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Top 7 Questions About A/C Soft Starters Answered

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Top 7 Questions About A/C Soft Starters Answered

As A/C soft starters continue to transform the RV industry, questions about this great technology keep pouring in. Does this sound familiar? You love to camp, and enjoying your A/C comfort is important on those hot days and sticky evenings. You have two or more A/C units on your motor coach or trailer, however, there isn’t always enough power to start all your air conditioning units. 

We turned to Doug Curtis from SoftStartRV to find out what were the most common questions about these soft start devices. More importantly, we tapped into his expertise for the answers. 

Camper Report: Many RVers ask, what A/C problems does a typical camper or trailer have?

SoftStartRV: The main problem RVers face is reducing the initial current spike to start their RV air conditioners. If you’ve got a motorcoach, 5th wheel, big travel trailer, or a toy hauler that has 2 or more A/Cs and you’re at most campgrounds with a 30-amp connection, you can only start one A/C unit because of the initial power spike to get the second A/C started. That’s a sweaty problem no one wants, having only part of their RV nice and cool. 

Camper Report: How does a soft starter work?

SoftStartRV: The SoftStartRVTM is an innovative device that gently smooths-out the startup power demand of the RV air conditioner’s compressor. The SoftStartRV reduces startup power demand up to an amazing 70% and it solves those A/C startup problems. 

Camper Report: What other benefits does your soft starter give to the camper?

SoftStartRV: If they are light sleepers, the thump of the A/C compressor starting up may wake them briefly, leading to a restless sleep. SoftStartRV eliminates that thump and trailer shake. They sleep more soundly. 

Camper Report: Aside from keeping cool and not waking the RVer up, are there any other benefits to an A/C soft starter?

SoftStartRV: Since their generator doesn’t have to work as hard during the A/C startup, they reduce their power management problems. Why? Because they don’t have to allocate so much power to just the compressor itself. They now have more power available to run other appliances such as their fridge, hairdryer, and blender all at the same time while they are running their air conditioners. 

Camper Report: Apart from solving tripped breakers due power management, what else can you share about an A/C soft starter?

SoftStartRV: Yes, we should mention that installation of the A/C soft start is quick for any DIY RVer. It installs inside the rooftop A/C cover and generally takes about 45 minutes per unit. We provide detailed installation instructions, color-coded wiring diagrams, and how-to video links. We have a US-based and trained technical support staff that consistently earns 5-star outstanding customer service ratings. Not a do-it-yourselfer? Any professional RV tech can install a SoftStartRV A/C soft starter and we’re growing our dealer network every week. 

An A/C soft starter can help keep you cool

Camper Report: Are there discounts for multiple air conditioner soft starters?

SoftStartRV: RV’s can come with anywhere from one to four A/C units. SoftStartRV offers special Factory Direct discounts for Camper Report and RV LIFE readers; up to $50 off each unit, depending on how many soft starters you purchase. SoftStartRV also provides a free 90-day trial with a 100% satisfaction and return guarantee, and a 1-year warranty, extendable to 2-years – free with online registration. You’ll want one for each A/C unit you have on your RV. 

Camper Report: What else should we know about A/C soft starters? 

SoftStartRV: SoftStartRV units are fantastic for those with truck campers and small travel trailers that rely on a small generator for their power needs. Everyone knows larger generators and inverters cost more money, often over $2,000. The cost for rewiring an older 30-amp system is not cheap either. With SoftStartRV, you can use your existing power options and still start up those A/C units. 

SoftStartRV offers the best soft start RV A/C kit. Order SoftStartRV A/C soft starters with special discounts of up to $50 off each unit at:

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