a generator like a Honda EU2200 it may or may not work at altitudes above 5500 feet and the hotter it gets it may not even work at 5000. AT these altitudes and higher I have had mixed results – sometimes it works, sometimes the generator trips, and sometimes it works for one cycle of the compressor. And if you are plugged into an ac outlet thats not 30A rated, at altitude you may find that another ac draw on the same outlet or circuit can trip or stall your compressor or flip the breaker. Still, a great product as it really takes the stress off your compressor and many times it allows you to run your AC on power sources that would not be possible without this unit.


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