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Latest Survey Recommends SnapPads Come Pre-Installed On RVs

SnapPads eliminate the need to manually set blocks under the leveling jacks. Images via

Latest Survey Recommends SnapPads Come Pre-Installed On RVs

Since its debut in September 2015, Origen RV Accessories’ custom made SnapPads continue to be a popular, reliable, and ever-evolving creation in the RV industry.

Sales for the permanent jack pads have doubled each year, and a recent consumer survey recorded 90% of its respondents requested that SnapPads come already installed when purchasing a new RV.

What are SnapPads?

SnapPads are essentially sturdy shoes for the feet of an RV’s leveling jacks. They are durable, long-lasting pads constructed from recycled rubber tires.

RVers can easily install their own pads by lowering each jack foot onto a SnapPad. The pressure from the descending jack causes the rubber base to “snap” on securely. 

SnapPads can be left on the leveling jacks once installed, creating permanent jack pads. This eliminates the need to manually place blocks under the jack feet or utilize some form of drive-on leveling system.

The heavy-duty rubber base adds about 1-inch of thickness to each leveling jack. The material absorbs vibrations that inevitably happen when moving about in an RV. This keeps the feet in place and prevents the frequent need for leveling adjustments. Also, the pads distribute weight evenly, avoiding the possibility of leveling jacks sinking, sliding, or bending. 

The creators of the SnapPad is the Wilson family, father, and sons.

The SnapPad Family

SnapPads are a creation of the Wilson family, the innovative clan that owns and operates the Canadian- based company Origen RV Accessories. Together with his sons, president and co-founder Gordon Wilson brainstormed and developed a product that would help simplify the process of leveling an RV and create a sturdy base with plenty of grip.  

The progression of the SnapPad business and RV manufacturers

The Wilson family, through their ingenious business tactics and international collaboration efforts, now sells SnapPads in the United States and Canada. They have already joined forces with manufacturing companies like Equalizer Systems and Quadra Mfg./Bigfoot Leveling Systems to begin the process of installing SnapPads onto these leveling systems.

“The best way to sell SnapPads is to integrate them into the sales process for a new RV: an add-on to the rig.” 

Family member Kent Wilson explains

How to order SnapPads

Before planning your next trip and campground stay using helpful sources like RV LIFE Campgrounds and RV LIFE Trip Wizard, be sure to snap on your custom SnapPads to make leveling and setup carefree. 

Since SnapPads are custom created to meet the specifications of each RV’s unique leveling system, the online ordering process requires answering a series of questions about your RV. This information includes the RV’s make, model, and year, as well as the type and brand of the leveling system. The site walks customers through identifying these RV components using pictures. To learn more, visit their website at

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